Zac Posen responds to Bella’s bridal gown rumors

Rumors were afloat last week that designer Zac Posen had been chosen to design Bella’s Breaking Dawn wedding gown.  HollywoodLife asked him about it this last week and he played coy, but today he took to his twitter to dispel the rumor once and for all.

Heard the bella/twilight rumor and it’s just that. I design for real women…

This could be good OR bad news for fans. Bad news because it seems a little rude (especially since he DID design a dress for Bella for InStyle Magazine earlier this summer), and good news because the design for InStyle wasn’t very popular with fans.

  • Liz Contreras

    That does seem a little snippy or even a little bitter doesn't it?….I personally was a fan of his design but still that seems a little I don't know hypocritical since he did design one InStyle mag

  • Liz Contreras

    I meant wasn't. LOL its hard to type on my phone lol

  • http://twitter.com/TracyC25 Tracy Capoccia

    To quote Stephanie Tanner “HOW RUDE”. “I Design for Real Women”…yeah well Real Women can't afford your stuff buddy. His loss.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/CoraleComics?feature=mhum#p/f/5/rPmW58Bv7kg LegHitchThis

    “I design for real women”
    Well that sounded a bit rude. Maybe he meant, I don't design outfits for characters…

  • Caroc

    that dress is horrible!!! definetly these are good news!

  • http://twitter.com/TracyC25 Tracy Capoccia

    He did Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda's bridesmaid dresses in Sex and the City…but yeah I am sure some mane “Real Women” wanted those. I personally thought they were tacky…especially Charlottes cause she couldn't even walk or anything in it.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/CoraleComics?feature=mhum#p/f/5/rPmW58Bv7kg LegHitchThis

    Aw I did not know that! Never mind.. >:l
    So is he basically saying, that he doesnt think Kristen is a woman? Is her body not 'womanly' enough for him? Or am I just reading too into this?.. Lol

  • edwardcullenspants

    The dress he designed is disgusting!!!!! Yuck!!! Great news in my opinion, although Kristen is probably too much of a woman for him to design for anyway! lol

  • http://twitter.com/TracyC25 Tracy Capoccia

    I guess he also said “I design for real women like Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick” in a tweet, but still if you can design for Sex and the City Characters you can't design for Twilight? Guaranteed the Twilight Saga has made millions more than Sex and the City and I love Sex and the City. Ugh his response still aggravates me regardless.

  • http://twitter.com/SweetScoop Jessica Bondy

    Well this is a good thing that dress is the ugliest thing i have ever seen in my life! I would not let my dog wear something like that! my 7 year old daughter even seems to think that way as well! and “I design for real women…” i would sure like to know what a real woman looks like to him!

  • Elfgirl19612005

    I thought the wedding theme was planned around Edward and the early 1900's. That dress is a little much for that time period. They need something a little more traditional and classy. They are the Cullens after all.

  • http://twitter.com/alyssa_curtis Alyssa Curtis

    two words…


    I mean COME ON! that dress is hideous! bella would NEVER wear that! nor would alice let her!!

    and as for his comment about “i design for real women”… he can go suck one!

  • http://twitter.com/MissPixieThunde Sondra Zimmerly

    My thought her dress needed to be like the one Alice picked. And not a pos

  • Tcollinscooper

    First of all Im a huge fan of Twilight and Zac Posen, but after all your rude comments no wonder he was rude back. Zac Posen is a genius..he had his own line when he was 21 and what have you done? Just relax im sure whoever designs the dress will have strict guidelines to follow as not to upset us fans. Also remember they can and will change anything they want to make it work for the movie, books never get followed to the letter for movies.

  • Momoblueberry44

    screww this guy! goshh! wth is his problem… Oh and i guess he alsoo “tweeted” that he doesnt design dresses for women related to twilight either(i.e. Kristen Stewart, Ashley Green, Nikki Reed)? THiss guy is gay. And thatt dress is pretty disgusting anyway. We wouldnt want that one Bella!

  • Jwytk

    This sounds a bit like Sour Grapes to me. The dress was very Ugly. He is very full of himself and that makes his designs even more pathetic.

  • Hghgirl97

    nope not at all she slept with a vampire for god sake!! does that not make her a women? cause that sounds preatty womenly to me!

  • UnalCullen

    How very, very rude and so hypocritical considering he designed the dresses for the 'Sex and the City' movies.

    Pshht, I'm sure there are many more designers out there DYING to design this dress. Give the job to somebody a little more appreciative, I say :)

  • I_love_you_twilight.xxxx

    WTF THAT DRESS IS SOOOOOO DISGUSTING i wouldnt wear that i say this is soooo good news but it can be offensive to women “i only design for real women” what the hell well its his loss they could do sooooo muuch better i hope he goes out of bussniess well not out of bussniess but u get what i mean aeeeeeeey but why is he a proffesional if he cant even design a pretty dress let alone a buetiful one kristen/bella deserves.

  • I_love_you_twilight.xxxx

    i mean beautiful whoops

  • I_love_you_twilight.xxxx

    its pretty not preatty

  • Emmywhille

    this dress is disgusting and nothing like the book described it and why is it pink?!!!!!

  • RobNKris90

    the dress looks like he scribbled it while he was daydreaming and eating his lunch at the same time, he may design good dresses other times, but this is bleh!

  • Sonaa_M'sia

    real women??? wat is this?? a puzzle…. an indication dat he only will design outfit 4 kristen not Bella????? hopfully!!!!!!!! plsss!!!!!!

  • Sonaa_M'sia

    real women??? wat is this?? a puzzle…. an indication dat he only will design outfit 4 kristen not Bella????? hopfully!!!!!!!! plsss!!!!!!

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