Hello Kitty Twilight tees from Hot Topic

Oh boy, these are adorable! Here are some Hello Kitty Twilight t-shirts (one for vampire girls, one for wolf girls!). Aren’t they adorable? Available at Hot Topic.

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  • http://twitter.com/Joanneh1987 Joanne H.

    omg!!! tooo soon to ask for my christmas gift?!?!?! lol aww i love it…the vampire one… <3

  • http://twitter.com/djmeliboo melissa

    i want the vampire one<3

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5NEXZMMPMIDGXB4TBSCTU2WNYI Scorpio girl

    i want the werewolf one

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Taylor-Alexander/100000662873401 Taylor Alexander

    Im so getting the vampy one ^_^

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Taylor-Alexander/100000662873401 Taylor Alexander

    Im so getting the vampy one ^_^


    Vampires are overrated. Werewolves all the way!!!

  • Magsucang

    i dont know what to pick?

  • werwolf

    I realy love the werwolf one

  • Maxine Kitsune

    i love them both

  • vampii :)

    Vampires All the way – gonna say No to werewolves T_T

  • Jekka

    where are these t-shirt in hot topic.com? I don't fint it. can someone post the link? thanx :)

  • sophie-4-jacob black <3

    i wont BBBOOOTTTHHH.. i want jacob more but i like them both !!!! give me them lol <3 …i love twilight !! xx

  • Anam

    Can't find the t-shirts on hot topic.com, could some1 please post the link? Thank U

  • sammie harris


  • Chloee <3 Taylor

    Somebody pleaseeee post a link? I can't find them :'(

  • Jonseybabe26


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Louise-Moore/569237107 Louise Moore

    i love these i love hello kitty nd icant put into words how i feel about twilight so i love it :-)

  • TeamEdwardX97

    I Cant Find Them Either :/

  • puppy1031


  • Neys_rox

    omfg backk off all uuuu bitchessss Jacobbbb isss alll mine mine mine sooo iff anyone dissagrees i will come tell it to ur face and rip ur heads of mwaahahahahah hess mine tehe

  • fearless flyerr

    i still want a paramore hoodie from there.

  • Tinny

    i want a werewolve one.<3

  • http://twitter.com/SpaceDementiia Deanna Kingsbury

    :o vampire one :D (Y)

  • Juliet

    idkk bout these shirts….i loveee loveee lovee wilight but im not feeling the hello kitty,…

  • JazzMonkie Love You Jazz!

    i'm Team Cullen. Most of them, Jasper <3 Emmett,and Carlisle. So, The Vampee one for me! xxx But, even tho i hate Jacob, The werewolf one is cute! xxx But, deffo the Vampee one for me! xxx

  • Hannah

    AMEI :D

  • Haa-lou

    hahah cuute :D I want the vampire one since I'm team Edward/vampires, but I think the werewolf one is cuter… lol :) ^

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Savanna-Barris/100000804271666 Savanna Barris

    Here's The link's Guys First is Wolfs Second is Vamps <3



    Just :) I am getting the Vampire one :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E4PPR57E5LT2LCGTFBUCORRO2I Chelsea

    i saw this shirt a long time ago at off 5th in texas? odd. took a pic with my phone and set it to my friend who loves hello kitty and twilight toooo cute! and totally vamps who sparkle duh!!!!

  • Jessfknrocks

    Team Edward! The only reason why people love jacob is because taylor lautner. I love Edward's character who he is and what he stands for.. <3 i wish he was real..lol

  • Team-Edward4ever

    I want the first one!!! <3

  • Maria Nieto

    Oh is so cute….i love it the t shirt vampire……

  • Vampire Girl 89

    Ya me 2 i like the first one 2. ur right team edward all the way !

  • Team-Edward4ever

    lol ikr! =D *-*

  • True Blood Fan

    True Blood through and through. I love Eric Northman!

  • Dee_208

    i want the warewolf one

  • Monet

    I'm a werewolf girl so I'm going to go with the I <3 Werewolves tee.

  • Merf_toyou

    this is so not right……first dolls now hello kitty???

  • Merf_toyou


  • Cathy

    Switzerland! But the werewolf one is nicer!

  • teamjacob/jonas/emmett

    i want the werewolf one!!! its too cute, and im TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!! TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY BABAY!!!!

  • Frae

    I love the vampire tee, but the werewolf one looks so much better! Why isn't the vamp shirt in v-cut?

  • Kristi :)

    i want both even though i am team jacob :L

  • Kristi :)

    i want both even though i am team jacob :L

  • http://www.alexandalexa.com/designers/h/hello-kitty.html alexa kids Hello Kitty

    Wow, so amazing. That hello kitty tees are really awesome. The tees in black color are looking cool and these are sure the first pick of all customers.

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