Discussion Topic: Which new characters MUST make it into Breaking Dawn film?

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This week there was our first big rumor about casting for Breaking Dawn, that Lee Pace might play Garrett. There are a LOT of new characters in Breaking Dawn that we haven’t seen before. I’m sure all of said characters won’t make it into the film version, but I want to know which characters you think SHOULD make it into the film, and any casting ideas you have. Also, since we are on the subject, we can discuss these new characters’ powers because it’s easy to get everyone mixed up if you haven’t read the book in a while.

I think there are certain obvious ones that are pertinent to the story, unless the story is changed (which I don’t think it will be), such as the Denali coven. That should get you started.

So tell me in the comments!

  • CullenCrazy

    idk if this counts, but they FOR SURE have to be calling renesmee nessie because that is hilarious!! like when edward calls her that and bella gets all mad

  • Avm927

    Those snobby maids on Isle Esme who think Edward is going to kill Bella haha(:

  • Taylormakesmedrool

    1. Renessme, DUH.
    2. Zafrina and the other girl she was with.
    3. J Jenks
    4. Volturi wives
    5. The other half vampire/half human boy and his aunt
    6. the Denali clan… (theyre at the wedding i believe?)


  • Anela0910

    i think they'll need every single character because everyone in Breaking Dawn is important

  • Amanda

    I think pretty much every character should be there. I just don't think it's necessary to name them all or give them equal screen time. The romanians, for example, don't have to be featured much, while Zafrina definitely should be.

  • Olivia Cullen V-V

    I totally think that some of the other covens should totally be there, mostly the part when the Amazon half-vampire-half-human should be there.. :D I totally love that part !

  • Abbdab

    i deffo think the maid on isle esme:) volturi coven,wives? and also the girl jacob meets at the park !

  • Teamedward

    BTW (dis is nofin 2 do wiv da disussion ) but how long is da movie gonna be? (do yu fink/approx?)

  • tallblondetwimom

    Garrett, Carmen & Eleazar, Kate & Tanya, the Egyptians, the Irish, Zafrina, the Romanians all need to be there. You could get along without Alastair and Senna. Obviously Kachiri and Nahuatal have to be there.

  • Karjune

    Can't remember his name (i've read the darn book six times). The vamp that served in the Voturi, his gift is recognizing other vamp's gift. He tells Edward and Bella, she is a shield. What's his name???

  • Mturrano

    I want to see Suri Cruise play Reneesme Cullen LOL that would be awesome she is a beautifully creepy little girl and perfect for the part

  • Mike

    it think j. jenks of course, max, and every body else

  • Robin_carlson50

    Wow!! I thought I had an easy awnser until I started reading everyones ideas!! I think they are going to have to make 3 movies!! I can't believe there are people who watch the movies and have not read the books. All the characters are essential. I would sit through a four hour movie to see ALL of the new characters, wouldn't you???

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Imi-Lund-Conlon/100000133953369 Imi Lund-Conlon

    i think they should keep the Volturi Witness Makenna, and use Makenna! a.k.a Taylor's little sister!

  • Marelle Jeffrey

    I Think all the Covens that help the Cullens should be in the movie, because it wont make sense, if they are all in the Book, but not in the Film, Am i making any sense at all?

  • Hulkbashing

    i hope that bella and edward's little girl is in breaking dawn

  • Christinas9476

    I would be sad if Kate and Garrett aren't in it…because they're adorable…even though they are a relatively small part of the book.

  • http://www.facebook.com/maryreidmullenix Mary Reid Mullenix

    all of them even if they don't have speaking parts just to know they are there and the fight will be perfect
    especially the ones with powers they are key characters in helping them win
    the maid
    j. jenks
    the other half human/vampire
    Mary well just cause my name is Mary ;)
    might think of more later

  • Aharrar

    Some times I think that Michelle trachtenberg could be a vampire because her luk is really nice for a vampire role. And abt powers u could for example a person seeing through things.

  • Preciouskittin5

    i think the question should be who will be the easiest to leave out since all the covens are inportant and the maid is important even max and jenks has am important part . i wouldnt want to be the one deciding who is important for this movie ugg hard choice. i wouldnt even know where to start.

  • Charlene

    The maid, J Jenks, Max, All the Covens, Renesmee, and Sue

  • http://www.facebook.com/richterri Terri Richardson

    i think all of the vamper covens should be in breaking dawn and all werewolfs should also be in there to.terri richardson

  • Jules Jewels

    stefan and vladimir have to be in and going old school with tim roth and gary oldman would be genius

  • VCRUZ1988


  • gmalores

    I'm not sure which characters to include, but is there any way to throw in a quick game of vampire baseball? Maybe after the victory against the Volturi at the end? That's still my favorite part of Twilight. Kate, Tonya, Garrett? And what about Benjamin being able influence physical nature? All of it could make for a great game.

  • Jacz

    For some reason, I think it would be cool to have Justin Timberlake playing Max, he is good at quirky characters, and for one of the Amazon's, maybe Iman, I also know the maid at the island needs to be there, she is pivotal to the whole Bella finding she's pregnant, and still human. I just wish we didn't have to wait so looooooooonnnngggg!

  • Momma2007_2009

    To be honest I would like to see all the covens but we should realize that would be a bit much. So I think the Denali coven should be there, the amazon coven, crap I forgot the name of the coven where the boy can manipulate the elements they are important, J. Jenks is a very important person to the story, and the old romanians would be funny!

  • Kjlkc

    i think the most important side character to make it in the movie would be benjerman because his part in the voltori/cullen dibacle is important

  • Neha_mak

    I think you need to have all the covens.

    And All the cullens should have a major part. I'm hoping to see more Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz in Breaking Dawn.

    I think Jaspers confusion should be there, and Alices too.

