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This is going to be an EASY one.  I want to know what you loved and hated in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.  What made you cry, what made you laugh. What made you drool! Spill in the comments!

SPOILER warning. If you haven’t seen the film, I’d advise you to steer clear of this post. But come back and give us your thoughts after you watch it!

  • South_paw

    Overall it was a great movie although I have to say I was a little disappointed. Maybe it was just because I had such high expectations for this movie. I would have liked it much more if it was as true to the book as New Moon was. The transitions between the scenes were a little rough at time. Billy Burke's portrail of Charlie was amazing……so funny and the chemistry between him and k-stew was great. I was also glad that they used the short second life of bree tanner as a reference…..it definitely help define the character of Riley much more than just Elcipse. Really enjoyed the movie……will be going to see it again :)

  • http://twitter.com/brandigolightly Brandi Brands

    Ok, I'm really sorry, but I picked this one apart. It was good, but not as good as New Moon but much better than Twilight. I saw it twice. I saw it at midnight, and then again that Friday. So, I agree it was “choppy” so to speak. The scenes jumped around a lot; at the very most, each scene was maybe only two minutes long. I was a little mad they cut out half of the Quileute legend. It is by far the most boring part in the book in my opinion and I skip it every time I reread Eclipse, but I thought it would be better to see it on screen. And instead, they cut out half of it. They also never mentioned that Rosalie's friend…they mentioned she was walking home from a friend's house but they never mentioned how Rosalie was jealous of her friend because her friend had a child and a husband that loved her. And, sorry to say it, but I hated Bella's ring…and that's not a ring, it's a freakin' ROCK! And they never mentioned that it was Edward's mother's ring. Ok, I liked Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. Eclipse is the first time Victoria's supposed to talk, and Bryce's voice matched Bella's description in the book, Victoria's voice is supposed to be “like bubblegum.” I really liked Riley, and the fact that they gave him a bit of a background but I think it was too much of a background that they gave him. I was a little upset that Bella and Alice didn't seem like BFFs and that Alice didn't “kidnap” her. I am now on Team Jasper after Eclipse, and could Alice and Jasper have been any more adorable! And I never thought I'd be so excited for Jasper's story, but it was the most amazing part of the movie. The fight was great, and I was kind of peeved that Bella saw Jacob get hurt. Ok, I will never be Team Jacob but I will always be Team Taylor. DAMN! And why did he have his shirt on during his first two scenes in the movie?! WHY I ASK YOU?! haha, and Taylor had some of the best lines in the movie…”Face it, I am hotter than you” and “I kissed Bella…and she broke her hand…punching my face. It's a total misunderstanding.” I was also way excited for the part when Edward says “Doesn't he wear a shirt?” hahahahaha, best line in the movie. I also burst out into a fit of laughter when Charlie gave Bella the sex talk. That is the funniest part of the book and it gets me every time so I seriously burst out laughing in the theater. So here's my verdict, they could've done better. They did keep all the key points in the movie but was it necessary to jumbled up the scenes? No, not really. Anyways, this ranks behind New Moon in my opinion on adaptation wise, and before Twilight.

  • M.alice

    I loved the movie, I´ve seen it three times in the last two days. Slade made such a great job, but I really have to say that I expected more of the scene Bella chooses Edward.

  • http://twitter.com/brandigolightly Brandi Brands

    omg, and I also closed my eyes when Bella and Jacob kissed. Honestly, I'm sorry but deal with it, I can't stand Kristen Stewart. She is a horrible actress and she brings absolutely no life to Bella, so she didn't even deserve to kiss Taylor Lautner even though it was in the book and in the script. And, sorry, but for those of you who think she's an amazing actress, fine, but open up your eyes and realize that everyone else in the movie seem like they're horrible at acting because she drags them down with her. I'd also like to say that the music for the movie is phenomenal! The soundtrack and the score. The instrumental music is so dramatic and it works so well with the movie!

  • Andy

    i knowww i was waiting for the dead threats and nothing just plain don't do it again … and i wanted bella to get mad at him nooot defend him and stop it, she's supposed to be pissed off !!

