It’s Sunday: Before they were ‘Twilight’ stars!

Here is this week’s edition of Before They Were Twilight Stars! Don’t forget to send your tips to tips@team-twilight.com.

Kristen Stewart and Jodelle Ferland in The Messengers
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YouTube Preview Image
Thanks Ashley!

Kellan Lutz in CSI: New York
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And in CSI: Las Vegas
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Thanks Francheska!

And just FYI, I do read all of your submissions for BTWTS. Sometimes they are recent duplicates so I skip them, or I can’t find any video or pictures, but I try to include as many of them as possible, so keep sending!! It’s much appreciated. :)

  • Mlaliberte1978

    Kristen Stewart was in that movie Panic Room back in 2002 with Jodi Foster she was the daughter!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Savanna-Barris/100000804271666 Savanna Barris

    I LOVE that movie

  • Team_RobstenXX

    I swear all the twilight cast are connected with the cast of 90210 in some way, Peter Facinelli and Kelly in 90210, kellan and Anna Lynne Mccord an d i swear the guy in the 2nd video here is the guy who plays ethan in 90210!!! x

  • http://www.facebook.com/mypartysuxx Michaela Rena Lewis

    omg i was just talking about that lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/mypartysuxx Michaela Rena Lewis

    you need to put jackson rathbone on criminal minds on here he rocked that part

  • Sara

    billy burke was in an episode of MONK and was in a movie called “Mafia!”

  • mak

    billy burke was also in a couple of episodes in gilmore girls, his name was alex

  • Mrs Rathbone


  • ilovekellan

    im in love with Kellans hair in that last one XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1135042198 facebook-1135042198

    Jodelle Ferland was playing a BOY in The Messengers??? Lol!

  • Kfan11

    Kristen did an amazing job in the movie “Speak”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Starr-Legendre/1277694251 Starr Legendre

    kristen was in jumper

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1553644792 Cindy Jarrell

    I wish u would've had the videos in English…..

  • Team_RobstenXX

    Really!! God i never noticed, who was alex again??? =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stacy-Cullen/100000640894962 Stacy Cullen

    She did a good job in panic room too!! Kellan did a good job in Accepted also!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stacy-Cullen/100000640894962 Stacy Cullen

    Billy Burke was in the movie “Along Came A Spider” too. He was awesome

  • carebeary

    Jodelle Ferland was in the movie Amber Alert about how the Amber Alert was created and how it is used. Its a GREAT movie.

  • Crazibabe6

    I think it is the first season maybe the second???

  • Kikoulass

    billy burck was in “untracebal” he plays a cop and the movie is kind of scary but it's a great movie when i saw him i said is that charlie?

  • Kristy

    Billy Burke was also in the movie Ladder 49. He played Jaquin Pheonix's characters friend.

  • Kp27576

    Taylor was in cheaper by the dozen 2 and a couple episodes of my own worst enemy!!

  • Papapkoleatita

    Kristen was AWESOME in The Messengers. Jodelle was good too. Kellan on two CSI's New York and Las Vegas…COOL! My favorite shows.

  • warda_dohuk

    i blieve F1 video was in complete scene it need many happeds in this section

  • kimberley

    i love robert pattiinson forever and ever !!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Angie_rocks9

    peter facinelli(dr.carisle cullen) was in hollowman 2..

  • Taylor

    Kellan makes a good criminal..

  • Team Edward13

    OMG I didn't even realize and vie seen that film so many times but now I think a bout it u can so see how he looks practically the same! Xxx

  • Team_RobstenXX

    OMG!! i just googled it (I know sad but it was bugging me :) ) i never noticed!! It soooo obvious now :) x

  • Chipounet87

    were did u c him can u give me the url so i can c him 2 pls?

  • twihardfanatic10

    taylor was in shark boy and lava girl , he played shark boy

  • twihardfanatic10

    peter facinelli (dr.carisle cullen) played in can't hardly wait as jennifer love hewitts ex boyfriend

  • Cmstennes

    Alex was a guy whom Lorelai dated a few times. He ran a coffee house business. Was probably on 3 episodes.

  • Cmstennes

    Alex was a guy whom Lorelai dated a few times. He ran a coffee house business. Was probably on 3 episodes.

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