Saturday Survey: How were you first introduced to the Twilight books?

This week’s poll idea comes from ILoveEdward13! She wants to know how you were introduced to the Twilight books. I know ALL the possible answers won’t be listed, so if you need to you can fill in your own, or sound off in the comments!

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  • Karenlyl

    I actually saw 'Twilight' first, and thought 'every movie made from a book is bound to be different than the book' so, I started reading the book and… I GOT HOOKED! Read the whole Saga within a week :$. Whoops XD

  • Lisa

    well at first i thought that Twilight was the stupidest thing ever and said i would never read them. my friends kept on saying how great it was and my one friend whenever we wanted to go to the movies i would have to say “NO WE ARE NOT SEEING TWILIGHT!”. Then in like March 2009 my english teacher said that she had a new copy of twilight and i was like ok ill give it a chance then i read like a 100 pages that night. then i lost interest in it a little but then i saw the movie in april 2009 and became obsessed with it and read the books fast except for breaking dawn that one took some time. and i have been obsessed ever since. :)

  • YouAreMythicalAfterAll[Anne]

    Almost the same as me, i hated twilight before i even knew what it was…but then i was forced (well, not really) to watch it with my friends and i just HAD to read the books :)

  • Team_Robsten ♥

    My sister read them and became obsessed so i wanted to read them but she wouldn't let me and she had lent twilight out to a friend (who actually still has it!) so i had to borrow a friends and FELL IN LOVE with them and read them all in like a week!! <3

  • Victoriarogers79

    I was actully introduced twlight by a friend and i actaully haved looked back. i adore the books and thte films and i have made some close friends on facebook tahnks to our love of twilight

  • http://twitter.com/julesGOLDENeyes Julia La Spina Bussa

    Yeah same with me… lol… my friends wouldnt stop talking about the movie and some of them even had started reading the books, but i didnt know what it was or get what was so good about it untill i read the books and then later bought the dvd. TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!

  • jctwifan

    it was May 2008, i hadn't heard anything about the books or movie being made, i went to borders and saw this interesting cover and read the summary and i was like this sounds cool, so i bought it and read it about a week later then i read all the 2 and 3rd within a month but when i got twilight about like the next day i was on youtube and someone sent me a video, it was called twilight but i forgot it applied to the book until i recognized the story in the trailer i was in love… <3

  • Beguito_chicurrina

    actually, i saw twilight, but i didn't like the movie enough to read the book. but months later my older sister waanted to read them and bought twilight, new moon and eclipse. she absolutely loved them and she kept telling me to read them, just try it. and i loooved it. it took her 3 months to read the first two books, and i read all FOUR in a week. BD i even had to buy it while on vacation in Boston!!

  • Em_YKTwi

    yeah, i was stuck in Korea (visiting) for 2 months so i needed some lengthy books to keep me alive. loved them then, obsessed now ;)

  • http://twitter.com/MsPepsi21 Betsy Toc

    At first I hated Twilight its probably cause I didn't know anything about it I just thought it was lame. Then one day my teacher played Twilight in class and we only saw half of it and I wanted to finish seeing it. So my cousin had the DVD and then I watched it and I fell in love. Started reading the books and I became a twihard and proud of it. I got more into reading and that got me to English honors twilight is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Team Jacob!!!! :) <3

  • Nanabugs

    i love edward

  • http://twitter.com/moviegal21 Rachel hernandez

    I remember actually seeing the Twilight in a book store when I was younger, but I never thought about it. A friend said I would like it, but it didn't seem like me so I ignored it. Then I saw the trailer and heard about all the hype surrounding it. So I thought let's watch the movie and I just loved it. I borrowed the books froma friend and finished it in like 3 days. And that was all four books. I now own all of them and I've read and watched the movies a ton of times. Twilight 4 Life!