  • Christa

    My Favorite Scenes :)
    1. The Proposal Scene it was so romantic. As a single gal I shed a few tears because they way he talked would make any girl swoon and say yes!
    2. The Tent Scene – Don't get me wrong I've always been Team Edward but I must admit it was nice to hear the way Jacob felt about Bella and him and Edward had a actual conversation without fighting the whole scene.
    3. The Big Battle – I thought the Cullens kicked some serious newborn – vamp butt and I was so glad whenever Victoria was killed because I never cared for her :)
    4. Charlie and Bella's sex talk – Bella saying she was a virgin and then Charlie saying I like Edward and little bit more now lol
    4. Rosalie & Jasper's Flashbacks – It was great to see their stories come to life!
    5. Alice and Jasper's flirting and kiss – because that was the first time you saw how strong their love is :)

  • andy

    omg! i'm with you on the ecplise quote it was perfect …don't know why they left it out :/

  • EAMC1918

    I am going to be a total downer on this discussion… I'm really sorry to all the Twihards out there and i feel sorry for myself too. I feel totally deflated. I have been waiting MONTHS for Eclipse was SO EXCITED that it was finally here.. It was Eclipse my most fav book out of the whole series.. and I went to go and see it Opening Night and nothing… no excitment, I didnt LOVE Eclipse. I thought the beginning was really slow.. I think they moved between scenes in the book way too fast.. one minute your at the beginning of the book and the next you are in the middle. I dont know maybe my expectations were too high… I didnt even REALLY Love the tent scene.. And that is one of the best parts in the book. Even when Jacob overhears about Bella and Edward getting married was tame. The whole movie seemed to be a total let down. But maybe that is just me. I think I really really need to go and watch it again. Im sorry guys :(

    Hurts me more then it hurts you to write this. But for me Eclipse is two thumbs down.

  • just an old mom

    The store had to be edited to get in all the best and leave the rest. That is why I love to read the books that goes along with the movies. To see what I missed. As an action person I would have loved more fight training and seeing more of the fighting. I would have loved to see Seth bring in chunks of Riley to the fire but it didn't show it. The best is I got to see it with my imprint mate my husband at the drive in. Edward is great but this mom loves the wolves.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Susan-Sisk/100000308031598 Susan Sisk

    I thought the movie was wonderful. There weren't any major parts that were missing but there were a few things that were changed in the movie. For instance with Bella punched Jacob she only spranged her hand but in the book she actually broke it. Overall I think Eclipse was the best of the three. The whole breaking the boundries in the bedroom was making me laugh. :)

  • EdwardFan

    I agree, it was choppy, why not make the movie longer and be able to explain things more? I highly doubt Twilight fans would be upset with a longer movie. Also, I thought Jacob was very much misrepresented. In Eclipse you see how petty he is, especially when he demands Bella ask him to kiss her, and then she runs back to the tent hating herself. In the movie it made Jacob look like he never did anything wrong and it was completely Bella's idea. Lame.

    My husband said there was too much focus on the relationship and less focus on the fight..

    The only way to fix the problems is to make it longer… I mean.. is James Cameron the only one aloud to make a three hour movie?

  • EdwardFan

    Oh, also, the campfire scene… they could have done so much with that.. they should have told the whole story and not just the tidbit they did tell. They didn't explain how they were able to turn into wolves, and why the third wife was the third wife. That the chief imprinted on her and he chose not to change into wolf form any more, and that shows why his decision to change and fight the woman vampire was so huge…

  • navywife86

    Ok here goes…… It did not live up to my expectations what so ever. There were moments that were great and moments that didn't make it in that definately should've. But I think my biggest disappointment was that it felt very rushed in a lot of ways. I understand everyone loves Edward, I get it, but honestly the most things rushed and cut were ALL of JACOB's scenes. Team Jacob or Team Edward doesn't matter, the point of Eclipse was the heightened love triangle. But there wasn't enough Jacob to even show that Bella had any feelings toward him. And the scene where Bella finishes Jacob's heart off wasn't as tender and close as it should've been. Bella seemed almost indifferent. I did love the way the tent scene played out but afterward Jacob was supposed to be a wolf when he heard that Bella and Edward were engaged. The howl was a crucial thing in the book and that sound ripped through Bella but we never got to experience that =( The end of the movie was definately more satisfying than the end of New Moon…… I wanted to rip the Chris what's-his-face's head off because the end of New Moon was so horribly rushed and fabricated. But David Slade did a good job keeping the end of Eclipse closer to correct. I wish he would've shown the epilogue of Jacob and Leah on the cliff but oh well that's not extremely central I guess. On the whole, I did enjoy the movie but I still think they should've pushed for more time so that things weren't so choppy and rushed.

