Saturday Survey: Which TWILIGHT book had the most shocking plot twists?

This week’s poll question is in regards to all four of the Twilight books. I want to know which of the books was most shocking to you in the progression of the plot! Feel free to give specifics in the comments below (but be warned there will be SPOILERS down there!).

Thanks to Shawnaah for the poll idea! Submit YOUR ideas to tips@team-twilight.com!

  • ohheynickjayx21

    new moon because Edward leaves. Then Breaking Dawn. Then Twilight cause you're first introduced to the world of Twilight & Vampires. And then Eclipse, because it was obvious kinda, but still the best one <3

  • Michallos

    Breaking Dawn was wayyyyy too predictable…i mean the other books the ending wasn`t expected and in BD the ending was so obvious!!!

  • http://disqus.com/BECullen/ BECullen

    I guess BD was the most IMO b/c of all the different characters and a lot of the stuff that shows up with Renesmee's character…
    But I agree with Michallos above, about New Moon as well. Edward leaving was a huge shock! But other than that the only other surprises were all in Breaking Dawn for me, even though some of it was predictable.

  • http://twitter.com/brandigolightly Brandi Brands

    I think New Moon has the most shocking plot twist. The biggest shocker for me (as an avid member of Team Edward lol) was when Edward left. Definitely didn't see that one coming. Then when Alice comes back. And when Edward calls the house asking for Charlie and Jacob says “He's at the funeral.” Then Alice eventually tells Bella it was Edward on the phone (which we didn't know until Alice said so). So yeah, I definitely think New Moon has the most shocking plot twists. Breaking Dawn was a little bit of a shocker but the ending was such a let-down in my opinion. I was expecting a huge fight to break out and then it just ended up being a big conversation.

  • http://www.coralecomics.piczo.com LegHitchThis

    I honestly don't know.
    But maybe Eclipse since that book had me at the edge of my seat.
    BD wasnt a plot twist to me because, it was obvious that they were going to get married since there was a proposal in Eclipse. And also, I heard rumors about Bella & Edward having a child, so when I read it, I wasnt too shocked. The only thing that shocked me was the whole pregnancy. It was just sick. lol
    Also when Alice left in BD, was sorta a plot twist.

  • http://twitter.com/onopm_ecarG Grace Mpono

    imo it has to be new moon b/c in twilght they hype up the relationship so much and u totally beleive there gonna be together forever but then edward leaves and he dosent come bck for a very long tym in the book. but i have to agree BD did have a shock twist when the pregnancy ended up bein a bad thing and the whole vuolturi thing

  • Tuwanda54

    I knew Edward was going to leave at some point in NM… But BD caught me off-guard a number of times! With It being in Jacob's perspective and him breaking from the pack, imprinting on Renesmee… And Bella being prego was unexpected… I loved BD the most because we get to see so much Cullen interaction :) Also with Rosalie teaming up with Bella- I didn't see that one coming!

  • Team_Rosalie

    I think both New Moon and Breaking Dawn were the shocker for me. In NM i was shocked when Edward left- that caught me off guard. And in BD, it was obvious they were going to get married, but i never expected the whole Renesmee plot.

  • guest

    BD because never thought she'd have Bella and Edward have child. Also reason book was not so good.

  • misssdandelion

    breaking down

  • Epiluitz


    Breaking dawn had so many things that shocked me!!! Bella who got sick from the smell of blood actually drank blood, Yuck! The Cesarean section! That Edward used a syringe on Bella so she got venom quick, Jesus! And the funny one, and this one I really didn't see coming is Jacob imprinting on Renesme, now that one kept me laughing for a while. And lastly how Bella was pissed over this! That was something I did not understand. Selfish of her I thought, this was a win win situation. That's all for me! Thank you and goodnight ;-)

  • TeamJasmett

    Breaking Dawn for sure. It had so many twists and suprises, I was caught of guard so many times.
    I really wasnt expecting Bella and Edward to have a child (I heard rumors before it came out, but I thought “no that would never happen”) Jacob going against the pack, Him giving Edward permission to change Bella into a vampire (I knew he would in the end though) and most of all Jacob Imprinting on Renesmee – I really thought that he would go back to the pack and then the fight would be between the wolfs and vampires :/ i wasnt sure.