  • Pudadoo91

    I was in the 9th grade(2007)…. in language arts and we had to read a book . and i didnt have a book to read so i go over to my teacher bookshelf. and im lookin thou the books. and i see this book with a Apple and a White hands. i notice the book back when i was in middle school. and always pick it up n put it down. idk why but i like let me read this book. so i started reading and it was interesting b.c my name in Spanish was Isabella . so it made me put myself as bella and then it started talkin bout vampires and i was like WHT!?!! vampires oo goodness its one of those books. and i just continue to read and it got interesting but then i had to give back my teacher the book!! so i stop reading but it the book was o nmy mind… and in 10th grade(2008) i went to my middle school and they were having a book sell and i saw the book!! and i like buy it ! :D and i did and i fallen in love with it all over and got hooked to the story and every time i was done i would run and get the other one in borders. and then i find out its goin to be a movie!! i was shocked tht this lil book i was reading was goin to be a movie. i always thought it would be but never really think it would actually happen. but now :D im a fan for a long time now and will conti. to love it. (and THE HOST) :)

  • Aprilmosser

    My family thinks I am crazy because I just love them!! The books have been the only books I have ever read that kept my attention and didn't put me to sleep!! To put the faces from the movies is good but the books have so much passion in them (in the sense of telling the story) so much detail. I have read all 4 books many times. when you read them it is like you go to that world you just can't put them down. When I need a distraction from life I read these books!

  • twilightfreak2010

    they werent really popular at the time.. but i saw them on my school library shelf and started reading them. a year later everyone all over the world was reading them <3 im glad i got to experience the twilight world before it was a big phenomenom. i appreciate them and love them sooo much more! <3 (:

  • Moon

    I love Bella

  • TamTwilight1

    i watched twilight with my mum when it first came out, only because there wasn't much else to watch. at first i thought the movie was a little creepy but my mum thought it was ok. then in november 2009, i saw there was another twilight movie called new moon. i watched the trailer and i thought i was pretty good. Since my friends liked it i thought i would be cool to watch at my friends birthday that was coming up so we went to see it. A little bit before that my friend told me that i should read it, but back then i wasn't a fan of reading at all. But finally in january 2010, my mum got me all the books and well that was it. Another obsession took over me (i was originally obsessed with the jonas brothers :/) and i haven't stopped reading since. Its funny cause my parents are like, twilight is awesome cause its gotten you to love reading and I'm like yep :D TEAM EDWARD!

  • Eva

    My daughter had read the Twilight books and suggested I read them but I just never got around to it. I decided to watch Twilight one day to see what all fuss was about but I couldn't see what was so great about it. Finally I got bored working summer school and decided to read the series. It took me only 4 days to read all the books. On the 4th day I watched New Moon and that was when I sucked into the vortex that is the Twilight saga. I've been a Twi-Hard ever since. TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CurlyFries

    Before Breaking Dawn came out and when the series was still pretty much unknown, my mom gave Twilight to me. Of course I didn't know what book it was, because she had covered it with a book cover. My curiosity got the better of me, so I took the cover off and read the back of the book. By doing that I got even more curious about what the story was like. Long story short, I fell in love and still am in love to this day! :)

  • Pokey_200329

    One of my friends had already read the books and a few months before twilight came out she made me read them so I could see the movie with her and know what was going on. Im glade she did

  • Bring on Breaking Dawn!

    Team Jacob!!!!!!!!!

  • Team Jacward!

    Team…give em both to me!!!!!!!!!!

  • jackberry

    i got into the books way before any discussion of making it into a film. i read an article in some magazine and forgot all about them. i work at the airport, a couple months later i start to see everyone with the damn books. EVERYONE…co-workers, and passengers alike. i started my own poll and kept asking everyone i saw with the book if it was a good read. EVERYONE said yes. i broke down and bought it at the terminal bookstore :) best thing i ever did!!!

  • Erin

    I was at a book shop just after breaking dawn came out. We saw the books and my mum was like “apparantley these books are the new Harry Potter” I thought “yeah right” but bought it anyway along with Breakig Dawn since it was on special. One day later I had finished Twilight and bought New Moon and Eclipse, the rest is history!