  • Maria Nieto

    First I want to say I love Eclipse fulfilled my expectations completely. As for the scenes that I liked most of the tent, the fight between the Cullens and the wolves in the newborn, also the scenes of Edward and Bella at the Cullen house. I expected a little more when Rosalie and Jasper talk about their stories. Something that made me mourn was when Bella meets Edward kissing after Jacob when Bella is with the breast. It made me laugh the scene of Bella and Charlie talking about sex and she says she is a virgin ….. was very funny. I also liked the end when Edward tells Bella his reasons for becoming a vampire, is evidenced by the feelings and thoughts of Bella was great, Kristen also great actress oh God is this movie would not be …… the same without her in the role of Bella …. will definitely conveys the feelings she feels … I keep my heart beating super strong throughout the movie …… scene

  • Twilibrarian

    I love the way Eclipse pokes fun at the hysteria this franchise has created with the “Doesn't he own a shirt?” and “Face it, I'm hotter than you” lines. The last time I was this hysterical over something was in 1964 when the Beatles landed in NYC! (Ask your parents/grandparents!)Melissa Rosenberg captured the essence of the book with her screenplay; much better than the first two.

    The opening was so dark and sinister, the opposite of Bella and Edward in the meadow. Bryce Dallas Howard was Meyer's first choice to play Victoria (see The Twilight Saga: Eclipse; the official illustrated movie companion by Mark Cotta Vaz, page 54) and I would have to agree. Not to take anything away from Rachelle Lefevre, but BDH has this innocent sweetness in her looks that make her all the more lethal as Victoria.

    Seeing Eclipse at 12:01 AM is an experience, one which so many of the male critics just don't get. Of course, we are going to cheer and applaud for the characters we all know and love. My audience cheered when Bella said, “Yes.” I took 2 HS seniors with me and all 3 of us loved it. They won tickets from a blood drive that day~~great tie-in!

    The script meshed with the score and soundtrack seamlessly. David Spade did such a great job balancing the darkness in Seattle, with the action and romance in Forks. I loved the backstories. I loved that the Cullens got down and literally dirty. Jasper and Alice were so playful; Emmett had the best one-liners, especially after Bella “punched a werewolf.” I was so moved by the interplay between Carlisle, Billy Black, and the wolfpack. Look for Charlie at graduation, he says nothing but speaks volumes. The scene with Bella in the kitchen is hysterical.

    I felt the costumes, hair, and make-up were 100% better than on previous films. The Cullens looked softer and a bit more human. Human Jasper looks heroic, and human Rosalie looks every bit madly in love with Royce. Period costumes were dead on. I hope it continues into Breaking Dawn.

    It goes without saying that this 59 year old is headed back to the theater, off to IMAX, and will be ording the DVD as soon as it's available. I loved this movie!

  • Amberjenkins74

    i feel that eclipse was the best out of all 3 so far i loved every part of the movie! the problem i have is ive never read the books, but im madly inlove with jacob and how persistant he is and “ill never stop till your heart quits beating” omg! i want the producers to change the ending just a little so bella ends up with jacob, and not imprinting on the abomination child she ends up having with edward in the 4th book…..

  • Logansgal

    To make this a brief as possible – the character interaction, between the main characters, was very much un-natural in my opinion. There is still plenty of awkwardness in a relationship that should be more comfortable…with both Bella and Edward, and Bella and Jacob. Even Edward and Jacob's interaction seemed put on (fake) in some scenes. This was by far the most annoying part of the movie for me. I felt like there was more emotion, more real emotion, in the 1st film. I think this movie focused too much on action and not enough on dialogue and story. I also think they forced too much of the book into a 2 hour movie…if you never read the books it would probably confuse the crap outta you…but this has been true with all the films. I think they need to focus on a main aspect of the book rather than try to squeeze every part in, which greatly thins out that portion of the story and just makes it all too rushed through.

