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Now that Eclipse has been released in theaters in most countries, I am sure the majority of readers have already managed to see the film multiple times.  I realize that not all of our readers have actually read the series, but I want to ask those of you that have, What was the one scene you were MOST disappointed did not make it into the film version of Eclipse?

Sound off in the comments below!! I look forward to seeing your thoughts.

  • Teriisek01

    I liked the whole movie completly. But did not like how Edward and Bella began kissing before Jacob. That was pretty harsh. But Jake is the son of a bitch too =D Maybe in the tent as he said: It would be faster if it can be undressed. That would be Edward gave him a fist .=D The best scene is how Jasper teaches the wolves and vampires fighting newborns !!!

  • abi

    i agree with you all most of the key points were missing! i really didnt like the way they had bella go on the bike with jacob i agree they should have done that scene like the book with alice watching not edward! and i didnt like the way they swapped lines around!!! in the scene with jane talking about bella still being alive bella says the date is set! alice is supposed to!! they swap most things like that around and little thngs like that annoy me because to me these films are supposed to be the books played out and when they change things like that it changed plots!

    i really was looking forward to a kidnapping scene with alice and how she talks about her car and how she didnt even get to drive it because she thinks edward would take it away and where was the mortorbike edward brought! ? the big siler things lol and the talk with bella about the jacket and helmet i just wish they would think about putting some of the little things like that in i DO love the movies and this one is my favorite by far but lets hope they put mor in breaking dawn i really cant wait to see how that film works!

  • Yancyoterorosado

    I haven't read the books buy in the fight scene i din't saw Rosalie Hale fighting. She actually fight right?

  • Sw141

    For me some of the scenes weren't long enough like the quiluete story but I understand why, wish there had been the sleep over too before going off on the bike with Jake, but still it was good as it was. the main scene I wanted was basically the whole end of the book, Bella sobbing, edward scared, Jake so hurt mentally as well as physically (tho Taylor did well with the small bit he had to do) but the main part I wanted to see was the thing with Leah and the lead up to the invite and then the running away in pain, that part of the book breaks my heart everytime I read it ( I am totally Team Jacob!), I think it would be a good pre credits beginning to the next movie else how do you explain that for a third of the movie Jake isn't around?
    Still loved the movie as it is though its fantastic, just wish it could have been a bit longer to fit everything in, but I guess there has to be a line drawn somewhere, can't wait for the next one but not sure if I can survive until the DVD release of eclipse!!

  • Vanillascentedmama

    What about in the very beginning of the book where Jacob leaves the motorcycle there. THAT is why she gets grounded in the first place. Jacob is mad and she keeps on calling. I loved the movie but its like the movies are seprate from the books for me.

  • Owl

    I hated how weak they made Edward appear in the battle against Victoria and Riley. I guess they had to play up Bella's role of the “Third Wife”, but they made Edward look like he struggling. It wasn't like that in the book. I think it would have been better if they did it with the Seth “faking” injury bit and Seth and Edward making easy work of killing Victoria and Riley. I did love how he finally killed her, though…so cool!

  • Sara H

    I wish they would have included the line “wild grizzly bears will look tame to what you're coming home to,” and the kidnapping scenes.

  • Sarah L

    Agreed. I didn't like how they showed some of the fight between Victoria and Edward. In the book, they are blurrs to Bella and in the movie, they are punching and look more like normal humans fighting. Until the beheading of course. Would have liked a better fight scene with those two and a little longer newborns/Cullens/wolves fight scene.

  • Lbragrl_73

    Jacob running away after he got the wedding invitation that should have been in there it was an emotional part of the book for Jacob

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charlotte-Whittaker/100001076601112 Charlotte Whittaker

    Bella did not stab herself

  • Doug Woods

    i was sick that they left out when jacob was a wolf when they were training and he licked the side of her face. hopefully in 20 years when they remake the movie, they will get it right….

  • fghjg

    I wish Edward and Jacob fought more, thats what I thought would happen before i saw it.

  • Pickle75

    I was disappointed seeing the movie (the 1st time anyway) because I was too busy comparing it to the book. I think the “Sex” talk could have been better, the “kidnapping” scene should have been included and the best line of all- in the book where Jacob is “howling” outside the tent (when Bella is freezing) and Edward goes and tells him to “fetch a spaceheater” and Jacob unzips the tent and says, “What do I look like, a St. Bernard”? I roll everytime I read that.
    I also think they made Edward too much of a sissy in the movie…he was way more controlling in the book.

