It’s Sunday: Before they were ‘Twilight’ stars!

Here is this week’s edition of Before They Were Twilight Stars! Don’t forget to send your tips to tips@team-twilight.com.

Kristen Stewart in The Messengers
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Thanks Georgia!

Robert Pattinson performs ‘Stray Dog’ at open mic
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Kristen Stewart filmography, 1999-2010
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Dakota Fanning in Sweet Home Alabama
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Kristen Stewart in Zathura
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Thanks Michelle!

Billy Burke in Untraceable
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Jamie Campbell Bower in Sweeney Todd
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Thanks Ashley!


    OMG i love robs voice it just drags me in :D lol x

  • YouAreMythicalAfterAll[Anne]

    I love jaime in Sweeney Todd :)

  • Fantasiadvd

    Thanks, love the vids, especially Jaime in Sweeney Todd and Kristen in The Messengers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Savanna-Barris/100000804271666 Savanna Barris

    I love The Messengers

  • Lollie Pop Girl12

    i am worried now since i was 6 yeaars old i had a dream that was so similar to the messenger and now i have been having odd dreams ever since

  • Raindrop644

    Welcome to the Rileys wasn't filmed in 2010 though

  • julesworld88

    The sad thing is I own half those movies. I forgot billy was in untraceable. He was an FBI agent. I swear, he loves Cop roles. lol He's awesome gotta love him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cj.ktchens Cassiopiea Kitchens

    How about Peter Facinelli as Scooby in that old '90's flick? Or am did I just age myself?

  • jess :3

    “I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel you, Johannaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

  • <–hopelesslydevoted(:

    That kristen stewart filmography was really interesting! I thought I was aware of just about every single movie she had ever been in,but at least a third of these were new to me(:

  • YouAreMythicalAfterAll[Anne]

    I feel you.
    I was half convinced I'd waken,
    Satisfied enough to dream you.
    Happily I was mistaken,
    I'll steal you, Johanna,
    I'll steal you.

  • AdeleLovesJake

    wow didnt realise how many films Kristen has actully done, she's a great actress, so glad they picked her for twlight, shes the perfect bella. Im now watching the messengers, its actully quite good :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=754350220 Andrea Leone Warren

    jackson was in S. Darko

  • Vouta_87

    he was also in along came a spider where he was a partner of the bad lady in the movie if u remember..:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Syifa-Khairunnisa/1250593467 Syifa Khairunnisa

    Jamie in Sweeney Todd: He's cute ;)

  • Ramdav86

    ahhhhhhhhhhh i love anything and everything rob pattinson does!!!! omg!!! he is amazing at everything!!!!

  • Ramdav86

    omg i know!!!! i could listen to him forever!!! there is alot of him on the down load site called lime wire!!!

  • Hannah

    is Kristen really doing 5 new films after breaking dawn. wow. and i hear the she is doing the film for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo as well

  • erica cullen

    ure not alone there evrythin wit rob is cute

  • Pixie-lu

    Haesn't the movie 'the girl with the dragon tattoo' already been made?? im confused coz i swear i have seen it around!

  • obsessivecullendisorder

    The Messengers scared me like hell!

  • TeamSwitzerland<3
  • TeamSwitzerland<3

    It Kellan Lutz.

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