    I don't know…the emotional aspect for me got lost. I never liked Rob as Edward and I don't think he's a great actor. Kristen I thought was perfect as Bella in the 1st film…but she has lost something for me over time. Taylor is doing a better job maybe, but still much of it seems rehearsed and not natural. I don't like acting that LOOKS like acting…makes it hard for you to believe the actors as the characters on screen. I love Billy Burke as Charlie though…he nails it brilliantly.

    The action scenes were great. I was happy to see them put in Rosalie and Jasper's stories, I really didn't think they would. Glad those actors had more than a few lines. The comedic parts were great too. The movie followed the book pretty well from what I remember..been a while now since I read it. Overall I rate the movie average. Not the worst, but not the best movie I've ever seen.

  • Stupski Emily

    My favorite part is when Edward asks Bella if Jacob owns a shirt! It was hilarious! :)

  • Team Switzerland :)

    This is going to be very long, but there is so much to comment about!! First, the movie was very choppy. It was so fast and quick and went from this scene to the next scene that I almost got whiplash! But I think once I see it the second time, I'll be able to enjoy it more. The first scene between Bella and Edward was the worst of it I think, in a good way though. The worst as in; it came in so fast and at such a weird part, I didn't see it coming. But the beginning was wonderful, other than that. Favorite part in the first few scenes- when Bella FINALLY was given the quilt from Renee!!! I missed it so much in the first two movies, and I'm glad the finally got it in there. I think it might come in handy for chapter two of Breaking Dawn :) Next, I really, really missed the sleepover scene. It was SO SO funny and romantic in the book when Edward came back!!!! I was SO waiting for the leg hitch!!!!!! And I keep hearing it was in the bedroom scene when Bella was trying to have sex with Edward, but even if it was, it wasn't shot correctly. And that whole scene just seemed too breif, although, I must admit that I LOVED the clothes line that Edward said!!! So perfect!! And, my overall favorite scene of the movie-
    The Sex Talk.
    Oh my gravy!!! My friends and I almost DIED laughing when we relized where the conversation was heading!! We were so worried when they kept missing it, but pearsonally, I think the talk came in a a better point in the movie- right before Bella changed her mind about being a virgin and tried to have sex with Edward. Oh, the scene was so adkward and perfect, I wanted to run and hug Melisa Rosenburg for doing such a good job with writing it. So… the only other big thing I think they missed was the meadow scene at the end. I was ranting about that for an hour after I left the theather. What about Edward breaking the deal and agreeing to change Bella and have sex with her and Bella refusing and saying she wanted to do this the right way?!?!?!?!?!?! OH, sierously!!! I was SO looking forward to that, and instead they trade it in for some stupid monolauge about Bella fitting in with Edward's world and all that crap!!! I was just really disapointed in the people who let that slide, just really disapointed… *sigh*
    Overall, they missed a lot of funny scenes and lines, but I think the movie was a HUGE sucess :)

  • Team_Rosalie

    For the most part, i think they did the book justice, but as everyone else has said, it was too choppy. I understood it because i've read the books but a few of my friends that i saw it with who had read them were scartching the heads in some bits. There were bits that i thought they could have done better with or added more onto and there were a few scenes were they seemed to rush through it.
    But, i can honestly say that i found more positives with Eclipse than negatives. It was much better than either of the other two (even though they were awesome) and i loved the fact that there was more action.
    I loved how they included some stuff from Bree Tanner in it to show how the newborns and Riley worked, that was definately a big positive. The whole Riley and Victoria romance scene was very well done.
    What i loved most about Eclipse is that it had a bit everything and it was a good balance too. It was defintely a lot darker than Twilight or New Moon, but it was better made in my opinnion. I think David Slade did a fantastic job.
    Also, i agree with those comments about the movies not going into the whole 'Bella-Alice' relationship. They could be done a lot better.
    But overall, i think pretty much everything was changed for the best in Eclipse. It was an enjoyable movie and i felt much happier after seeing Eclipse than after i saw either of the other two :)

  • Capm115

    EMMETT WAS SOOOO FUNNY!!!!! “Bella what did you do, try to walk and chew gum and the same time” “No i punch a werewolf” “BAD ASS” hahaha it was sooooo emmett!!!!!!