  • caitlin

    the alice and bella sleepover and rosalie talking to her and them eating spaghetti and basically well…the whole book! the movies never do the books justice

  • Papakoleatita

    I totally loved Eclipse. Yes there were some parts from the book I would have loved to seen in the movie but all in all Eclipse was AWESOME.

    The part I was looking forward to see is when Edward sent the wedding invitation to Jacob w/a personal note. I thought that was touching (Edward is so considerate and understanding) and the after Jacobs reads the note he runs off into the woods escaping from the pain of losing Bella. Because in Breaking Dawn Jacob is sort of missing and later he shows up at Edward and Bella's wedding.

  • Beckiekilburn

    I was a little disappointed with the scene when Edward confronts Jacob after kissing Bella. I loved the scene in the book when she calls him and he comes to the house and then tells Jacob that she is “his”. In the movie it wasn't quite as funny and Edward was a little too aggressive. The guy who played Reilly did an amazing job. he was very creepy!!

  • Sophie Franklin

    the phone call between Edward and Jacob.
    the bit when bella cries over jacob
    i didnt like the third wife story that was kinda boring
    the bit when alice kidnaps bella and bella sends edward a voice message and the first bedroom scene with edward and bella

    i thought they rushed into everything too quick

    and the should have included more in the graduation scene


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1087367472 Rebekah J Wiesjahn-Barnett

    I think it would have been nice to see the “vision” that Bella sees when she kissed Jacob- her and him with their kids, growing old together, I think it would have made you realize the path her life would have taken had she not met Edward, and just how difficult/heartbreaking her choice was; I don't think they made that very clear in the movie. And I don't think they made the 3rd wife's sacrifice very clear as to what Bella was thinking/obsessing about her(comparing herself with); if you hadn't read the book, I don't think you really tie into that in the fight scene with Victoria and Riley. I did enjoy the movie, but thought that it could have been better,and there were some things that I would have liked to see. I know that we all realize that they can't put everything in or else it would have been a 4hr movie, which might not be so bad for all of us die hards, but everyone else would not be so appreciative -and I sooooo agree with everyone about the motorcycle scene, What were they thinking with that one?

  • Mkmlovebug

    I wanted to see more of the graduation where Bella tells Edward that she thinks the army is coming for her. I was looking forward to seeing his reaction. I still loved the movie though.

  • Yancyoterorosado

    Hey, did someone saw Rosalie Hale in the battle scene with the Newborns? Cause I din't

  • Vampsparkles16

    at the end in the meadow when Edward tells bella that they are going to do everything bella's way because when they do things his way he always ends up hurting her

  • Kassi

    Yeah, I agree with most of you, how Bella just hopped on Jakes motorcycle and left Edward there. I also would have liked to have seen Jake explane How Embry (I believe) imprints on Clair the two year old. Because in Breaking Dawn, when Jake imprints on Renesmee, it's going to be strange.

  • Kassi

    And the hostige scene! When Edward goes hunting, Alice holds Bella hostige so she doesn't go to Jake!!! And then Bella cuts school and jumps on Jakes motorcycle to get away. That would have been MUCH better than her getting on Jake's back in the very begining with Edward standing there. Because you know Edward would not just let Bella jump on Jakes motorcycle and leave, and just stand there. He would have grabbed her, you know? I thought that entire part was rediculous.

  • Cheetahluv97

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  • Brancob9

    I think it should have shown the end where Jacob runs off by himself and stays gone till the wedding.

  • Cassathatisme

    yeah i wish they had of play out the part where bella stays at the cullens house a bit better and it was twice she stay there not once , they miss that out and i agreed the imprinting is such a key point they miss out and it makes a big diffents if u have not read the book thankfuly i have read them all twice now and have started to read them againso cant waite for breaking dawn its my fav and i hope im not disapointed by it its a great idear they are makeing it into to parts so there a chance they willnt miss much this time round

  • TexasGreatGrams

    The part I missed most was the last chapter of Eclipse-when Jacob phased into his wolf and started running-Sam telling Embry & Quil to let him go & telling Jacob to come home when he could. Jacob's wolf just running and “leaving Jacob Black behind”. To me this showed the depth of Jacob's pain. But I did love the movie and thought this was definitely the best (and most true to the book) of the 3. Hope Stephenie acting as producer on the 2 Breaking Dawn movies means we'll get the most true version.