  • Yrng2bfree

    my daughter who was given this book by a f mths before she had ft surgery and read the bk while laid up, should not walk but braved to Target to get the next and so on—,, pretty much insisted I read. I resisted but Library borrowed, hooked me then I passed on the biggest story love of my 53 years. A testament of the story brought to life by the movies that give us a of the picture of the books/ story that was read.- incredible.. there is much more to this saga then the critics can even imagine clueless is what they are -they have not read the books so that is where thy will stay. only those that have read the bks truly have the full pic and only if they truly GET IT

  • Unsalted_crackers

    Honestly.. My cousin had read them and told me they were great and i read twilight about midway through and went “gah bored!” and threw the book down… well she kept insisting i just HAD to start over and really read the books so i gave in and fell in love with the books.. it was a love hate relationship at first as i swore i would never read and certainly not like the books lol so much for that !!!!! Now i LOVE the books and the movies thus far are great too me and my daughters watch them all the time and cant wait to see how they do the final book as a movie thats going to be GREAT!

  • PuppyLover

    I found Twilight by accident at the library, I went to look for it after I saw one of my friends carrying it, she said she never read it so I wanted to read it. I just saw Twilight's cover & I was immediately drawn to it.

  • http://twitter.com/Annabella_Prinx Rosie Sánchez

    Wow! The way I was introducced to the Twilight world was so awesome that I can't really believe that once ago a refused so relunctlanty to read or even see the movie.
    Well u see, like ummmmm 2 or 3 years ago, I was so crazy I didn't like anything when I heard something like wizards or witches or vampires (just for reference I've just read and watch the Harry Potter books and movies 2 years ago). So the thing is that most of my friends had already watched the movie and were reading the books and I was so stubborn and refused so many times to do it!! awwwwwww I can't really imagine a life without Twilight!………….so one day when the movie was almost down in theaters they make me so crazy that I went to see it and that was the bginning of my Twilighter existence!! hahahahaha
    Th efunniest thing is that now I'm the obsessed one with Twilight and they, my friends, are the ones that make me shut up when I say “Hey! I'm so excited because of Twilight…………” and that's all I can say before they told me a relucntlantly SHUT UP ROSE!!!, YOU ARE MAKING ME SO FREAKING CRAZY WITH THAT STUFF!!!!
    So yeah! now I just can say: ” I LOVE TWILIGHT!”
    Yay me!!!
    hahahahahaha bye!

  • Christine

    I was introduced to the Twilight series in October of 2009. We were visiting my husband's aunt and she is obsessed. I was totally uninterested in reading the books (I'm not really into sci-fi) but she kept pestering me until I caved and started reading Twilight. We were on a road trip at the time and still had multiple stops to make. From then on, we planned our route so that I could stop at Borders/Barnes and Noble and get the next book in the series. I didn't sleep for more than a couple of hours for the next five days and read the entire series.

    The series has truly changed my life. The self-sacrificing love that Bella and Edward share is so inspiring and moving to me. It has made me a better wife and mother.

    Stephenie Meyer is a brilliant author and has inspired an incredible surge in reading- particularly for young people. In our day and age, I think that is especially incredible and hope the trend continues (which it obviously will if Mrs. Meyer keeps writing books!) I'm currently on my 7th time reading through the series and it gets better each time through. Any hoo, the series has impacted me in several ways and I am thankful that it was introduced into my life=)

  • Jordan Smith

    haha my family did too but then my stepdad-the last person that i wud expect-watched the movies and he loves them and my little sister is only 6 and she is always begging me to read them to her whenever she catches me reading in my spare time and just the other day my friend got me a copy of the first book again and my mom started reading it and now she is hooked she cant put it down! ur right the books r so much more detailed and so much more passionate and descriptive and its nice to know somebody else feels the same way i do and going into that world is so hard to leave because its the fantasy world where every person who gives it a chance goes and they never want to leave because its perfect and the distraction becomes addicting because we envy the people in that world, the love, the hate, the everything,its just so much better that once you've entered it-its like there is some kind of force pulling u in because u want a life in the story-not necasarily- but u just wish u cud stay there forever and then when u get to the end its almost…………astonishing b/c u come back to the real world and u realize that u have life outside of twilight (btw took me 2 days to read twilight,2days to read new moon, 3 days to read eclipse, and 2 weeks to read breaking dawn) =)