    1: bedroom scene
    2: last scene
    3: “the talk” with Charlie
    4: Jasper and Alice practice fighting (adorable)
    5: Graduation speech by Jessica

    <3 Cant wait for the DVD!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/meganconwy Megan Conwy

    Jackson is amazing as Jasper.

    Bella's wig didn't look like a wig (except one small scene).

    The wolves are extraordinary and huge!

    Kellan is hilarious as Emmett.

    Bryce as Vitoria .. not that bad. I didn't actually mind the change (though I love Rachelle, my fellow Canadian). As long as you don't focus on it and just enjoy the movie, Bryce is great.

    Also, the clips that were released did NOT do the film justice. Parking lot scene was way better (and longer), same with the Victoria Chase scene.

  • Kimber

    i Loved Eclipse, It Was So Awesome, I'm Going To See IT Again.

  • jess :3

    I did love that leg hitch thing ;) I'm glad all the makeout scenes weren't so awkward this time. Taylor Lautner did an AMAZING job as Jacob (see, this is why we love him. He's hot AND talented). I loved all the stuff with Riley and the newborns. They were right to get David Slade to direct this film. Charlie made me laugh SO much, especially in the sex talk scene. Hahahahahahahaha! The action sequences were soooooooooo cool! Definetely the best film yet :)

  • jess :3

    I also loved how the romance stuff wasn't soley centred on Edward and Bella. I mean, it is their story, but it's so cool that we also focus on some of the other romances in the story :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/SinSweetly sinsweetly…

    Personally I WISH that Bella and Jacob would get together, but only because Edward always hurts Bella, if you think about it, nearly all the time, in every book, he hurts her. Jacob is always there saving her and helping her, plus, you have to admit 'he's hotter than Edward'.
    I just think that Bella is an idiot for not going with Jake, and Edward is a douche for coming back, if he had stayed away, Bella would be better off.

  • Farahfierce92

    okay let's start :)
    The movie: It was amazing, but sad. maybe because I'm team jacob and everyone who's team jacob is going to feel really sad for him. I laughed mostly during the tent scene and I cried when bella visited jacob especially when he said “you know how much I wish it was enough” that made me cry like a baby. and taylor lautner's acting the that scene was AMAZING!
    please don't hate me but I HATED the proposal scene. I liked it in the book more and I cried when I read it but in the movie I found it too cheesy. when they were kissing in the bed and he was like “stop taking your clothes off or something” I mean seriously? and when he said “believe me I want to” the whole theatre was laughing when he said that. that was lame. and what's with the romantic dialoge evey minute? also, what's with marry me marry me marry me? just stop pushing! I'm so over edward now. he just can't convince in anyway and he's just getting worse in evey movie and yeah I hated the too much make-up, I know everyone's gonna hate me but that's how I feel. they could've done better in the proposal scene.
    I LOVED jasper and rosalie. I actually loved all the cullens apart from edward. They're all very beautiful and amazing. I wanted to see more from the wolfpack.
    The bella and jacob second kiss was absolutely the best kiss in the whole series and I wish it'll win the best kiss next year in the MMA's. I know bella and edward belong together but I hate their kisses especially the noises. Actually I have no idea how could bella choose edward after a kiss like that.
    The end was disappointing. As I said I wanted them so stick more to the book. I liked what bella said though

    Now, the acting: It's much better and improved. kristen stewart was great, at least she stopped blinking so much and biting her lip every 2 seconds. robert pattinson as I said is getting worse to me I liked him more in new moon and twilight. he's just not convincing to me. taylor lautner was actually the best actor in the movie. everyone hated jacob in the book and thought he was a total jerk but in this movie you can't hate him. I know there were some part when he was pushing her alot but I can understand jacob charecter and so you can. So please stop hating on him because he was fighting for the girl he loved.
    Thanks for reading. :)

  • Farahfierce92

    and sorry about my language. :)

  • Stewartfelicia13

    i think that that movie was alsome. and yes, alice and bella r best of freind on and off of the set that is what i think. i just love edward

  • Natalie

    See I found it not so choppy and a lot more smoother than new moon. When I watched new moon I found myself thinking OMG that went so quick! But with Eclipse I felt like it went heaps longer. I too missed the sleepover scene! Other than that I so loved it. Even tho there has been different directors every director seems to be able to nail it!!!! Cant believe we have to wait so long til Breaking Dawn! HOw are we ever going to be able to do it!!!

