Saturday Survey: Should Breaking Dawn be 3D?

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So tell me, do you want to see any or all of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn in 3D? We’ve heard rumors about it over and over, but nothing has been decided.  Tell us what you think, and sound off in the comments if you like.

  • Emzi

    I cant see 3D so that will not be fair to me!

  • Twilight_fan

    I agree its not fair, all these 3D movies are annoying, stuped and pointless!

  • Ly-Sss-Aaa

    dont ruin the best one of all three by making it 3D… that would just be sad….

  • elaine martin

    omg i think breaking dawn wud be brill in 3d!! can u imagine the scene of bella giving birth to renesemee omg!!! and edward turning bella into a vampire!!!!! could be excellant, allher sences and powers showing in 3d oh i soooooo cant wait!! do we have a date yet??? for cinemas

  • eLaine martin

    omg rob use ur imagination !! that wud be the best!! i dond mean blood and gore but breakin dawn is the best book the most goin on in it ant all the new srnses and powes shown in 3d omg the” possibillities” r endless!! ( get it the wee song outta new moon ” theres a possibility!” lov it) x just my opinion

  • edward is super sexy

    okay no way no way 3-d is cheesy and stupid twilight is romantic and uugghhh romantice in 3-d nut theres also the thought of edward being so close to me and tht does make me happy but i still have to vote no

  • umm…

    No 3d it would just make the film soo bad but tbh the book are just so much better then the films anyways but what make them film worth it is Edward (Robert pattinson) :) xx

  • Nick Shah

    obviously it must not be in a 3d manner… there's not much do deal wid 3d in it,,!!

  • charley

    i agree with eliane martin we don't wanna see the sex scene in 3-d or the birth of renesemee that will be to horryfiying so just keeping it to 2-d will be fine the girls and boys all over the world will still go bonkers for the films

  • Pernillepaludan

    OMG NO!! it should be as the others! I think all the movies should be the same.

    no doubt that i would see it without 3D!

  • Alicia "Ali" Cullen

    totally it would ruin everything

  • Alicia "Ali" Cullen

    totally it would ruin everything

  • maribella smith

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