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Now that Eclipse has been released in theaters in most countries, I am sure the majority of readers have already managed to see the film multiple times.  I realize that not all of our readers have actually read the series, but I want to ask those of you that have, What was the one scene you were MOST disappointed did not make it into the film version of Eclipse?

Sound off in the comments below!! I look forward to seeing your thoughts.

  • Team_Alice28

    MORE ALICE WAS NEEDED! k thanx bye

  • cougar29

    I wanted more of the tent scene. I did not like Bryce Howard as Victoria.overall I thought it was good, would have been 3 hours otherwise. I think they added more of the new vampires to get more guys to go to the movie.

  • Shanaeolay

    Overall, I really liked Eclipse. But there were a few things that I think were lacking. One of which is I would have loved to see the sleepover with Bella and Alice. Especially when Bella calls Edward. Then the scene when Edward gets home expecting her to be furious, but she is anything but.
    I also loved the the part when Alice “sees” Edward put the ring on Bella's finger and plans to sneak off the Vegas to get married and she throws a fit. That would have been a funny bit of comic relief in a very serious part of the movie. Eclipse was my favorite book of the series, and although I preferred the book, I really liked the movie.

  • aussie twimum

    I have seen Eclipse 8 times now and although I enjoy watching it I don't feel that hypnotic draw that I felt with Twilight- in fact there are things that annoy me more each time. i think the whole time line is wrong Edward says twice that Riley disappearred over a yr ago but a year can't have passed as the whole new moon split happened on Bella's birthday etc. Also my husband (who is def. not a fan but will see the movies once, says Bella comes off as a tease and the more I watch it the more I think she is downright mean to Edward. I agree that book bella would never have ridden off with Jacob leaving Edward standing there and when she pulls away from him on the mountain to chase after jacob-in the book Edward goes after him for her but in the movie again she treats Edward really badly. There was a lot of Alices' interactions cut out and def where she has “seen” Edward give bella the ring and begs to help with the Wedding. The big bed scene was all wrong (except the proposal-it was perfect) as Bella is meant to be pissed about the bed (i loved when the book says – stupid vampires having beds when nobody sleeps) instead she says the bed is perfect. i loved the song playing during the proposal but the rest of the soundtrack did not contribute to the story at all (which is one of the things i love about the original movie). Sorry about the long post-everyone i know is equally bored with my babbling about the movies v's books. I must say I will probably watch it 10 more time cause Edwards proposal is so dam romantic and how hot does he look in the tent scene!!!! And Kristen (who I do love as Bella) needs to not pull away from every hug and not have her hands all scrunched when she touches these 2 hot guys that she is supposed to be in love with.- just a small thing

  • Nadia

    It so missed the sleep over with Alice and Bella, whit Jacob comes and helps Bella escape the day after. I hated that Bella got on the motorcycle right in front of Edward at school.

  • Siklemenc

    I would like to see there will be longer scene in the tent, especialy the one in the morning when Bella couldn't get off of Jacob's embrace and then Jacob turned into the wolf.

  • Sharon

    I was gutted they totally missed out that she had been kidnapped by Alice and the message she left him saying that bears were nothgin compared to what she would do when he got back and then the whole scene after that as they mashed it together with the night they spent together

  • Isabella EJ

    they should have shown when jacob is in bella's kitchen and stabs himself with a knife but is instantly healed

  • Guest

    I didn't like the tentscene that much, because they took away so many important things from the book.
    The way she was kissing Jacob. It was not like that at all and I miss Bella begging Edward to get angry with her about her kissing Jacob.

    I miss the part where Rosalie told Bella that she wanted a family of her own. That she wanted a child.
    That's the only reason Rosalie helps Bella in Breaking Dawn. Because of the child.

  • Jab2_azuelo

    i hope they did the scene wer charli was mor surprised dan concerned wen he saw bella's broken hands and wen he congratulated Jacob learning that the cause of his daughter's injury was because she punched her bestfriend for kissing her..

  • Jab_azuelo

    i wish they did the scene wer alice was waiting for jasper..that wud be so cute.

  • Sorority_gifter

    This Jacob's line: “The clouds I can handle, but I can't fight with an eclipse”. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't hear it in the movie. Team Jacob!

  • Jalice Cullen

    where edward says to bella “You look sexy” I was looking forward to that bit lol x and I agree.. the sleepover with bella and alice should have been in the film too. And they never show Edward with Bella in her bedroom singing the lullaby in any of the films :( I LOVED the newborn training though..Jasper arr to die for…he sounded so cool in this scene xxx “Don't hold back” “Not in my nature” “Never lose focus..” “and another thing……Never turn your back on your enemy!!!!!!!!” I also loved the Alice and Jasper kiss xxxxx sooooo cutteee xxx ;) gotta love them xx

  • Luhga

    This Jacob's line: “The clouds I can handle, but I can't fight with an eclipse”. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't hear it in the movie. Team Jacob!

