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Now that Eclipse has been released in theaters in most countries, I am sure the majority of readers have already managed to see the film multiple times.  I realize that not all of our readers have actually read the series, but I want to ask those of you that have, What was the one scene you were MOST disappointed did not make it into the film version of Eclipse?

Sound off in the comments below!! I look forward to seeing your thoughts.

  • Jazz Girl

    They missed out when Alice finds out that Bella and Edward are going to get married in Vegas and she is upset with Bellla because she would of loved to do the wedding. Id would of liked to seen this in the film :l ♥

  • Yary14

    I did not like the jacob and bella scene were they kissed. The book goes in much detail with this kiss b4r jacob leaves to the final fight.. In the movie it was just quick and jacob did not tell bella “I know u can do better than this bella!”, I also did not like the part b4r the kiss were she flipped out on Edward for him knowing that jacob was listening to there conversation…in the book she did not react like she reacted in the movie..

  • Ella

    The movie was PARFECT. But there was a scene in the book which Edward bought himself a motorcycle too so he could ride with Bella and he also baught a leather jacket and a helmet. Bella kinda told Edward that she prefer riding with Jacob.. Anyway Edward asks Bella to wear this things he bought her while she riding with Jacob and he say to her : “Actually.. You look sexy.. Very sexy.”
    when Bella thinks she looks stupid.

  • ash26*

    i agree with most of what is being said one thing that i was waiting for was to see edward coming out of jacob's house. I missed how they didn't have wuthering hieghts in it!!! and i was kinda looking forward to jacob and bella's best friend talk at her house. but over all the movie was great and my new favorite movie!

  • Illson018

    I was really looking forward to the scene where Edward keeps talking about a simple wedding like Vegas and Alice gets upset. Then later Bella chooses to have a more complex wedding and Alice gets the dress and Bella says that I hope you got yourself a dress. I don't want my maid-of-honor dressless.

    Also the whole Bella crying after she chooses Edward, the meadow scene where Bella refuses Edward, and the Alice and Bella sleepover.

  • teamswitzteamed

    i wanted to see kristen crying!!!!!and when edward tells bella about the denali coven

  • Larissanvandenheever

    the wedding dress and were Edward and Jacob almoust fights in the tent. More of the party and were Bella and here dad goes to diner and go to the parking lot and Edward is there and were she sneeks away from school to go to Jacob and wene she goes back to help angela Edward is folowing here. and lots more. I hope the put more of bracking Dwn the book in the movie.

  • manazzzz

    i wanted that part where bella is soo angry that jacob doesnt grow up!!!
    i also wanted the part where he comments about the eclipse !!
    and when bella is crying for jacob in his room and after she leaves and she's crying and all that !!
    and bella should've been worried that jake's gonna fight not him asking if she cares or not !!
    they definitley missed alot of things for jacob !! they didnt even show that she loved jacob too
    and that was horrible i hate the screen writer , she was mainly focused on edward and bella getting married i dont hate that but thats not what this movie is about that was what breaking dawn is about actually and bella looked like she didnt care about jake at all in the movie
    but the overall movie was greatt the action was impressive i liked the movie but they should've focused on jake a little bit more to just make people understand that she does love jake !!! :)
    sorry im just TEAM JACOB !!!

  • georgia132


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stella-Kay-Russotti/1439952436 Stella-Kay Russotti

    I feel the one thing that was missing from the movie was Jacob getting the wedding invitation at the end, phasing, then running away and howling!

  • Amber jane

    I'm not positive this was in eclipse, but didn't Jacob say, “Does my being half naked bother you?” I mean, i adore that line.

  • Princess_of_hiphop1988

    dissapointed there was no alice kidnapping bella scene lol it jus wasnt rite i wud of loved to have seen bella gettin rescued by jacob but hey they cant fit everythin in the movie like the book its still big. im also dissapointed that some scenes jus didnt go felt they needed to be explained a bit x

  • Sandra Douglas

    I wish they had done the scene where Edward comes back from his hunting trip in the bedroom scene rather than her just going round – it was so much better!!

  • carbon-12

    The most disappointing thing to me that was left out was the scene toward the end of the book where Charlie tells Bella that he can sense a long-term separation coming and he asks her to say goodbye before it happens.

  • Lhandley

    so I didn't believe that Jacob really loved her, well not till the very end but it was over for me at that point. I know taylor had an interview after the movie and said keeping the desire of the character for bella was super hard. I didn't believe the kiss and I think it's because taylor is too young to play the “older more Impulsive” jacob. They should have made him older in this movie and who ever said they were working on the “height” of Jacob should be shot because he looked puny next to Rob. I don't really like robs acting skills but taylor was completely overshadowed by him and I just hope that everything comes together in Breaking Dawn because if It doesn't so many people will be disappointed.

