Pics: Erik Odom shops at West Hollywood farmers market

I guess new Twilight Saga cast member Erik Odom better get used to photographed doing random things! He was chatted up at the West Hollywood farmers market and he chatted a bit about shopping there. However, the interviewer didn’t know who he was until later. But he snapped a few cute pics of Erik!

In West Hollywood, it’s not uncommon to rub elbows with movie and television stars. It could be at a trendy club, a restaurant or even during a visit to the West Hollywood Farmers Market.

I was innocently asking questions to Morgon Fone, the operator of Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food stand, when two handsome young men joined our chat.

“This is my first visit to this market,” said Erik Odom. “I thought I’d just check it out and look at all of the bags I’m carrying.”

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Thanks to @WeHoPatch!

  • Anitaplove

    he's cute..

  • Anitaplove

    he's cute..

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