  • Paige

    I have read a few comments about people talking about when Bella stabs herself in the arm and saying that it isn't in the book. It's been a while since I have read Eclipse but I do remember towards the end Edward was wondering what that was about and something was mentioned about the Third Wife. If she didn't do that the whole story of the Third Wife would have been redundant and stupid to add in.

  • Kristikristi2

    I really think that adding 30 to 40 more minutes of the movie to incorporate more of the book would not disappoint any of the fans. Who would complain about watching Edward and Jacob a little while longer, so that we could have more important parts of the book put into the movie. I really think that Catherine Hartwicke captured the love story between Edward and Bella the best and the last two directors who are men are going for more of the special effects rather than the love story.

    The scene i was really hoping to see was when Edward returned from hunting and Bella was so mad that she slept on the couch and then when she rolled over and realized she should have been on the floor and was in bed with Edward. That was my favorite chapter in the book. I also think the imprinting is very important because of the Jacob/Renesmme relationship. And i didnt like how there was much of the Cullens in the movie. I just think the movie went by so fast. I liked it but was a little disappointed in all that was left out.

  • Kristikristi2

    i meant to say i didnt like how they left out the Cullens, they all didnt have much of a role in this movie. The anticipation of Victoria trying to kill Bella was not there, like the graduation and the graduation party. Bella was so nervous and scared, and how she asked Edward not fight because she was scared he would get hurt. I could go on and on of what they left out. Like i said i would just really like more time added to the movie to get more of the book into the movie.

  • Kiki

    the end of Eclipse sould have end like the book Jacob be comeing a wolf and running away that is what i think!

  • Sharmikty

    Yeah but Catherine Hartwicke left out a lot of bits too and changed things around.
    Don't even get me started on what was missing in the first 2 movies. LOL!

  • nanaa

    i dont think they showes enough of how angry charlie was with edward .. and i could swear we havent seen bella cook ? its a big thing in the books LOL
    catherine hardwick FTW .. twilight still is the best to me :)

  • ohhnickjayx21

    i agree that they should of explained more imprinting and the Denali clan and bella crying over jacob but i dont agree with the alice and bella sleepover, because its not really an important part in the book, it wasnt a key point. however i do like the scene where bella comes home from jacobs and edward it waiting for her in her room and is upset and he admits he's jealous and stuff, i love reading that part :) . oh and i also think they should of shown jacob getting his wedding invitation and leaving. but they might fit that in, in the beginning of breaking dawn… i hope.

  • britteamjgirl

    I want to praise the movie, because eclipse is my fave book and I still loved the move, it was never going to be as good, but the only thing i really would have liked them to have added was when Bella and Jacob kiss, the vision that Bella sees of her and Jacob, the future they could have had. I also thought that it was a shame they did not show how distraught, and she really was distraught after Bella made her decision to chose Edward. But otherwise, great film in what is an amazing series!

  • kersome

    I insist the men director ruined the movie, the lack of romance was way to big!
    some important scenes, imprinting not really well explaind the complete delete of the Denaly clan! common!! a more romantic scene in the bella`s and jacob`s kiss!!
    Love the movie still!!

  • Pinkfish33

    In the first movie Twilight Edward wasnt even able to kiss Bella for more than a few seconds without wanting to eat her.. Now in latest movie Eclipes he is all over her with longer kissing parts and not wanting to eat her. what is the go than??

  • Mashi

    Jacob didnt run away!! wut is that? thats one of the most important parts! theyre so stupid! thats how its supposed 2 end! in the other 2 movies they had a mysterious ending like in twilight victoria was watching them and planning her revenge in new moon edward said marry me. also its like bella ddnt even care about jacob. shes supposed 2 cry over him him and feel terrible but she barely even cared. edward cared about him more than her! and also they should explain the imprinting better and talk about quil and claire and how werewolves dont age either. its important 4 jacob and renesmee. and alot of other scenes too but they arent that important and the movies 2 long anyway

  • Helene

    The Alice / Bella sleepover bit! And the bit where Jacob leaves town when he receives the wedding invitation – I think that's really important, because otherwise it won't be understood why Jacob turning up at the wedding in Breaking Dawn is so significant!

  • Team Stephenie

    I'm just wondering to the leg hitch. Everyone keeps saying it was in the bedroom scene (Chapter 20 scene) but I can't even remember seeing it. I looked for it both times, and even if it was in there, I'm not sure you can count it. It wasn't correctly done :(

  • charliebabesss

    I agree that the scene where Bella left Edward shouldn't have been like that.. Edward would have never let her go anyway! They made him look weak.
    Plus the crying herself to sleep scene (Although could K.Stew pull it off?)
    And the Quil/Claire thing so people understand how inprinting works for Renesmee and Jake.

