Eclipse domestic box office set to surpass New Moon totals

For everyone who thought New Moon had “beat” Eclipse, here you can see that Eclipse‘s box office intake totals will surpass those of New Moon. Looks like they just keep getting bigger and bigger! Thanks to Twilight Lexicon for compiling these numbers.

After the Monday box office numbers are in, in all probability, Eclipse will break the box office total set by New Moon. If not Monday, it will no doubt have it by Tuesday.New Moon capped its box office run of 133 days with a figure of $296,623,634 domestically.

Twilight capped off its 147 day box office run with a figure of $192,769,854 domestically.

As of right now Eclipse, is on day 47 with a domestic total of $295,842,444.

The movie has been pulling in roughly $300,000 during weekdays  the last week. So, assuming that pattern continues, Eclipse will over take the New Moon total by the time figures are released tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday at the latest.

After this benchmark, it will be interesting to see if it can be the first primarily female driven film to crack the $300,000,000 mark since Titanic.

All figures via Box Office Mojo

  • Rodeodangerqueen

    I'd like to see it at least beat New Moon with the numbers adjusted for inflation. The press seemed quick to judge when Eclipse didn't perform like New Moon initially….but it wasn't even the same time of year….and the initial release dates fell on different days of the week–Friday being more advantageous…..but beat New Moon W/O considering inflation? That's obviously happening before weeks end.

  • <–hopelesslydevoted(:

    Oh I'm sure it will beat titanic:) There's no stopping us twi-hards;)

  • Mandy_Black

    I'm liking these numbers! I hope it passes the 300 million mark!

  • http://twitter.com/Joanneh1987 Joanne H.

    go Eclipse!!! =)

  • Peggy

    I hope it passes the 400 million mark!!!! There is still a lot of time. I would have gone more than 4 times, but my little town theater only had it 2 wks. I couldn't get enough of it and wish I could find it somewhere close to my home. For those who say Twilight Series are terrible, how can so many be wrongf? We aren't all tweens. We have the money to keep this series going.

  • Fan

    going to see it again ! love all Rob movies , just saw little ashes its brilliant , really recomment it. p.s vote for rob in the final round of EW's poll , closes really soon ! http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/08/17/damon-salvato

  • Kimmie DP

    does this mean there will be a 5th book please , please , please say yesssss!!!!!!!

  • alexandra

    eclipse is awesomee cant wait for breaking dawnn

  • Melissa


  • Nj Cullen

    nice movie
    outstanding performance, acting, etc…….
    i think i want to give 7 stars

  • Lisa_klocket

    am lik tis film

  • Alex Marquez

    I luv taylor lautner luv u

  • Alex Marquez

    I luv taylor lautner luv u

  • jaspersmum

    iv seen this movie 4x ,each time as exciting as last ….about time we knew when it was coming out on dvd !!!!!(eclipse)

  • Girlicous99

    Go team Edward He is hot and sexy

  • Girlicous99

    Go team Edward He is hot and sexy

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