Saturday Survey: Which new Denali cast member are you most excited to see onscreen?

With all the latest casting news, this week I am curious which of the new Denali Coven actors you are most excited about seeing in Breaking Dawn! Take the poll below. Jog your memory on who’s who here.

  • Yana

    I'm looking forward on Renesmee.. I'm excited to see how Mackenzie Foy portray Nessie…

  • misssdandelion

    nice so nice tnx

  • TeamJasmett

    I cant wait to see Tanya on screen :D the relationship between her and Edward (and Bella too) how Bella reacts to her :D its going to be goood! and im also excited for all the casting… zafrina being my fave vamp in bd :) im super excited.

  • SlowLife

    I really hope Melissa Rosenberg includes the backstory of Tanya and Edward, and how she made a pass at him – it would be fun to see Bella jealous!

  • Team_Rosalie

    Tanya definately. Like a few other posts have said, the relationship between her, Edward and Bella and Bella's reaction to her will be intersting to see on the big screen.
    Also, Irina should be intersting with the whole Nessie thing and her grudge against the wolves.

  • Em_YKTwi

    like i've said before: MyAnna Buring should dye her hair strawberry blonde for the movies!

  • Elena

    Okay, first of all: Renesmee is so wrong casted.. Mackenzie is 9 years old, how is she going to portrait a baby/infant/child? Secondly; I totally agree with Em_YKTwi – MyAnna Buring HAS to dye her hair strawberry blonde – how else is she suppose to be Tanya? And thirdly; I cannot wait to see Casey Labow as Kate! Her power (so cool!), her work/practice with Bella, how she threaten Bella/Renesmee and how her and Gareth's relationship changes.. :o )

  • Team-edward-4ever

    i would like to see the relationship between edward and tanya,and irina hating renesmee and all that…I like tanya.I dont think I can wait for breaking down to come out in the cinemas!! I read the book five times and never got tired of it… yet…

  • Team Switzerland

    Definatly Eleazer!!!! and i can't wait until breaking dawn to come out in movie theaters because i think that breaking dawn is the best in the series.

  • Rockabella6585

    i think whoever cast that MyAnna chick as Tanya needs to re-evaluate who the character is and what she should look like. out of all the girls listed in this poll, she is way lower on the beauty scale…. i'd almost say she's not even pretty…..Kristen Stewart is def prettier than her which does not work for the roll. they should've swapped her w/ Casey or Maggie…. it would've made a lot more sense. =P

  • Rockabella6585

    as for the girl cast as Renessme, Mackenzie Foy, i think she's perfect… gorgeous child!! obviously she will not be playing “infant Nessie”… they will have a baby/babies and toddlers to fill that time, but she grows so fast that we probably won't see them for long… they might even cut to an older Nessie for the sake of time for the movie, but i think they did great casting Mackenzie.

  • Laura Hidalgo

    Mackenzie Foy is perfect Reneesme; if they can make Brad Pitt look like he is 17 years old at 40+ in Benjamin Button… I think they can make a 9 year old look like toddler advancing in Age… Plus they said there is 2 people playing Reneesme so I am sure they will have a smaller version of her.

  • LJ

    Cant wait to see Mia Maestro, she's great

  • Buhhreena16

    da backstory was supposed to be in Eclipse remember! i hope so toO!

  • Annierings1

    I wanna see Kate and Zafrina teach Bella how to extend her shield.

  • Maya_sweet88

    i love this movie it the bist i love u team

  • Lbragrl_73

    I want to see kate shock people

  • team i just wanna kill bella

    me too!

  • Kmccheyenne

    i agree with ya it will be such a good movie to bad we have to wait 2 years to see all of it

  • AjndjjJDJdjkdj

    i hate your name i love bella (well kristen stewart) :P

  • Tinamorrow82

    it wasn't in ecipse either

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OOCNEZA32FQ56237IV4FZUGD7I mae

    Tanya..but i don't like the one who play….

  • twilight fan

    well I love the name I wish she was DEAD

  • AradiaDawn

    CGI can be used to make the girl look younger and smaller. I have no doubt that they will make renesme the correct size and age appearance she is supposed to be in the book. As far as looks go, I think MacKenzie is perfect.

  • Kayla Schrader

    i know they almost casted hannah montana though so shes better that THAT

  • Jazzyphae

    to but its coming out in this spring

  • Jazzyphae

    to but its coming out in this spring

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