  • Vouta_87

    I saw the first movie trailer two months be4 it was released and got curious as there was much attention on it, so I decided to buy each book and read it, since then I got captivated by it..Twilight Mania..:)

  • Zzofia98

    My friend (three years older than me) said it was a good book, but I didn't think that the book was for all ages so I didn't bought them. But like a month later I was in the book shop and I was going to buy a book. I saw the Twilight book just when I came in and I said; this book am I going to buy! I read the book and I went obsessed! Twilight in my heart <3

  • Dana

    I was actually an avid hater for the fandom for quite some time. As a fanartist I move around in a lot of those kinds of communities and most of my online friends are fanartist, and everyone I knew was beginning to make art based on these books, and the clips from the upcoming first movie. I got so annoyed with seeing only art from this fandom, in the end I became one of those people who mocked the fandom, the books, the looks, all of it. And I hadn't even read them to base a real opinion on them. But you know that that's how it usually is when someone mocks something. 9 times out of 10, they haven't read/watched/heard any of it to really base a true opinion on the matter.

    Anyway, after getting in a really big fight with one of my closest friends online, I finally said “fine” and went out and got the first book.

    I read it in one day…

    So, I quickly went out and bought books 2-4 and spent the next three days reading them as well. Took me four days in total to read something I'd be mocking for months. I haven't read a book that fast in years. After I was done I was glad I'd read them. I posted a minor review on my LJ and discussed most of what makes the books good and bad. It wasn't my favorite story of all time and I wasn't hooked in the way that NOW I was an obsessed fan. I was just glad I'd taken the time to read them and develop an honest opinion on the matter. (this was around September or October of 2008) I managed to get tickets to a preshowing of Twilight in the theaters, and enjoyed it a lot.

    When next year rolled around, it was time for New Moon to hit the theaters and slowly but surely my interest had begun to evolve. Suddenly I found myself jumping for joy every time a new clip was revealed or pictures from the set was posted. I re-read the book (NM) two or three times before the premier, and then got tickets for the pre-showing where they also showed Twilight before we got to see New Moon. By that time I was hooked. I went to the movie night and after that I just never looked back.

    Today New Moon is my favorite book of the four and most likely out of all books I've read. I've been in darker places over the last two years and NM has been good company during that time. Slowly but surely my money has been put in to buy fandom items and I actually created my first wallpaper for the fandom a few weeks ago.

    I'm not entirely sure when I became “woohoo Twilight Saga!” but I'm glad I am. Albeit not as rabbid as some other fans and I try to stay clear of the fandom communities as much as possible. As a fan of two other major fandoms, I know what it (the fandom) can do to the love of the show, and I don't want that for Twilight. But I'm glad I'm a part of the love for this and that I didn't discover it after the ride was “over” and all the movies had been made.

    I had a chance to change my mind and experience it all while it was happening and for that I'm glad :)

  • Julia

    In 2008, my sister and I went on a road trip round Ireland for our summer holidays. She had heard about the Twilight books (in their German translation) from a friend and spent all day with her nose in that book. At first that really annoyed me, but on the third day I stole the book from her to see what all the fuss was about. Well, let's just say that part of our fourth day in Dublin was passed at a bookstore, which we didn't leave until we owned New Moon and Eclipse as well! :)
    When we got back, I pre-ordered Breaking Dawn on Amazon and got it a few days later when it had just been released… all in all, you could say that I read the entire series within a fortnight (and the only reason it took so “long” is that Breaking Dawn had not yet been published)! ;)

  • Fawcettkerry

    i love twilight all the books and films, im 31 and have just got my nan who is over 70 reading the books she loves them too just go's to show twilight is for all ages lol x x

  • Fairyqueenie7

    I actually found Twilight through Fanfiction. I read a few stories and thought it sounded interesting so bought Twilight and Newmoon on dvd. and loved them so then I bought all 4 books to see how they differed from the movies. and loved them too. I also found my new favourite band 100 monkeys through Twilight and Jackson Rathbone.