  • Samantha

    As much as i love the movies this is my least favourite, although the make up is improving! I actually prefer this 'wolverine' look rather than the white face/red lips of the first movie.
    Bella is supposed to be basically addicted to Edward but she seems to be indifferent towards him all throughout this movie which is really disappointing. Her character really comes across as a bitch and i don't feel for her struggle with her torn feelings like i did in the book. I really felt sorry for Edward, especially when she left him behind to go jump on the back of Jacob's bike. They combined about 3 scenes in one for that one as it didn't happen anything like that. Edward wasn't there when she got on the bike in the book.
    I also agree with Brooke re: The ending. again it made Edward seem nonchalant when he approached Bella. not even one word of concern just “Alice needs us to go” and seriously, could they have not added Bree's line “How can you stand it”. that was a vital line to me.
    Speaking of Bree, i read her book also so it was good to see a little bit of that added to the movie but just out of curiosity, in the trailer they show the police saying something along the lines of “the victim was completely drained of blood” where was that in the movie?? I've seen it 4 times now and it's not there!?!?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=558582634 facebook-558582634

    Eclipse was great, i'd always thought Eclipse would be my favourite cause it had all the action and so much Jasper and it delivered. We got the gist of most of Jaspers story and when he taught them to fight was my fave part and the part where it was Alice's turn and she did the flirty fight that was cute. The leg hitch (sleepover) didnt deliver like i thought it would i was looking forward to the whole Alice thing and them chatting. Niki Reed was excellent her story was very vivid but it got a bit sad. Charlie is always hilarious in the movie especially the sex talk. Alice's visions were good her facial expressions were very self explanatory and Ashley is such a great actor. The tent scene was good and you could tell at parts that Bella was a awake like she was in the book and it was better that Edward wasnt reading Jake's mine and they were talking aloud. The graduation was great especially when Charlie stood up I felt for him he looked so proud and happy :) and I actually clapped a little at the end of Jessica's speech it felt like I was there. Riley's scene was good but I think it was a bit over dramatised. In my opinion I think they should have opened with Bella narrating like the other two movies.

    Overall I think its the best of the three David Slade definately captured the dark aspect of the film it was great ….. 5 *****

  • ScuraRose

    For the most part, they got a good portion of the important parts of the book into the movie… all mixed up, but they are there.
    The continuity was killing me.
    Like… didn't Bella punch Paul in New Moon thus revealing to her the true nature of the Quileutes in Paul's transformation? But when Bella punches Jacob, she breaks her hand?

    Rosalie's backstory was fantastically done. I'd go back again and again for Jasper though. I have truly gone into Team Jasper mode. That entire scene was fabulous. “Kill her..” love it.

    I could go more into depth but I don't want to get angry, ha.

  • christine soules

    I loved the movie but they cut to much out from the book ..the begining was cool with how riley came to be ..but they should have had more were was the part were bella get upset with her dad about going to see her mom and they hole jacob first kiss thing i didnt like that part it was like they cut way to much out ..and the sleep over bit i thought thats were she was going to sneak off to see jacob and then later on that night talk to rose about why she should not become a vamp …but over all the movie was really grate i did like it just wish they had a lil more in it but i hope they will make up for it with the 4th one braking down ..thanks again to the people that made the movie

  • bellabhoney

    I was disappointed the fist time i saw it! I thought is was super choppy and they missed out my favorite scene, which is when alice and Bella have a “sleepover' and then Edward gets back in the middle of the night. It was way to fasted paced and the beginning was very choppy, going from one seen to the other without much flow. But I saw it a second time and i still though some parts were annoying but I did love a lot of parts like Charlie, he was so funny with all his little comments. Alice and Jasper were super cute in the fight practice scenes and i loved all the flash backs to the past- especially Jaspers story (so sad) and Rosalie's. I loved the tent scene- so so awesome and close to what it was like in the book. I'm team Edward but i really liked the Jacob/Bella kiss it was romantic and the Edward and Bella night alone was sweet a bit rushed but still awesome- loved it when Bella said yes to the proposal. The fight scene was great and it was sad when jacob was hurt and had to be broken to heal. Finally I loved both the meadow parts they were romantic and almost perfect. :) overall great movie