  • nichola r

    I think they didnt really show the struggle that bella was facing between edward and jacob, for 1 she would never ride off with jacob in front edward, and they never showed quil imprinting, it was an absolutley brilliant movie, just some of the stuff we wanted to see wasnt there. xx i loved it though xx

  • nichola r

    I think they didnt really show the struggle that bella was facing between edward and jacob, for 1 she would never ride off with jacob in front edward, and they never showed quil imprinting, it was an absolutley brilliant movie, just some of the stuff we wanted to see wasnt there. xx i loved it though xx

  • cristina

    i absolutely think there should be a movie about bree tanner. you learn so much from the book. for example, you never learn that the volturi actually told victoria to attack the cullens with the army she created by reading eclipse. if victoria wasnt forced to attack sooner, she might have been more prepared and maybe even won. also before they kill bree, she tells edward EVERYTHING she knows. he finds out that jane knew victoria and told her to attack. so i think a bree movie would be amazing and perfect to fill in the time between eclipse and breaking dawn.

  • Abbey

    also.. there were a few details they did not pay attention to..Alice wearing the same necklace through almost the whole movie..wasn't she THE fashionista?..I mean the whole family doesnt wear a garment twice…the clothes Edward wears dont do the story justice…
    I felt like the movie was broken into pieces of scenes..the scenes did not fluctuate into one another..

  • Foreverpink2628

    they shouldve explained more in rosalies story and talked about emmetts story.

  • KJY

    They should have added the baseball bat part , charlie ofering his police car when Edward broke hers…and edward going with them to graduation in the back of the police car!!

  • Siobhansstuff

    I hated the way bella said “im switzerland” it sound really gay!! :P
    and alice never got her car…they kind of messed up the first half hour of eclipse!!

  • stormy

    I thought both Jacob Bella kissing scenes before during and after were abbreviated drastically in eclipse. The first punch face kiss was great in the book with Jacob bragging to Charlie and Charlie congratulating him.I thought that was great.Also the mountain kiss,with Bella still denying her feelings and Jacob says” Just let yourself feel what you feel” that was vital and then showing her pulling him closer and finally realising that she was in love with him too. And then when Jake is injured and she says goodbye and the famous 'eclipse 'comment from Jake.How could they leave that out??? And it should have showed Jake leaving in Wolf form. I think all the Jake scenes were drastically cut short.All the silly new born scenes were a waste of time.It also should have explained the imprinting better.

  • stormy

    What was missing? Jacob was missing.All Jacobs scenes seemed too short.Especially when he was carrying her up the mountain.There was so much good jake /Bella dialogue missing right through the movie. The kissing scenes were too short and not enough lead up in the dialogue.

  • Sadielayne18

    i wanted to see the dress! in the book alice shows her the wedding dress and they didnt in the movie! also it didnt have where jacob runs away…ummm the part where she leaves with jacob in front of edward was messed up and they needed to show the friendship between seth and edward…I look forward to breaking dawn hopefully they fit as much as possible since it will be two movies!

  • Menaincreel

    I wanted the scene in the diner where Jasper first saw Alice and I wanted him to say the line: And for the first time in more than a century I Felt Hope!

  • Menaincreel

    I wanted the scene in the diner where Jasper first saw Alice and I wanted him to say the line: And for the first time in more than a century I Felt Hope!

  • Bjb1254

    I love everything about Twilight, both the books and movies, and I agree w/ most opinions above but Eclipse (don't get me wrong I loved it) left out so much of the real passion and love between Edward and Bella. She could'nt bare the thought of Edward being away from her during the fight w/ the newborns and wanted desperately to keep him safe, so she  begged him to either stay w/ her or let her go w/ him, so he chose to stay w/ her in the tent.  And when he was in bed next to her during Alice's kidnapping of her (so funny), she started kissing him and things started really heating up between them. She also cried in the tent after the kiss with Jake (which never should have happened) and could'nt bare the thought of the pain it would cause Edward because she loved him so much (they should have kept Jake as just her best friend) and was so ashamed of what had happened, and last of all, when Edward fought Victoria he anticipated her every move before she made it, so there was never a time when she and Riley ever came close to killing Edward. And after Edward and Seth burned the bodies, Edward slowly approached Bella, thinking she might be afraid of him after seeing him behead Victoria, but she went to him and began kissing him all over because he was safe and unharmed. Oh, and I also loved the strong bond and friendship that formed between Edward and Seth after they fought Victoria and Riley together and won!!! Yea!!!!!!! As you all can see, I really LOVE Edward and Bella. It's the most epic love story ever! Cannot wait for Breaking Dawn or Rob Pattinson!!!! Soooooo gorgious!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really sorry this was so long. Love You Edward!!! See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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