Friday Fan Favorites: Amanda

Sifting through and found some older FFF submissions that I hadn’t posted yet! Amanda wants to tell the world that she’s Team EDWARD and here are the photos to prove it! Want to send in your own pics? See below!

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  • stephn

    i love the last one!!!! <3 <3

  • Ashawley0194

    Why have I never seen that last one b4?? I think I just found my new wallpaper :)

  • Kay

    Lookes like it´s photoshoped… Look at the thumb.

  • RobNKris90

    I have all those pics, except the last one too.

  • http://www.coralecomics.piczo.com LegHitchThis

    The last one might be a manip. Never seen it before!

  • Jess Westcott

    Likey likey!

  • http://twitter.com/TracyC25 Tracy Capoccia

    HELLO ROB in the last picture. I know people have their issues with Rob smoking in pictures and as a former smoker I now think its gross, but man he does make it look sexy.

  • http://twitter.com/Lorenagomezcast Lorena Gómez Castaño

    hey, can u tell me when is going to get out The hillywood show parody of ECLIPSE???

  • GinaC

    it's definately photoshopped… he still looks good though! but i love how he rocks his jeans and the white button down shirt :)

  • Kay

    No wonder i dreamt about him last night… ;)

  • Kay

    No wonder i dreamt about him last night… ;)

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