  • Jeanne-Mari

    i got hooked into the twilight craze after i saw the twilight trailer and thought it was just another stupid superman movie but then i went and saw it and i was completely taken aback of the wonerful story and i was in love with Edward :) so i started googling rob and kristen an dthe entire cast and started getting posters and pics. buy the time new moon came out i would jump up and down and go mad. people around me started dissing me and stuff but i still love the saga and i can control myself around people but as soon as im at home i put on one of the three cds and do my homework or if there is a show on oprah or something im infront of that tv and no-one must make a sound.

    I do not know what it is that atracts us twi-hards to this franchise is it the HOT cast members or is the story line of love forever. But even if we don't know we are still hooked.

    I'm from South-Africa and i love twilight and can not wait for the Eclipse dvd or when the cast will return to film breaking dawn.


  • Team Edward

    I got hooked on Twilight after my best friends told me to read them. At first I didn't listen to them, but after I saw the movie Twilight with my other best friend I fell in love with them every since. :)

    Team Edward

  • kim

    i saw the first movie when it come on dvd when my little brother & his girlfriend brought it home to watch . I didn't get interested untill i saw new moon at the end when he asks her to marry him & you were left hanging i had to read eclipse to find out what happened . I read it in 6 days thats realy good for me considering i'm not good reader .I had to get b/d after that i wes sucked by that stage.I had to get twilight & new moon & read them to after that i read them all again . when eclipse was coming out i had to buy the two movies so i could watch them again so i was up to date . when i got the movies i enterd in to a comp & won tickets to go & see the premire . i loved it but they left out alot good scenes from the book they could of made it 3 hours instead of the two hours so disappointed .but i'm so hooked .with everything that is twilight ' cant wait for braeking dawn.

  • Barb

    My daughter brought the book and dvd to the hospital after I had cancer surgery. She was hoping that I would be able to focus on the book and movie, rather than the pain. I had to struggle to read the book because of the drugs they had me on, but I managed. Then I watched the dvd – and the rest is history!! I had a few hospital stays after that, and for each stay, I brought a Twilight book with me to help me get through. Now, I am a loyal and very enthusiastic Twilight Mom!!

  • Ann1e88

    I wasn't sure what the whole “Twilight” thing was all about when the movie came out and hadn't been to a movie in years. I waited for it to come out on DVD and actually went back to blockbuster to get a copy on Saturday. I watched it three times that weekend and kept saying there has to be so much more to this story. I was at half-price books about a month later and got a copy of “Twilight” I read it in 1 day and when I finished I ran to Walmart to get all the rest of the books had them all read in 1 week. I have watched “Twilight” and “New Moon” so many times and just finished reading all the books for the 4th time, as well as seeing Elcipse in the theater 3 times. I just can't seem to stop! I love the story so much and even though I know it is not real it is a great place to escape to. I can't wait for “Breaking Dawn” but in a way I am glad they are draging it out so long because I don't ever want it to end!

  • carolee

    i heard about them and was not interstead till my sister in law brought me twilight to read. she said know how you like romance books and so i have a book for you to read. still i was on the fance you could say about it till one day i pick it up and started to read it. as i got firther in the book i was like wow this is a awsome book and went on. i really got into the books. after i was done with the book i went and got the movie. i read again twilight till my sister in law brought new moon for me to read. new moon was hard to get through. i was going throw depression at the time and had a hard time reading through bells part. i got mad at the book and asked my sister who also said i should read the books said it will al turn out o.k. from there on out i went and bought all the books and have read them 10 times and seen twilight and new moon the movie's at lest a dozen or more. i have lost count. breaking dawn is my FAVORITE BOOK, then twight then eclipse and then new moon. thanks to stephenie meyer's for writing such awsome books and for my sister in law and sister for geting me into them. I LOVE THEM.