  • georgia132


  • jdbl9828

    I want to know why it is so difficult to get the smallest things correct. First of all Angela's BF's name, in the book, is Ben. In the movies its Eric?! In the book Eric is valedictorian, not Jessica?! How hard is it to get that right??? For all who hasnt read the book have no idea why there is a yellow porche in the movie either…

  • team_edward

    i missed the scene were alice and bella and edwerd are get stuff for the camping trip and alice has her fite cuz she saw them elope and she was not there and and edward tells her that she making his life much more difficult then it has to bed and the part were edwrd comes come from the huting trip and they have there talk about tayna

  • Tsczesny

    I thought they should have had Bella telling Jacob that he chased the clouds away and then Jacob said the clouds I can handle but I can't fight an Eclipse! Before she left his bed side!

  • Melissa_ted_schwab

    I really agree with the denali needing to be in this film to help set up their place in breaking dawn. Another thing i really wanted to see was the more on the imprinting. Like said by others the quil and claire story helps other to understand jacob imprinting on renesme. I was happy to see a little more steaminess with edward and bella in this film, but i was to see more emotion from bella.

  • Brittany

    Aside from Jacob, I think there was a lot of emotion missing. How many times do we read in the book about Bella crying, but we have yet to see it on screen! And the specific scenes I wanted to see were Bella seeing Edward had bought a bike and safety equipment, and the sleepover with Alice, and Bella being upset after her talk with Jacob, and Jacob getting the wedding invitation, and more conversation in the tent scene/morning after, Rosalie finding Emmett, a little bit more to Alice and Jasper's history, and there was a little more in the book when it came to Bella and Jake's kiss at the end that I thought should have been there. And though this scene wasn't missing from the movie, I thought it was done poorly, and that's when Bella punches Jake. It was just very awkward to watch. I'm sure there's more, but shirtless Jacob keeps entering my mind making it hard to focus. =D

  • Pokey_200329

    I really wished the would have had Jacob leaving at the end..I think that part ripped my heart out but I think its necessary.. also isn't Jake in wolf form when he finds out bella is engaged to Edward because I think they talk about hearing a wolf cry in the woods.. also when there in the tent when Jacob says you asked for a space heater.

  • Jade02420

    I would of liked to have seen the wolf story more, the camp fire story was too short and not really to the book also the scandle about Leah Clearwater's REAL father could of got a mention

  • chelsea_sports12

    I wanted to see the part when Edward is taking Bella to Carlise to see her hand, and Jacob says “may the best man win”, and Edward replies “that sounds about right, dog”.

  • Cindylopez6

    Chris weitz did it better than david slade!!! i didn't like eclipse because the newborns are hard to kill because they are strong, and in the movie the cullens just touch the newborns head and it just exploded!!!

  • ash26*

    i was waiting for jacob to say he couldnt fight an eclipse… in the last scene with him in it where he is all broken.

  • Jdg5150

    Maybe they wrote “Bella” emotionless because the only emotion she does well is screaming in pain, shifting her eyes and pressing her lips together in frusteration. Bella has soooo much emotion in the book but the movie lacks that from her.

  • Reanna Neal

    I was disappointed with the movie, considering the book was my favorite. The movie seriously lacked the emotions between Edward and Bella. I just didn't feel the love and desire between them like I did in the book. Bella just didn't have the emotions with either Jacob or Edward. The movie lacked build up between scenes. Very rushed. I hope Breaking Dawn is better. Can't wait. Team Edward!!!

  • Bellamezcla

    I also wish they would've explained the diamond charm Edward gave Bella.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cristina-E-Yoc-Samayoa/1003200487 Cristina E. Yoc Samayoa

    I really wanted to see the scene when Edward is in the back seat of Charlie's police car and he is imagining Edward as a bad boy jajaja

  • Strangefruite

    Yeh, I agree, I have been pondering how they are going to make Breaking Dawn work ever since New Moon, as in the books Laurent goes to the Denali family after he meets the Cullen's and as we find out he falls for Irina… I mean how are they going to fit that in when they have to explain why Irina is so pissed when she see' s Renesme that she goes to the Volturi? So far with the movie plot we have no idea the Denali family even exist and no clue that Laurent went there either.
    The Imprinting could have been explained in more detail as well beings that is going to be a pretty major event in the next one/two movies.
    I was almost disappointed when Bella accepted Edwards proposal, as in the book she takes a lot more convincing and in fact Edward actually kind of tricks her into it with the whole “You could just try it on and see what it looks like”

  • Sam

    I wish they had included us meeting Peter and Charlotte in Jasper's flaskback.

  • Garzone96

    They are missing how wholly devoted to Edward Bella is. I think they try to portray Bella as this independent woman when really she can't believe that she even gets to be with Edward. They should have showed that more.

