Discussion Topic: Which new characters MUST make it into Breaking Dawn film?

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This week there was our first big rumor about casting for Breaking Dawn, that Lee Pace might play Garrett. There are a LOT of new characters in Breaking Dawn that we haven’t seen before. I’m sure all of said characters won’t make it into the film version, but I want to know which characters you think SHOULD make it into the film, and any casting ideas you have. Also, since we are on the subject, we can discuss these new characters’ powers because it’s easy to get everyone mixed up if you haven’t read the book in a while.

I think there are certain obvious ones that are pertinent to the story, unless the story is changed (which I don’t think it will be), such as the Denali coven. That should get you started.

So tell me in the comments!

  • Siobhansstuff


  • Shondatignor

    I think ALL characters are a must for Breaking Dawn. As much as I am obsessed with the Twilight series I would sit through countless hours and countless movies with parts as long as it does not end. I think they could make many more movies involving the stories of the other characters. Follow the lives of Jacob and Nessie, Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emment, Carlise and Esme and even Charlie and Sue.

  • samantha.T

    I think maggie, coz she can also know that aro is lying, that the Volturi are abusing there power ,and i want the part where the romanian's pronouncement made the other coven's pronounce them self's that there with the cullens, i want 2 see bella make jane angry :) , she let's out a big grin :)
    even tanya & kate lose it when caius kill's there sister, and they attack , and the cullens try too stop them.

  • Pearl975

    Every character is essential. What I want to see is the next saga. Nessie all grown up and Jake
    doing all the defending. I would love that.

  • xchelseabuggx

    they need to have tanya, of course.

  • movielover

    found this on youtube. . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQMV8Q_zKJc

  • movielover

    found this on youtube. . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

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