  • twilight fan #1

    I did not like the way they did not show the bond between Seth and Edward the way they did in the book. I also did not like the way they mad Edward mean to Jake. I also realized that they let you no about the newborn army to much and let you know Victoria was behind it way way way to early !!

  • Hannah Marie

    in the scene when Rosalie was explaining her past they didn't tell about her friends little boy and that's how she fell in love with Emmet

  • gemini_dove

    I missed all the bella and jacob interaction and closeness thats in the book the way they walk and hold hands. I also missed the scene in the book where he comes to bellas to smell the scent of the visitor and he helps her with the washing up and cuts himself and she freaks out coz of the bloody and nearly passes out lol . Also when jacob tells bella it would be better if she were dead and she speeds off on her bike the scene where edward wakes her up and she thinks he will be angry but he isnt. And when Jacob is laying in bed injured and the whole scene where she is laying close to him and he says the line “clouds i can handle but i cant fight with and eclipse”. There was loads missing and i understand that they cant fit everything in i just think they missed some of the best bits and alot of the humour and love from the book. TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY BABY!!!

  • Kikoulass

    i really wanted to see bella's sleepover with alice and when edward came and show her the benefit of the bed and i also wanted to see alice's reaction when she knew that edward and bella were getting married in vegas it was funny i didn't like bella living edward like that in the parking loat bella will never do thet but eclipse was awesome i really can't wait for breaking dawn it's too far!!!!!!!

  • Paige

    I wish that when Edward and Jacob were on the screen that there was a little bit more anger and conflict between the two or whenever oen of their names were mentioned because if another boy wanted to basically steal your girlfriend away wouldn't you be a heck of a lot more angry.

  • AD

    Not so much that I missed something, but something that totally bothered me. Why did they change the words with which Edward proposes to Bella. I just love the lines from the books and I thought the lines that were in the movie weren't as powerful and loving.

  • Mysterious Twilight Lover

    I was waiting to see edward punch jacob…

  • http://twitter.com/TeamRenesemee Team Renesemee

    I agree with all of you! Plus i think there should have been a scene with Alice begging Bella to do the wedding. haha that would have been great! Not only do Jacob and Edward play a huge role in Bella's life, but Alice does too. I think there should have been more Alice than there was. She so cute and adorable! :)

    i am hoping alot of these scenes are on the DVD. :)

  • Rose

    i wish teh would have put Carrlisle's backgrround storry!!! that would have been funn to see!!!! and emmett's……. if teh had those two backgrround storries….. teh would've had meh comin to tha movies everry thrree days!!! that and cuz jake is HOTT!!!!!! it's like each next movie gets betterr and betterr!!! Twilight was coo….. then New Moon got betterr with darrkerr colorring and stuff, then Eclipse comes out and that's even betterr!!!! Just cant wait till Brreaking Dawn……. and if tha rrumorrs arre trrue……. ima be therre forr Midnight Sun!!!!!!

  • Frederikke Helle

    All of the above :p but there were one quoe that i realy missde “the clouds i can handel but I can't fight with an eclipse” :D I realy love the quoe XD but the movie was great, love it :p can't wait for Breaking dawn ;D

  • Eileen

    Jasper meeting Alice!! JASPER MEETING ALICE!!!
    At least, I got more happy with the kiss.

  • Frederikke Helle

    he ending where to “happy” – if you can say that :p – but when I read the ending of Eclipse I was crying my eyse out because jacob left…

  • Anela0910

    i was really dissapointed on how they didnt show Bella's wedding dress, and how she cut herself during the fight scene, that does'nt happen in the book.

  • Spiritay42

    Absolutely LOVE the characters…but…Eclipse lacked many key details of the book and did not have a “flow”. It was pretty choppy!! It very much lacked the compassion that Bella has for Jacob. It lacked EMOTION!!..I very much missed the “Jacob epilogue” at the end!!! It did not however keep me from going to watch it more than once…”Team Jacob/Taylor”

  • Shelbers29

    Me thinks they should have put in the scene where Jacob cuts his hand on that really big knife while he was helping Bella with her dishes. I would've liked to see her freak out :)

  • Mkmlovebug

    She does cut herself in the book. Page 550.