    But yeah, Had to be Breaking Dawn. I love every part of it, while others didnt, but i think the movie will be much better that the book, hopefully there will be a fight at the end (the only dissapointment in the book) :D

  • XNeepX

    Id say breaking dawn or eclipse

    Eclipse because of the whooole victoria thing and how easy it would be fo bella to die

    and Breaking Dawn because…


    of the whole Renesmee thing…I mean OMG! And then when bella was going through the change it was like i was doing it aswell. Then when Irina got her ass burnt i was like gaspig with horror and then when Alice went and came back i was just totally blown away :)

  • XNeepX

    Also The whole Jacob thing and the imprinting :)

  • Kat

    For me it was when Bella started to have feelings for Jacob. I almost put the book down, the first time I read it. I couldn´t believe how she could be insecure about her feelings towards Edward.

  • Kat

    So I voted for Eclipse. Soprry, forgot to put taht info in.

  • SlowLife

    Breaking Dawn is the most shocking, because of the pregnancy and Renesmee's birth was pretty gory and a huge SHOCK to me. The second most shocking would be New Moon, because I didn't expect Edward to leave (although in the end of Twilight, there was tension building up to it). Eclipse, when Bella realized her feelings for Jacob, I wasn't so shocked. New Moon pretty much prepared me for that.

  • SlowLife

    If you mean the fact that Edward and Bella end up happily ever after together? I mean, yeah of course that was predictable, because that's what everyone wanted to happen…. What, would it be more shocking if the Volturi slaughtered the Cullens and Caius married Leah? XD

  • jabob19

    i think the biggest shocker was when jacob imprinted on renesme!! I was shockd then mad then sad cuz of course im team jacob n think she should have ended up with him dont get me wrong i love edward i just think jacob is better!! jajaja

  • stephannielynn

    In Breaking Dawn the twist for me was when Alice left. everything else i know because how the series goes the clue was in the book of Eclipse when Rosalie told here why she didn't want her to become a vampire she was referring to her wanting children so naturally she was going to get pregnant. plus Bella dreams gave everything away

  • stephannielynn

    In Breaking Dawn the twist for me was when Alice left. everything else i know because how the series goes the clue was in the book of Eclipse when Rosalie told here why she didn't want her to become a vampire she was referring to her wanting children so naturally she was going to get pregnant. plus Bella dreams gave everything away

  • Team Jakeward

    I think Eclipse due to Edward leaving and all the drama with her seeing him and going crazy. LOL I love all the books and I still cant decide between Edward and Jacob. LOVE them both.

  • Em_YKTwi

    i think the biggest shock was when Edward left cuz u'd think that he'd stay to make it work between him and Bella. instead, he left thinking Bella should have a shot at normal life with someone normal. well we know where that went–falling in love with a werewolf/shapeshifter.
    as for Breaking Dawn, with marriage comes baby right? so Bella's having a baby only provided us Twihards with another round of guessing game called What Will Bella Do Now?

  • Team_Emmett_Kellan

    Ok so was I the only one who saw where the plot line was going before even reading Breaking Dawn. I totally saw her getting pregnant and I totally saw Jacob imprinting on the kid before I ever read it. The only twists for me in BD was when Alice left (although I always knew she would come back) and the apperance of Nahuel. I wanted the witnesses that the Volturi brought to turn on them and side with the Cullen clan and friends and take out the Volturi once and for all!!

