More potential ‘Breaking Dawn’ casting news

We’ve already reported that Rami Malek has been cast as Egyptian vampire Benjamin in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part II. Some other names have been added to the IMDb pages for the films (which is, by no means, anything official, but at least something to discuss.  So here is what we are looking at, courtesy of Twilight Examiner. SPOILER ALERT!

The first is Drew Roy, who the site notes is “rumored” to play “Nahuel.” That character, if you can’t quite place the name, is the one which [*spoiler alert*] which comes in at the very end as proof that “Renesmee” wasn’t the only one of her kind in the world and that she would grow up to normal size like the mortal that she is. As the Twilight Saga Wiki points out,  ”Nahuel is described as an extremely handsome young latin man with rich dark brown skin, eyes the color of warm teak, and extremely attractive features. He wears his black hair in braid past his shoulders.” Drew Roy is a film and TV veteran of Hannah Montana, Greek, and others, and you can check out a picture of him here.

The second is Guri Weinberg, who IMDb.com has listed as “Stefan.” “Stefan” was one of the two Romanian vampires who had a particular distaste for the “Volturi” and hoped to see them fall once and for all. Per Twilight Wiki, “He has black hair and dresses in all black.” Guri Weinberg has been in films like Munich and You Don’t Mess With The Zohan. A good photo of him is available here.

In addition, a modeling agency called MMG is claiming that this girl, Kayla D., is up for the role of Renesmee. It’s unknown at this point if there is any truth to the rumor.

Here’s what the photo caption says: “Attached is a photo of Kayla and Daniel D. … Kayla is the little girl up for the role of Bella’s daughter in the new film in the Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn. Kayla is pictured with her adorable brother Daniel who has already had two castings since signing with us this month! Daniel will be submitting a video audition for another role in the Twilight film! Good Luck guys!!!!”

In other words, the suggestion is that Kayla is currently in contention for the role of “Renesmee,” not that she has officially been cast for the part.

Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll bring your more news when we know it!

  • Dance Lover15

    the other guys fit the description pretty well though in my opinion that guy looks exactly how i pictured the romanians :)

  • Maiream90

    I think that girl fits renesmee REALLY good (Sorry if spell some things wrong im super tired!)

  • Skylarpentz

    tht girls shouldnt get the role no affense 2 her!

  • teamjacob/jonas/emmett

    drew roy is so flippin HHOOOTTT!!!!!! and i dont think she wuld b a good renesmee, she just doesnt look the way i wuld want her 2 look, but thats just my opinion =)!!!

  • Maciechunn

    I dont like the girl who is going to play Renesmee

  • Maciechunn

    shes too old

  • Maiream90

    Wow ur sorta rude i think she would make A GREAT RENESMEE!

  • Maddy Jeans

    why does the bad boy have to cast for it???? i dont want him in there that much but whatever.

  • Maddy Jeans

    she's not she just casted for the part.i agree with you.

  • Maddy

    i shoukd be rebenee

  • Bubbble_mom

    She's to old to play the roll, and this Drew guy he also looks old for “Nahuel”, but maybe not for “Stefan”….

  • Edward all the way!

    Find a new Renesmee PLEASE! Not a good fit. She looks to old to fit the part! Thats just my thoughts

  • Harleyprincess61

    she looks nothing like renesmee should deffinetly keep looking

  • Azraelle

    I picture a girl like the little menacing cherub who played Alia of the Knife in (the original) Dune some years back.

  • http://twitter.com/xuXFirefliesXux Christine Marzan

    that drew guy is frickin sexy! he should be nahuel

  • Nafeesa

    drew iz really h0t.. nd the girl iz n0t suitable f0r nessie's r0le..

  • Nickelbackgirl

    no she's not right for nessie. i thought it be someone sweeter looking. more heart shaped face that is.

  • Sweetietifftoo

    If you have all read the books by the end of the story Nessie is around the physical age of a 5 year old. I think she looks like a very good potential Nessie.

  • Gyleches

    There's no way that girl will be Renesmee. She's way too old. I personally think they should hire 3 little sisters who are very close in age (one being a baby). That way as Renesmee looks older she will still have the some look about her. I don't believe they will be casting for her until the last minute before the second movie starts filming. Just a thought.