  • Madalca24

    - Charlie is just perfect like Alice
    - The NEW EDWARD in the fight scenes OMG
    - The Edward's smile in the final scene, i almost die
    - The Debbusy song is a nice detail
    - Alice and Jasper : just perfect
    - The part of the Jessica speech wen she said something like be inlove……..a lot, great
    - I don't “feel” the music, it was like five seconds of each song…so bad, in New Moon for me the music it was just perfect
    - The Jasper and Rosalie's background – flashbacks are too short, i willl love to see Rosalie in the weeding dress scene for more time
    - When Bella seems be worry for his outfit when go to listen the Quilete's stories Pleeeeeeeeeeeease its Bella!!!
    - Bella never cut herself in the fight with Victoria and i hope to see Edward a little more careful after that…
    - Charlie, Charlie, Charlie and the sex- talk…………is just perfect!

    And my favorite all the Bella and Edward moments…

    Sorry for my english I do my best

  • itsmetami

    The Riley scene at the start was really cool – it gave us an idea of how action-y and dark this movie was gonna be compared to Twilight and New Moon. And it gave us a good look at Riley and who he was and what happened so we know this Riley Biers that Charlie is talking about.

    I'm a Bella/Jacob fan, so the meadow scenes were normal to me…
    Charlie is such a good character and he lightens up the mood. The 'talk' between Bella and Charlie was REALLY awkward but funny at the same time so I liked that scene.

    The 'ravine chase' was really cool. I loved when Paul knocked Emmet out of the way of their territory. :)

    The confrontation between Edward and Jacob in front of the school was okay – they already gave it out so yeah..

    And when Bella met the wolf pack again.. :D That was funny. “I wish Bella would call!” “I wish Bella wouldn't call.” “Maybe I should call Bella…” “Maybe I should call Bella and hang up..”
    Hahaha! :) Oh and when Jacob told Bella about imprinting, that was really sweet.

    I LOVED the flashbacks/back stories. That was really exiting because that was on of the things I was really looking forward to. When Alice kissed Jasper even for a bit was really cute. And when jacob told Bella about 'Chief Jacob', that was funny.. ;)

    I loved the fight scenes. OH and the practice fight scenes when they practiced for the battle – that was really cool. :)

    THE TENT SCENE. That was one of my 2nd favorite. “Let's face it, I AM hotter than you.” HAHAH!! Good one!

    My favorite scene was the Jacob/Bella kiss scene on top of the mountain (not the one where she punches Jacob). It was definitely the height of the whole movie and DEFINITELY better than ALL of the yucky kiss scenes with Edward.

    And Taylor was such a good actor when he was in pain (the one where Jacob's ribs broke because of that newborn and Leah). It looked really real. And it made me feel so sorry for him when we could hear him crying in pain in his house and everybody was waiting for him outside.

    So there's my review of the whole thing. :)
    But there's just one question: WHEN'S THE DVD COMING OUT?!

  • kd

    My ONLY complaint with Eclipse was the wig they gave Kristen. The part looked weird and it didn't lie very naturally at times – which became somewhat distracting. You think they could've afforded a better wig?! (And it seems Kristen thought so too. She alluded to it in some of her late-night interviews…)

    Also – just a point of observation: Any one else notice that the missing flyer for Riley said he “was last seen May 2010″? Seemed weird, since they said more than once he had been missing for over a year…. Not sure what the thought was there for the timeline…

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/jessicastsoto?ref=profile Team Edward_Bella

    Love: The whole movie, specially when Bella says yes and jump and hug Edward, and they two in the meadow
    Hate: It went so fast
    Made me cry: Edward Knowing Bella and Jacob's kiss
    Made me laugh: When Bella kissed Jacob and she cameback to Edward and she says did you see that very funny
    drool: umm EDWARD and EDWARD

  • Nati

    I liked The Movie, but I didn't love it.. Just Because I think The vampires are still human and when Cullens killed them, it seemed like they were porcelain.
    I didn't like the fight scene where Edward takes Bella Without caring, and I'd Like They Would put the part when Edward breaks a piece of bed and shows Bella how danger he can be.

    I loved the kiss, and the End When Bella Says Edward she belongs to his world, made me wanna cry.

