It’s Sunday: Before they were ‘Twilight’ stars

Here is this week’s edition of Before They Were Twilight Stars! Don’t forget to send your tips to tips@team-twilight.com.

Taylor Lautner stars in a Kellogg’s commercial
YouTube Preview Image

Behind-the-scenes of Kellogg’s commercial
YouTube Preview Image

Taylor Lautner’s video for “Apologize” for a school project
YouTube Preview Image
Thanks Melanie!

Kristen Stewart in The Thirteenth Year
YouTube Preview Image

Kellan Lutz in Prom Night
YouTube Preview Image

Thanks Ashley!

Photos from Rob Pattinson’s hair modeling days.




  • http://twitter.com/EmTeamRobPattz Emily Ko

    like Tay's vid project. and of course, Rob's modelling pix

  • iluvEdwardCullen

    Holy Crow, I didn't know that was Taylor's video. I totally saw that before Twilight! I remember thinking it was a really cool music video for that song. that's so funny that you posted it.

  • Ver

    THAT was a school project? That looked professional!

  • twilighter:)

    it was a school project?! WOAH!,it was so proffesional

  • AdeleLovesJake

    awww how cute did taylor look in that keelogs advert. OMG ive watched prom night loads of times, cant belive i didnt notice it was kellan in it x

  • mrs.e_cullen

    wow never even realized ne of that was them

  • LavaGirl


    What about Taylor as SHARKBOY!?

  • Darkeyes8891

    What about Kellan Lutz in Accepted? He plays a skateboarder.

  • SarahBelle2013

    HELLO?! What about Rob in Harry Potter as CEDRIC DIGGORY??? That so should've been on there. He was Cedric first, and I think he looked much better as Cedric.

  • Lisa Marie

    Kristen Stewert in Panic Room

  • Erika_wallskiki

    wow anyone else notice he was holding the phone upside down? lol.. good video tho.

  • Fullmoon222000

    Peter Facinelli in the Scorpion King!

  • daniella pauline

    the cereal comercial was great

  • MeliEle78

    I feel a little pervy for the number of times I rewatched Taylor take off his shirt in New Moon after seeing his cereal commercial

  • i loveT.L/J.B

    exactly !!
    he was cuutee ! <3

  • TeamCharlie!!!

    Kellan Lutz in Stick It, he had to do cartwheels in a dress, hilarious :D

  • Sondra


  • Daniella

    taylor lautner is great

  • daniella

    taylor was so cute in the comercial of kellog's 2 cute

  • LavaGirl
  • Daniella

    taylor lautner is great

  • daniella

    taylor was so cute in the comercial of kellog's 2 cute

  • LavaGirl

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