Taylor Lautner featured in licorice art!

Well, this is different… Artist Jason Mecier has created a portrait of Taylor Lautner using only Red Vines licorice!  Read more about it here. Also pictured: Mo’Nique.

Don’t you want to eat him up? lol

  • <–hopelesslydevoted(:

    Yes ma'am I sure would like to eat him up:D

  • http://www.facebook.com/TheGirlInThePinkScarf Krystle Ward

    He always looks good enough to eat, LOL.

  • Maria_A

    AWESOME! He’s now officially edible. Not that I hadn’t thought of him that way before lol!

  • Nevershoutnevergirly


  • Angel

    he doesnt need to be licorice for me to wnant to eat him up

  • Roxyiavila

    mmm bet u hes delioucious

  • artist at 14

    hmm…the artwork is very good…love how its all done in red vines…i like taylor lautner…hes cool…and pretty hot…i am sort of beating around the bush cause i am a team rob/edward participant…but even if it was rob in licorice…i would still critique the work rather than the person portrayed…none the less…great job.

  • Taylortrullinger

    i would love him no matter wut

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/MiAo-Essam/100000650790960 MîЯø Ęssâm

    like it

  • Mandy

    heavenly licorice devine

  • twiFAN13

    mmmmm…he looks delicious (as always)

  • Ilovetaylorlautner

    taylor laughtner will be in my town (louisiana) very soon for breaking dawn i will be there!!!

  • stephsfan

    how cool is that!

  • TeamJacob4eva


  • Alyssa

    Now they need an Edward, awesome job. Reminds me of these chocolates they had when I was a kid, with little Disney or cartoon pictures etched in the chocolate, they were hard to eat, they were so pretty, so lovely idea. <3

  • twilight fan gurl

    very very delish indeed!!!

  • Cassie Bunnell

    that picture is so totally hot and just absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  • Dshizel

    that looks koolio man(:

  • teamedward4evapeps!!

    whos da woman??

  • Jay_jay2010

    yes… he is hot… but I'm team Edward and I don't like licorice so no i would not like to “Eat Him Up” ahaha lolz hehe!!!!!!!!!! <3 Edward Anthony Mason Cullen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen rodrigues


  • Tanvi Datye

    Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool………I love Jacob……..

  • Momslttlgrl1

    he looks hot no matter what ! hehe

  • Momslttlgrl1

    well you would just have to put it in a baggy and put it in the freezer or the fridge and make sure noone got a hold of it !!! mfao ! hehe.

  • Team jacob! <3 Aka amy

    oh god i know

  • Team jacob! <3 Aka amy

    i know right

  • Benildedungo

    makes him even more yummy!

  • Benildedungo

    makes him even more yummy!

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