    I want to see The Amazonians and the Alaskan Coven and garrett.

    I'm not looking that forward to the whole love triangle thing more, its boring now.

  • SeralynsMom929

    you can't just choose anyone person?vamp. because they are all important. nessie cause she's the entire book, the vulturi cause without them there would be no danger. the denali coven cause you have to understand the impact of what everyone thinks nessie is. Zafrina and her coven cause they teach Bella how to use her gifts, a few of the witnesses that leave so you can get the full effect of how terrified everyone is of the Vulturi. you have to have the main guard but technically not all of them since they don't all actually “play” a part like Jane and her brother Alec. all the wolves since they play a HUGE part in the book what with jacob and all. definitely J.Jenks and Max. you have to have the main wedding guests. this is a huge movie cause it's the finale and everyone's important that's why they agreed to make it two movies instead of one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Garrett/1779780063 Amber Garrett

    im team Jacob

  • Della

    Garret, Alistair, The Denali, Amazon and Egyptian covens!

  • Jdk4ever2004

    i think all the cullen family and jacob, bella and her dad and the vulturi

  • Prettyprincess183

    all the werewolves and the cullens

  • edward lover 54

    I think there should not been any new people playing the chacters in breaking dawn

  • Cherokee

    i think they should make as many movies as needed just to fit everything in there its all to important to leave out

  • Helene

    Renesmee, Kate and Zafrina!!

    And Maggie and Ben and Tia and Garrett.

  • Jasminemc16

    I think all new comers to the movie should be in breaking dawn

  • Emilyannw218

    renasmee for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the entire guard, the wives,the Amazon coven,the denali coven,the,egyptian coven the irish coven,the olimpic cullen for sure (the cullens) ,the romanian coven,the american nomads,the european coven also !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lynne

    I agree all of the characters should be in the movie even if some only have a small part. Breaking Dawn was a long book but very interesting and it was so hard to put it down! Wow 3 movies would be nice. I can handle watching more of Edward:=)

  • Tríona

    ya you actually need all of the characters there because otherwise the storyline won't make as much sense. There have to be enough vampires there, especially those who are talented like Zafrina, Benjamen etc. because the Volturi need one of their reasons to not just kill all the Cullens right there and then to be clear for those who haven't read the books. :) I CAN'T WAIT FOR BREAKING DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Tríona

    oh and for all the other non-vampires in the books like J. Jenks and the maid, well the maid doesn't really have to be there though I would be sad to see any of the characters be cut out from the film. J. Jenks and Max have to be there, how else would Bella know what kind of stuff J. does? Oh they also need to have the numbers of wolves and vampires there, obviously they can't introduce them all but they have to actually be there. :)

  • secrete-gal

    well ya itx difficult to say who should b there and who shouldnt b cox ol of them are as important to da film as the main characters are as the film would b incomplite without them………….so its obvioux all are important bt i wish victoria to stay for long…….LOLXXXXX…..XD

  • Angiedesimas

    every chapter i breaking dawn is important to this movie/ we excepted in the other 3 that it had to be broken down, but with breaking dawn every chapter backs up the next so if u leave anything out it may not make much since. please give us fan this one book to where we can enjoy it as much as we did reading it. it is the highlight of the series so please please dont take that away!!!!!! and since it is in two movies u wont have to remove anything or take out any people in this book. we are in luv with these books i have read them 5 times each and im sure im not the only one so give us this leave it as is!!!!!!

  • Angiedesimas

    One more thing. Every vampire friend that comes has a gift to help fight the voltori so we as fans know and luv these gifts they have and to c diffrent kinds of vampires that unite together. This is the big ending we all have been waiting for DONT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US!!!!!!!!!! COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL BREAKING DAWN COMES OUT!!!!! PLEASE VALUE OUR OPINIONS WE DO URS!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1833189418 Dana McConkey

    Tanya- Cassidy Freeman.
    Carmen- America Ferrera
    Eleazar- Antonio Banderas
    Kate- Kristen Bell
    Irina- Sophie Myles
    Garrett- Justin Hartley
    Charlotte- Laura Vandervoort
    Peter- Jude Law
    Zafrinia- Zoe Saldana
    Charles- Owen Wilson
    Makenna- Billie Piper
    Siobhan- Erica Durance
    Liam- Sam Worthington
    Maggie- Racheal Hurdwood
    Randell- Logan Huffman
    Mary-Sienna Miller
    Alistar- Mark Hildreth

    AND that is all I cba to do

  • CNC

    Of course they need all of the covens, jjenks, Maxx, and I also think they need to make sure they use Seth more! He was actually a big part in Eclipse and they barely focused on him! I hope they dont cut his parts down too much, Leah too. I also think they need to introduce more of the wolves imprints! Because imprinting is such a big part of the story, and it didnt really come across in the last movie. Claire and Quil especially, to help explain Jake and Ness.

  • melissa

    I want to participate in the new film Breaking Dawn and I read the four books and send an email again that I wanted to do the casting for new characters!!

  • Tk100584

    They should have broken it down into 3 movies just like the book is in 3 parts. Would be easy to include everyone at that point! There is just sooo much information in the book that is necessary! :)

    Everyone is essential …
    The Denalis ESP irina.
    the Amazons Especially Kachuri and Zafrina
    The Irish Coven
    The Egyption Coven
    The Romanians (they are creeptacular!)

    Witnesses on the Volturi side can be minimized though no need for all of those guys!

  • Maria Nieto

    I'm just saying that the movie will be great, huge and fantastic ……. I want to see everyone in the clan, Denali, J. Amazon Jenkens …….. but of course I want to see is the marriage of Bella and Edward Island …… two …… Esme Renesmee's birth ….. … In short, everything …… just looking forward to the premiere.

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