  • team bellward

    Im jus now reading the books…..jus finished Eclipse. Its my favorite book so far. I am looking fwd to reading BD. I cant wait, Altho I pretty much kno whats gonna happen cause Eclipse gave a lot of hints…..but still ecstatic! :)

  • JustusGirl7

    I think the books were all perfect and if they stick to em then the movies would be as well…but I agree on everything else u said! Also never saw Alice leaving…wtf was that?! lol

  • Elvira

    I guess BD was the most different book of all because there we read much more about the Cullen's and vampire stuff. But Jacob kept me laughing with his what is for breakfast O positve of AB negative. And were he asked Bella if Dracula 1 of Dracula 2 were comming. I couldn't stop laughing. But I did not like the pregnancy no and Renesmee ended up being a nice girl at the end.

  • tontitotkm

    para todos los libros tubieron un giro en la trama puesto que todos de alguna manera u otra trajo cmabios nuevos desde que bella decide irse a vivir con su papa y el que edward quisiera leer su mente y no pudiera y que con el paso del tiempo ambos se fueran enamorando, y luna nueva el gran giro que trajo fue el que edward se fuera y la dejara sola ya que para el ella merecia una mejor vida y no lo que el pensaba de que no tenia alma y que era justo que ella tuviera una vida normal ya que ella empezo a tener sentimientos encontrados hacia jacob y que edward creyera el que ella estaba muerta y que decide ir con los volturi para morir de la misma manera que ella ya que para el ella lo era todo y preferia no existir si ella no estaba viva. en eclipse lo mas impactante fue cuando vctoria covierte a uno en vampiro y comienza a transformar a muchos para organizar una lucha para poder vengarse de edward intentando matar a bella ya que lo unico que le importaba era que el sintiera lo mismo que ella cuando perdio al amor de su vida james….. y claro no podia faltar que amanecer trajera lo esperado la gran boda lo que si sorprende y mucho es que bella pudiera estar embarazada ya que como edward era vampiro estaba segura de que ella no podia tener un bebe pero nose daba cuenta de que ella era mortal y que si rosalie no podia tener un bebe era por que tanto rosalie como emmet eran vampiros ambos pero en esta ocasion era diferente ya que ella era humana y edward no lo era y la manera en la que da a luz a renesme es sorprendente leer como jacob tuvo que dejar que la transformaran a vampiro para no perderla y el gran impacto que tuvo renesme con el ya que e creia iba a odiar tanto a bella como ala nena pero no fue haci ya que decide quedarse al lado de ellas para cuidarlas y que no ubiera lucha entre vampiros y lobos ya que el trato habia sido roto al transformar a bella… es impactante todos los libros ya que contiene un trama muy significativo ya que te yevan a imaginar todo lo que sucedio…

  • team jacob

    Breaking dawn for sure. I just loved knowing that bella and edward were having a baby. Loved it that they all are becoming friends. Vampires and Werewolves.

  • http://twitter.com/knagle1117 Kelsey Nagle

    Breaking Dawn had the most shocking one! I LOVE that edward and bella had a baby together but didn't like that jacob had to imprint on her. its creepy and i wish he wouldve just left!!!

  • Ron Burgundy

    I don't speak spanish.

  • Eminlykraft15

    yeah….that was a shock……i could not imagine the cullens without alice and jasper……and renesmee it was just unbelievable…..the book r more better than the movies……coz' we can imagine them own our own…..but breaking dawn i am waitin for very badly….it look like the becan of hope…

  • KS

    Breaking Dawn was OMG ,in the good sense

  • KS

    Breaking Dawn was OMG ,in the good sense

  • annie10196

    And when Irina told the volturi about Renesmee

  • smashley

    Breaking Dawn has to be the most shocking because first who would have ever think that bella and Edward would have a kid to gether. Who would really though that a vampires could get a human pregnant. Thin after all that Jacob imprinting and on Renesme after all he wanted was to kill the baby as he had put it “that monster is sucking Bella's life from her.” and thin he goes and imprints on Renesme. I didnt see that coming at all it was all a shocker to me.

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