Saturday Survey: Which newly cast actor are you most excited to see in Breaking Dawn?

I know this is not ALL of the new cast members, but OF THIS GROUP, WHO ARE YOU MOST EXCITED TO SEE ON-SCREEN IN BREAKING DAWN? For a refresher on photos and who is playing whom, check this post.

  • Anitaplove

    garret! I loved him in bd..

  • georgia132


  • Kenza

    Edward and Bella !!

  • XNeepX

    I said Zafrina because i love her talent :-)

  • Edward&BellaForever

    Where's the Renesme option?!

  • jacob18


  • MN

    NEW cast

  • Bb

    I wish they would find a new Renesmee for the movie

  • lolann

    agree i think i am most excited about this character!!!

  • lolann

    not a new character

  • Lolann

    why? ive seen her in other bit parts and seems like a very talented young lady. Did you have any ideas of who would make a better renesmee?

  • Nikkimorton4

    who is playing Renesmee?

  • Werewolfgirl008

    i agree i really want to see renesmee.

  • Sabine

    what about Mia Maestro who plays Carmen? I think she's a great actress. I don't know how much she'll be in the movie, as Carmes plays not a major part as Zafira for example, but I like her as an actress, so I'm excited to see her performance. I'd've liked to have voted for her. But I'm looking forward to Rami Malek, too…he's cute in the pictures so he'll make an amazing vamp :)

  • Keneil_beckford

    wat abt dat othr vamp………um…………….kichiri is it?????????????

  • Team_Robsten ♥

    wheres the guy playing nahuel!? looking forward to seeing him and i agree about mia maestro shes a great actress both these people should be in the poll, hadn't heard about a couple of these additions so am excited to see all…Vladimir and stefan get my vote though, loved there characters in BD and can't wait to see them in the films :)

    OH and Renesme should also be in the poll….obv. most excited to see her !!! x

  • Elena

    Oh I so agree with you.. Yes, Mackenzie Foy IS a talented young lady, but that is the problem – she is a LADY, she is NOT an infant/toddler/child; she is 9 years old and by the time they finished shooting BD part 2, she will be at least 10 years old.. That is far too old to play Renesmee – seeing as she is NOT 9 or 10 years old in the books.. :-/

  • Elena

    Mackenzie Foy

  • Elena

    Hmm.. Omar is exactly how I pictured Amun, that's going to be so good.. Rami as Benjamin? Could work, however I pictured him slightly younger and slightly more classic in his looks.. Odom as Peter – yes I can see that one.. Noel Fisher is WAY too young to be playing Vladimir, no no no, I just can't see it!! Guri Weinberg however, seems to be perfect for Stefan.. Lee Pace has a big role in front of him as Garrett – I hope he can pull it off! Never heard of Joe Anderson but he seems to young and too bright to be playing crazy Alistar.. Won't begin to comment all the females, but Judi Shekoni seems like a good choice for Zafrina… My vote is going to be Amun.. :o )

  • Ely_Cullen

    None of the above. I'm most anxious to see Reneesme….. and Edward of course.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_B2ZEPZYFVS7Z4AWA44WPC763IY Nicole

    yea they should have dakota fannings youngest sister do the part of edward and bellas daughter or have katie homes and tom cruse daughter she is really pretty if you dont know what she looks like wait till you see her pic she looks way way better then her parents

  • mrsedwardcullen


  • Lenna

    She also grows extremely fast in the books, though, it says she looked about five a week after she was born. And honestly, do you think they'll manage to find a 3 year old who can not only speak coherently, because Renesmee was able to speak and understand easily the day she was born, but act and resemble Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson? I thin Mackenzie would be a perfect little Renesmee.

  • TeamSwitzandBellice

    I was thinking the same thing…they don't have my option!!!!!!!!!!

  • TeamSwitzandBellice

    Mackenzie Foy

  • TeamSwitzandBellice

    sorry, I didn't see you answered

  • Jeanann

    dang it I really wanted Jared and Jensen supernatural guys for Vadimir and stefan ..gettin sick of twilight its always just a big disapointment plus Stephanie Meyers loves her fans sooo much thats why midnight sun has not been finished…

  • Katelynewillard

    its says the new ones not trying to be rude

  • KL☼ Ami♥W4E♣BD1♂BD2♀Cptvs↑

    Ohhhh, good one!

  • Lhala_ian18

    i can't wait to watch twilight breaking dawn…T_T

  • Redroses_flowering

    renesemme is the top priority…. nd i want to see tanaya 4m denali as well…

  • KristenStewart4ever

    I said Zafrina because she is COOL :)

  • rambo ambo

    What about me..I never saw my name and would be my dream to be in this cast….lol

  • Jessicaquinn67

    Shes already been picked!!

  • Jessicaquinn67

    Yeah but she aged really fast in the book so it will be a close match up!

  • Nutty_atlanta

    i love to see ed and kris in it but i think jacob is bettter for kris my opin

  • http://twitter.com/klutzprincess98 Zorida Garcia-Dawson

    Argee she is pretty, and really good but she seems old

  • Lisa

    she will be almostt 11 when they finished she is almost 10 now i think they should just use cgi maybe they can use her face vut cgi body so it will look like a baby not a child

  • Nicky_lovely85


  • TaylorsWolfGirl4evr

    Where's Renesme?!

  • LoveRobP

    wheres Mackenzie Foy as Reneesme!? She is absolutely the one that i am most excited to see!

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  • The Trek Sucks

    In BD, Bella herself said that she was unrecognizable after she ****SPOILER ALERT**** get turned ****SPOILER ALERT****. I know they're not going to, as it was seen in Alice's dream (I think in eclipse or new moon) but I think they should cast a new Bella for the second half of the movie or part three in the book.

  • I_love_you_twilight.xxxx

    ummmmm where is renesme

  • http://twitter.com/YsintaD Yuniar Sinta Dewi


  • http://twitter.com/kenster1996 keneil beckford

    u no wat i dnt undrstnd……….we've seen evry1 xcpt d 3rd amazon vamp, kachiri is it, huilen n nahuel

  • Zikzik

    UMMM HELLO? where is the button for my beloved renata? shes fantastic 2! :D

  • Zikzik

    UMMM HELLO? where is the button for my beloved renata? shes fantastic 2! :D

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