  • Buchellyto

    I was waiting for the moment when Bella see Jacob at his house after the fight and he understad why Edward is an Eclipse for him. They never talk about that, i think this part is important and gives sence to the tittle of the book and the film. Anyway i think this film is better than twilight and new moon.

  • Tori<3'sTwilight

    I think they should have had the scene with Jacob running away. To me that was a very important part of the book, and it leaves you with a sad feeling. It would have made the movie end in a more intence way. I just think that is they way Eclipse is supposed to end. Not with a lighthearted, “I'm gonna need that ring!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brooke-Thompson/547364079 Brooke Thompson

    they should have really put the sleepover with alice i loved that part. also her crying over jacob.. they really should have put that in. left out of alot emotions about jacob and how she realizes that she cant live without edward. i wish they had edward being more controlling as well

  • Ayzia Rita

    from my point of view i think they should of showed how bella was feelinq more annd how much tention ther actually was between jacob and edward annd they could left out the chanqed hair do for everybody i mean i qet why bellas hair was messed up buut why was everybody elses hair different i think they should evolve the movie not the book into the movie annd they left out to much of the book …….. buut the movie wasnt as good as it shoulda been

  • Kat

    I liked the movie, but thought they left out the most important phrase in the book, when Bella's talking to Jacob in the end and sais – “You're my sun”, and he replies – “Yes, I can deal with clouds, but I'm nothing against the eclipse” :) well meaning Edward, of course :)

  • Kat

    I liked the movie, but thought they left out the most important phrase in the book, when Bella's talking to Jacob in the end and sais – “You're my sun”, and he replies – “Yes, I can deal with clouds, but I'm nothing against the eclipse” :) well meaning Edward, of course :)

  • http://twitter.com/VanillaOrchids Pam

    Hmm, well I will say that I very much enjoyed the movie and have seen it 4 times … so far. LOL Now, for the things that I liked/didn't like or that were missing.

    Must say that I LOVED that they rebuilt the original house used in Twilight. Makes me wonder why they didn't do that for New Moon. LOL

    I didn't like how when Edward and Bella arrive at school they are not holding hands as they walk to where Jacob is. There was just something weird or off about that to me. Also, when she left with Jacob … I wished she hadn't done that and that they had gone more with the book in that Jacob shows up unexpected for a “jail break” of sorts.

    I kind of didn't like how Edward and Jacob were sort of fighting after Jacob kisses Bella without her permission. That especially was out of character for Edward. It could have been confrontational without Edward being so outwardly angry. My guess is that they were really trying to draw in the male audience with some of the changes they made.

    I would have liked there to be the sleep over scene where Bella refuses to sleep on the bed then wakes up in bed with Edward there.

    I think one of my biggest complaints is that they couldn't even take two seconds to even mention the Denali clan. It really would not have taken up that much time for Carlisle to mention calling them and their refusal to help. I mean, they didn't even have to show him calling them but a quick mention would have been nice.

    As much as I liked the scene with Bella and Jacob in his wolf form, I think it would have been cuter yet if they had cuddled up together on the ground to keep her warm. :)

    I was a little surprised that Edward never told Seth to gather up all the pieces of Riley for burning since Seth dragged Riley into the woods to finish him off. They didn't have to show Seth bringing Riley to the fire but Edward should have at least mentioned it so it wasn't like they'd forgotten about him or whatever.

    Gotta say that I loved seeing the Cullens with black eyes but when Bella takes off with Jacob at school Edward's eyes are gold but then when she comes home later that night and Edward shows up his eyes are black. They would not have turned black that fast.

    It would have been nice to see more of the people around the bonfire like Sam, Emily, Paul, and Jared. Also, Billy had the small bag of vampire ash around his neck during the bonfire but it's never mentioned. So really only those who read the book would know what it was. Heck, most people probably wouldn't have even noticed it at all. The close ups don't allow you to see it much and at one point Billy is holding onto it and the motion of his hand around it sort of does bring attention to it but being dark you can't really see what it is anyway.

    Another thing which I thought was a little odd … when Charlie breaks up the fight between Edward and Jacob he touches both of their chests to push them apart. He should have noticed the difference in temperature between them but they play it off like there was nothing unusual about either one of them.

    I liked the emotion with which Jasper discussed Maria and meeting Alice but it looked like tears were welling up in his eyes and the vampires can't cry. So that was weird.

    I'm sure there are other things that I would like to mention but I'll stop now or I'll be here all night. :)

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