  • Emma

    They missed out my favourite line from the entire saga and I was gutted. It was the scene where Jake brings Bella back after she punches him and Edward says “But if you ever bring her back damaged again — and I don’t care whose fault it is; I don’t care if she merely trips, or if a meteor falls out of the sky and hits her in the head — if you return her to me in less than the perfect condition that I left her in, you will be running with three legs. Do you understand that, mongrel?” I love that line and I was devastated it wasn't included!!

  • Moosen

    I was really hoping for the tent scene to be longer and more detailed like the book. The end was such a rush. The director should have brought out more details. The fight scene was rushed too. I liked how the fight scene was in New Moon. I was expecting more action and drama in Eclipse. I hope the director makes the last book into TWO movies. I am sure it will be rated “R”. The book has so many details that each movie if they make it two could be 2.5 hours each. Many fans would not object to 2.5 hour movies if it is as DETAILED as the book. It brings the book alive and that is what the public and fans want.

  • Canimallover13

    Edward has a softer personality in the books in the movies he has no personality… are you trying to make people scared of him.

  • Oceanreigh

    Completely agree about the Imprinting scene with Quil and Claire. The Imprinting is a very important part of Breaking Dawn. They have to start explaining it at some point here or non book readers are gonna really be confused when the time comes for you know what.

  • teamedward

    I really wanted to see the part where Edward asks Bella why she is doing all this. And then he calls off the wedding and says he won't push her anymore cause that doesn't work. He will change now or whenever she wants! She says no but he says I know the other condition and he (FINALLY) wants to do it and she has to say no, that she really does want to marry him! That would have been an awesome scene!

  • Canimallover13

    well the team switzerland Bella says she is team switzerland because she likes having options…Where was that?

  • manosh

    there is no romantic in the film between edward and bella…….bt the film ..its good ..i mean very good

  • Jade Black

    i wish i could have seen more of the legends and more of the pack was introduced!!! in the book the campfire was a big scene i saw jared and his imprint,kim and u saw all of the wolves it was more intense in the book!

  • Notsdesigns

    I agree with everyone's missed scenes, my top four were, her “minds scene” while she kissed Jacob, Jacobs whole last section of the book :( and her playing with the magnets on her fridge and her breakdown after leaving Jacob.

  • Tarryne

    I really wish the whole ending was rewritten. They are going to have to explain a lot in the next movie. Especially why Jacob leaves. As far as the look of the charecters go I think they were cast well, but as far as emotions. They weren't. I have laughed and cried and got so angry with the charectors in the book, but in the movie I may have laughed a few times, but never cried or got angry. These charectors never showed the true emotions of the book. Don't get me wrong, I love the movies. But, as far as the movies compared to the books, I will definately choose the books any day. I understand that they can't put everything in the movies, but they left out some VERY key points from the book.

  • Sharon

    loved this film and cant wait for Breaking Dawn x

  • Lekva-nati

    i think eclipse movie is perfect i read a book and i think that in the movie is everything what is the main

  • kristina

    i wanted to see the part where alice kidnaps her and edward comes home “expecting grizly bears to look tame next to whats waiting for him at home” and then he moves her from his couch to the bed and she thinks they're going to get “carried away”

    In the book, when bella finds out jacob had been injured, she passes out…..there was some real emotion from her in this scene in the book, they could have done a much better job on this ….

    also, does anyone else notice the wedding ring edward gives to bella, it looks too modern and not at all like a wedding ring, it was supposed to be his mothers wedding ring, shouldnt it look a little old fashioned?

  • Ana

    Missing lots of things in the movie:
    1) Bella leaving Edward in the school parking lot with Jabob??… that never happen
    2) Bella and Edward bed room escenes (plural..) what happen with that?
    3) After Bella kiss Jacob, that was the best escene of the book, when Edward finds out reading the wolf mind… not what te movie gave us… far away of it
    4) The medow scene after de fight, Edward change his mind about making Bella get married… they simply took out that scene

  • Rebecca13

    well, we couldn't see the relationship between bella and jacob, I wanted to see the scenes when they were talking on the beach and stuff.
    and also bella crying in the car over jacob and edward holding her.
    and last but not least when jacob was talking to leah on the cliff.
    I really hope to see 1 of those scenes in the DVD deleted scenes

  • Meg13

    there were ALOT of riley and newborns scenes. too much actually.
    they could have made the whole newborns creating the army a mystery just like the book and save those 20 minutes for another important scenes!
    in the theatre, for a second I thought that riley is one of the main charecters.

  • Nikita Evans

    i agree with all of you, and the part wen she cut herself to get riley's and vicotrias attention wasnt in the book, and in real life she probably would of bled to death, and they didnt show bree going crazy with bellas scent( little things like that annoy me :/) but it was the best movie so far and the best book kristens acting was alot better, i didnt think much of her performance in the first two but i still love them <3 x

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