    I'd like to see Bella Laughing about Edward's virginity.

    And I really loved when Volturis see Riley and vampire army are killing humans, and they just don't do anything, I really Liked it, because it shows how evil they can be.
    I'm disappointed about tent scene, i mean, I expected more action. But It was funny to hear Jake saying “I'm Hotter”

    It was a cool movie, but I think There're somethings to improve

  • Jaimeclark25

    i just want to know why they take out the great parts of the books and add in things that aren't in the book.They are great the way they are,why change them! There were great parts and horrible parts,parts that made me laugh and parts that made me cry,it was definantly the best one by far though.

  • edwa0243

    I hated the end where Bella is giving her little speech about how it's not just about deciding between Edward and Jacob. Hello! in the book she constantly says it's always about Edward and only realise how well she fits into the vampire life in Breaking Dawn

  • Samantha

    where did my comment go??

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marsha-Taylor-Sarrazin/100000883787158 Marsha Taylor Sarrazin

    I have seen the movie twice, and loved it. The only thing I hated was Esme's hair! She is supposed to have honey blond hair, not dull black!

  • Auj Cullen

    The first time I saw the movie, I think it felt “choppy” because I was like wait a minute this is not supposed to be here, where is the overnite scene and where are they putting in Jaspers and Rosalie's stories???But once I saw they fitted everything in, I was happy and could watch it the second time and not think about it bc I knew it would be in there, just not EXACTLY like the book. They did a WONDERFUL job in the movie…Except they could have done the bedroom scene a little more like they could have showed the leg hitch a little longer and made it more for her of OMG he is letting this go further than usual!!! LOVED THE MOVIE!!!and I will go see it again at the movies and I love the Eclipse Movie Companion book ****AWESOME***!!!

  • noonixoxo

    I LOOOOOOVEEDDD the movie. it was a lot more different from twilight and new moon. it felt like all the characters were more real and grown up. The opening scene was interesting. I didn't expect to see Riley in the beginning. The first meadow scene was sooo cute! Edward looked hot! I think the leg hitch scene was awesome n rlly sexyy!!! i was like DAMN!!!!! The proposal scene was soooo sweeetttt. I was like squeling and I loved how Edward looked when Bella said yes. There was a huge smile on his face and Bella jumped into Edwards arms. Edward and Bella's relationship rlly does go to the next level and I rlly like that. They also seem more sophisticated. I think the action was amazing too. all the mystery stuff started like 20 minutes into the movie. I rlly liked Bella's speech at the end. That was pretty amazing and brave of her.

    Ok….i was rlly waiting for the parts when Edward and Bella tell charlie that they are getting married. I wanted to see him think that Bella was pregnant. hahahah. And i wanted to see Bella's dress and Alice get all excited about being the Bride's Maid. that would have been really funny. But i still liked how it ended both of them in each other's arms. They should have squeezed in a kiss ahahaha

    AMAZING MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gaabbe

    okay, i LOVED eclipse. It's by far my favorite movie from the saga, and my favorite book of the serie. BUT.. is there someone who, like me, is disappointed that Bella cut herself with the stone during the battle between Victoria and Edward, which didn't happen in the book?

  • Samantha

    I have more to add lol good and bad
    I was quite happy with the flashbacks as i was surprised to even see them, they didn't mention anything about Alice in the fist book.
    Jasper always gave me the creeps but in this one he's quite smexy.
    What's the go with Renee? She was all skinny and girlie like in the first movie, simple. This one she seems wiser and tougher and much rounder. I actually prefer her in this but she doesn't match how she's written.
    I think the replacement Victoria is better suited to how she's written regardless of how much scarier the original was and lastly..
    The soundtrack is almost non-existent! It plays a major part in the first 2 movies but this one is barely noticeable.

  • rpatzme

    I saw it in the Imax theater, personally I was a little disappointed in it. When there was any type of action you couldn't see who it was until they zoomed in on their faces and still at times it was blurry. I say skip the Imax and go straight to a regular theater. Also I think Emily's scars didn't look as good as they did in New Moon.

  • rpatzme

    Forgot to say that I wish they had Jacob grow out his hair a little bit I'm not team Jacob but I still think that was funny that Jacob grew out his hair for Bella.

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