Saturday Survey: Team Jacob? Team Edward? Team Switzerland?

It’s been a while since I asked this question, and a lot has happened in the world of Twi since then, so I thought I’d see how things have changed! So tell me, what team are you on?

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  • R Astorga

    to comment on why people LOVE EDWARD..for me it was the WAY he loves Bella so unconditional & pure! he even over looked the fact BELLA was somewhat in love also with Jake! he didn't care about pride as much as he cared for her! his love for her ruled him.REAL LOVE LIKE WHAT IS BETWEEN EDWARD & BELLA IS DEEPER THAN A PASSIONATE KISS OR THE WANTING TO BE CLOSE TO SOMEONE LIKE JAKE.it was all hormones..i say let 'LOVE RULE”!!! TEAM EDWARD ALWAYS!!

  • Simonemejlsing

    I like both Taylor and Robert, but Edward as a caracter is amazing, and he such a great personality and caracter.

  • Twilight-Rules10

    TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!! I like Jacob but Edward just stole my heart in the books!

  • Team Vampires

    TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY. Don't get me wrong Jacob is pretty HOTTT. But Edward is so SEXXXXXY.

  • rachel brownell

    Team Edward for defo's he is gawjuss xx

  • charliebabesss

    I'm Team Switzerland in the books because I liked them both but I really don't like Rob's portrayal of Edward in the films, I really prefer Taylor as Jacob.
    But its all about True Blood for meeee :)
    Hello Eric Northman :)

  • Mazz588

    I am team Jacob…only because I am for the under dog (no pun intended). In book Jacob, I felt sooo bad for him and I am so happy he finally finds happiness and contentment. Jacob deserves all the best for his temperment, patience and loyalty.

    Love you Jake!!!!

  • Amberjo

    Edward is hot

  • GRAY


  • Brittany-bernice-norris

    my opinion is that edward should be with edward all the way but jacob is sooooo much hotter

  • jessica garber

    i love both teams edward and jacob and the thing is that i liked edwards cystrl abs

  • Krys_mel

    TEAM EDWARD is on top yeah ohhhhhhh :)

  • JakeWard

    JakeWard team
    but i prefer to Jacob Team

  • Paula

    i was team edward all the way when i read the books…..then the movies came out and i saw taylor lautner was jacob….so now im TEAM TWILIGHT:) cause i <3 all of them and i would TOTALLY date EITHER ONE:)

  • prophecy_girl

    So, looks like not much has changed after all! Go Team Edward!!

  • MissEdwardCullen<3

    i looooove Edward and not just because of what he looks like but because of how much he loves bella and how hw would do anything to protect herr.. whereas… jacob :/ from my experience all my friends are only on team jacob because of his body. i personally think that its not really a team then is it?? i said 'would you still be team jacob if he wasnt hot'? and they said 'No', so tbh i dont really agree with team jacob fans:L even though edward has a gorgeous face you would like him anyway even if he was ugly just by what his character is and how sweet he is. i dont hate jacob i just dislike him by in eclipse when he kissed her and how hes such a jerk. :L

    thats just my opinion but i dont hate jacob i just like edward soooooo soo much more:L <3


  • Wolfgirl

    i cannot believe team edward has over 60%… :( but LOVE JACOB AND TAYLOR!! putem together and u got heaven!! <3

  • NahomCullenTwiLover

    Team Edwraddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd 4everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 4lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Edward is the best 4ever i love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Edward u r the best im with u man i with Edward 4ever. hate jacob like helllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

  • switzerland

    i luv jacob and edward in twilight however, bella luvs edward and jacob is like her brother and he is feelin different towards bella, it was edward in da 1st place and dats y i like twilight 1

  • Miley

    I like team jacob better but in eclipse i prefer team edward i dont know who would oick team swiz…

  • Kachira


  • Tinnirocks_09

    I just want this to be clear- I'm goin for team edward, cuz i love edward (the character from the book)….as long as he's got nothin to do with Robert Patt!!!! i'm NOT in his league…

    Twilight wise m totally Team edward…

    But if it had to be like

    Team Taylor

    Team Robert

    Team Kristen

    I would blindly go for Team Taylor………….

    Cuz I love him as Jacob….n not Rob for Edward!!!!!!