  • Mamasgirlarnold

    not trying to sound to modest but i think my daughter would fit renesmee part very well she has the eyes pale skin the curls the roundish face and all but the only thing thats off is the hair color , but i tell you if she was lucky enough to get a chance at trying out for the part it would be well worth it to her . she has watched twilight , new moon , and eclipse and loves the wolves . i wish you all could see her picture . she talks very well to be almost 3 only thing is , is she says dal mart instead of wal mart she cant say her L's or W's that good .

  • TeamJazzper

    omg i love that rami dude hes hot but i think renesmee cant really be played by a real person…certainly on that girl!! i would think cgi would be there first option for nessie, but i understand thats hard…..but definitely not that girl for nessie, she is too old and i dont think she is cute enough for the part =P

  • Raney

    I think she looks exactly like what Robert and Kristens daughter would look like genetically. And since they are Edward and Bella in the movie, the girl should look like THEM, not the books description.

  • itsmetami

    I looove Drew Roy. He's hot :) Hhahha

  • Ms 7azeena 25

    Renesme Is Cuter Than I Thought !

  • TeamJakeAllTheWay

    I think she could pill it off once they had her all done up in make up. And remember, Nessie doesn't age normally.

  • TeamJakeAllTheWay

    pull** My bad. My brain isn't awake yet

  • Serena-cloe

    i think shes too old to play renesmee and she dont even have the features of renesmee like in the book its gunna b real hard to find a little girl that can play renesmee right to a T i think they should computerize renesmee

  • Helgabbrown

    love Drew Roy!!! of course, love latin man with dark curls. renesmee looks a little mature, cute though.

  • Janine

    I think she will fit the part and it doesn't matter the hair colour ,or eye colour ,just like when you have a baby turn out to be blonde and blue eyed and the parents both have brown hair and brown eyes!! tis called a miracle not a match !! and she is not too old cause remember she grows fast and there is other casts still i believe for the newborn ? or a robot or something like the one they used in the movie Benjamin Button starring Brad Pitt? :)

  • Team_Robsten ♥

    GREAT!! Another Fittie to add to the list – that Drew guy is HOTT <3

    Not 100% about the Renesme girl .. shes cute but not sure if she is how i imagined renesme to look, but i'll have to wait and see what they do to her, Shes a bit old as well :S

  • RenesmeeCullen

    Shes very cute, Kayla.But she isnt what I imagined, I imagined a little girl with reddish brown hair, pale skin and chocolate brown eyes. I suppose if they do the makeup write it'll look good.

  • Jessicaener

    she is so cute, but Bella's daughters has more of an brownish golden red undertones and she does look a little too old. But she is very very beautiful.

  • Abc

    i hope thats not gonna be renesmee or anything that looks like that

  • TEAM JACOB !!!!


  • AliceCullen

    I think she should have a little round face, bronze curly hair (fairly long), big brown eyes, full red lips, and whitish skin with flushed cheeks like bella!!! Don't you??? :P

  • Team_Rosalie

    If you change the hair colour and a few more things i think she's a good fit for an older Renesmee…. but she's young before she's old, so let's not get too ahead of ourselfves :)

  • Rodrigomaybelle

    renesmee is supposed to look 1 or 2,i mean this girls adorablw but she is not what i expected and she is a little old to play nessie

  • Kittycat81

    There is a little girl that I think would be much better for the role of Renesmee. Her name is Harmony F. here is a pic of her and she has a facebook fan page that has videos of her saying some likes of Renesmee…http://www.fanpop.com/spots/renesmee-carlie-cullen/images/14239887/title/harmony-renesmee-photo

    ohh here is another pic toohttp://www.fanpop.com/spots/renesmee-carlie-cullen/images/14619893/title/harmony-renesmee-photo

  • Vampire Pro (H)

    Nessie is expected to be way more un-human, so I would say that for Renesmee, CGI is the only solution, the girl shown is no where near renesmee

  • Shara

    My daughter would make a better Renesme… Blonde hair Green eyes

  • Bigeman9797

    in the book she growes really fast so it makes sense for her to be a littleold

  • pookie

    um ….ok cool with the nessie ….but does anyone want to comment on the other two actors on the page …seems we got caught up in the nessie ….me , i would really like to know who the huck are they and where did they come from ?

  • pookie

    um ….ok cool with the nessie ….but does anyone want to comment on the other two actors on the page …seems we got caught up in the nessie ….me , i would really like to know who the huck are they and where did they come from ?

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