  • nikluvsedward

    My cousin had been trying to get me to read them for a couple years, but I told her that the whole thing sounded really stupid. She just kept insisting, but I had not interest. Then about 2 1/2 years ago everyone at work started reading them and talking about them. I still thought it was stupid but I borrowed the first book from one of the girls and tried to read it. It was a slow start, it took me about 3 days to get through the first half, but then I finally got caught up in the story and finished the book in a few hours. I went right out and bought 2-4 on a Friday night and read them all straight through. I finished on Sunday afternoon. I have lost count of the number of times I have reread the series now. I am totally addicted and I even have a special shelf on the bookshelf that only holds all my twilight things. I LOVE THEM and I can't wait until my daughter is old enough so that I can share them with her.

  • Kellybryce

    I was introduced to Twilight in May 09. I had just lost a baby, and was very depressed. I could find my way thro the funk I was in. Twilight was just realesed from theaters and was on the movie channel….. I was hooked right away. My husband went and bought the whole saga for me. I read them all in less than two weeks. Im glad to say it lifted me from my depression, and now I read more than I ever had in my whole 29 yrs of life. Thanks Stephenie Meyer. You gave me the gift of reading and going to places I've never been. You're truly an insperation to all who read and write.

  • Julieannjacques

    i watched the film first and then was told about the books i have read all the books over and over and have watched all the films over and over again i am hooked and obsessed with twilight and i love how the books have been done about bella's struggle with love and being turned i thinkedward and bella make a breat couple on and off screne they have this chemerstery between them

  • DeAtHsSwEeTKiSs

    When Twilight (the book) first came out my little sisters teacher made her start reading it and she came home and told me to read it for her and tell her if its worth reading, so I did. I got half way through it and told my sister that it was amazing and she's going to love it. She took the book from me and we alternated times when we could read it til we both finished it. After that I bought every book the day it came out. When Breaking Dawn was released I was up at the store at midnight to get and they said they couldn't find their copies! Lucky for me my grandmother worked there and had been questioning the lady that took care of the book supply there, so I knew how many copies the store had and told them they had them they just needed to look a little better and they went back and eventually found them. :) So I had my copy and I stayed up the whole night reading it. It was my favorite of the whole series.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HT4QDQRV6K3LYCNPWCADTJJABM April v

    my friends were reading the book twilight and every day i heard them all saw what page the where on how good it is and i was like what are you guys talking about and they were like you havent read the book i was no and they where like lets go to the libary at our school they were like here so i check out the book and i got hook on it team jacob!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jwytk

    I too have been changed by the books and I have read the series 10 times and still find details that I missed before. The saga is my “happy place” and I use is very often. I have been accused of being obsessed and I really guess I am, but so what. It is still my happy place because Bella's love for Edward and Edwards love for bella is a place of incredible happiness even with the trials and tribulations.

  • team_tayward24

    I dont know how but i had NEVER heard about twilight until May 2009. My mom was reading the books and she wanted me to read them, I remember thinking “i know im gonna hate these stupid books but ill read them just to make her happy”. When i read 'twilight' i had already seen the movie. i didnt like the first book that much but when i read new moon i was in love! after that i read eclipse in 3 days and BD in 2 weeks, it took me soo long 'cause i got mad and stoped reading for like 5 days when i saw “book 2: Jacob” But i got over it and continued reading.

  • Team_tayward24

    I dont know how but i had NEVER heard about twilight until May 2009. My mom was reading the books and she wanted me to read them, I remember thinking “i know im gonna hate these stupid books but ill read them just to make her happy”. When i read 'twilight' i had already seen the movie. i didnt like the first book that much but when i read new moon i was in love! after that i read eclipse in 3 days and BD in 2 weeks, it took me soo long 'cause i got mad and stoped reading for like 5 days when i saw “book 2: Jacob” But i got over it and continued reading.

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