  • LoveRobP

    Team EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • NahomCullenTwiLover

    team Edwraddddddddddddddd Team Edwradddddddddddddddddd everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Edward u r the best 4everrrrrrrrr 4lifeeeee Edward is the best vote 4 Edwardddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Cullennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Team

  • Snappy238

    dont get me wrong i like edward but im in love with jacob. <3 in twilight edward almost let bella die, new moon bella had to save him, eclipse if it wasnt for jacob and the pack edward would be killed..and i hate the fact that jacob broke every bone in his body during that fight for bella just to marry edward. jeeeze show the guy some love.! i sure would(;


    TEAM EMMETT!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS JUST SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!

  • bettyboop99


  • be5th

    haha DONT wait if u wait it will reck the book by cing the movie :) the books r a bit better than the movies ( no offence to rob and kris and the gang :) )

  • Janissellyfan


  • TeamSwitzandBellice

    As u can tell by the name…Team Switz ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!! Love em both!!! Deep passion!!!!!

  • Kathleenbuffin

    i love edward and everything about all the caracters and cant wait to see eclispse,i read the books 3 times and watched twilght a lot of times.

  • Kcsummer29

    Um, did any of you guys even pay attention to breaking dawn?! Jacob IMPRINTS on Edward and Bella's child. I think I know a new way to spell pedophile, J-A-C-O-B B-L-A-C-K! I was Team Jacob all the way until I read that part. Now I think Jacob's just a sicko

  • Foreverpixie35


  • Kcsummer29

    Look up Justin Bieber on UrbanDictionary.com It HILLARIOUS XD XD XD

  • IsoooluvJacob

    Edward is a lame!!. And Jacob is sexy and fine and hot!!!! I love him… And to all Team Edward people you guys suck!!!!!…

  • Officiallylynne

    I loved Edward in Twilight but as the story progressed through books and movies he changed.
    In Twilight he had a presence, sensual, superior, proud, the protector and very very desirable but he's changed, he's whimpy, weak and it seems even his clothes sense, once smart has become drab, untidy. He's changed from Edward Cullen to Robert Pattinson so I'm all Team Nobody now. I am not even sure I want to see Breaking Dawn at this stage. I just don't know.

  • Katy

    DEFINITELY TEAM EDWARD FIRST! My second pick would be Team Bella- she is awesome in BREAKING DAWN! Jacob's ok, but not as exciting as Edward and he's mean.

  • Rose_ted

    I am a Team Edward all the way. Ppl wd ask y 'cause Edward is ugly and Jacob is cute in the movie. I hv 2 admit that Jake is HOT but that wd b plain wrong 'cause he's like a bro 2 me. Edward isn't, and if any1 has read the books b4 wachin the movie HAS 2 b a Team Edward. Edward is romantic, cute, over protective and a VAMPIRE i dont c hw edward can b beaten in the book by jacob who is sometimes seen as Angry and hot tempered sometimes.

  • TwilightGirl

    Yay Edward the best!!! I love Jake but Edward is my man;! <3 I love vampires!

  • Makensee coolidge

    i voted team jacob

  • http://twitter.com/DayDreamerC Cosmina Iordache

    Team Switzerland! It's so hard to chose between the two!

  • Alanamoreno


  • Shida

    This is an awesome question. In the movies I love Edward, there's no doubt about the brilliance the Casting Director saw in Rob for this role. But as I am completing the books now, Jacob is my favourite to read about, no matter what he does, its still not enough for bella to see she would be perfect with him. So i'm Switzerland cause Ed in the movies, Jake in the books

  • Shida

    This is an awesome question. In the movies I love Edward, there's no doubt about the brilliance the Casting Director saw in Rob for this role. But as I am completing the books now, Jacob is my favourite to read about, no matter what he does, its still not enough for bella to see she would be perfect with him. So i'm Switzerland cause Ed in the movies, Jake in the books

  • annie10196

    Team Jacob

  • teamEDWARD!!<3

    TEAM EDWARD!!idont like jacob but i like taylor lautner!!lmao

  • Baby_jayne_forever

    team jacob ftw!! cause the simple fact that in the books he was always there for her and he can provide what edward cannot and she could have a proper life with jacob. since she chose edward i feel an uprising hate for bella

  • TeamEdward!!

    Team Eward all the way!! I dislike Jacob I don't hate him just he bugs me most of the time, he should butt out of Edward and Bellas relationship!! They belong TOGETHER it's the whole point of twilight- the Edward, Bella relationship!!!

  • guest

    i love Edward And Jacob both. alot. there both amazing characters. i will admit im not the biggest fan of robert pattenson. and that is why i prefer the books.

  • pinay0919

    <3 Edward!!!! Bella's “Switzerland” thing IS a bit weird

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