First trailer for ‘Red Riding Hood’

The film Red Riding Hood has a lot in common with Twilight. For one, it’s directed by Catherine Hardwicke, and, also, Billy Burke has a role in the film.  And let’s not forget that Shiloh Fernandez was one of the finalists considered to play Edward in the original Twilight, but eventually was beat out by Robert Pattinson. Shiloh also co-stars with Ashley Greene in Skateland!  Here is the first trailer for the film, which I think looks great!

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  • raelee poole

    i want o see this soo bad

  • http://twitter.com/Lirpa35 April Richardson

    Wow, I must say that I'm impressed. It looks really good, I can't wait to see it now!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/CoraleComics?feature=mhum#p/f/5/rPmW58Bv7kg LegHitchThis

    Wow! It looks really good!

  • http://twitter.com/Twilighterleah Leah Cullen

    Looks real interesting o.o nothing like the original story i'm sure lol but very cool

  • daisytoplovesya

    whos afraid of the big bad wolf? (i ammm!!) <3

  • jctwifan

    it gives me the creeps, but we'll see…

  • Mrstlautner

    besides the characters, how is this anything like twilight? seriously

  • kpadge96

    catherine hardwick makes the most visually stunning films…i don't know if i'll like it, but it looks beautiful

  • Violaplayer13

    Wow. this looks good. Is the girl Amanda Seyfried?

  • Vebtinkerbell

    there are a lot of visual similarities to Twilight in this movie…..i cant wait to see it!

  • Sona

    it makes me think 'maybe twilight would have been similar to this if bella got with jacob (after he became a wolf) instead of edward .. and twilights story was of bella and the wolf instead of bella and the vampire if u guys get what i mean ..

  • Linklcm1


  • Mlj_94

    I WANNA SEE IT!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Wow looks like someone's trying to make a similar story line spin off of twilight. And looky here Cathrine Hardwicke is Directing. I wonder if this was her idea or if it was handed to her. Lets just keep her away from books turned movies they may end up on the internet before their time. Not to discredit her work on Twilight. I love the movie, just don't appreciate her tactics to earn a few quick bucks or to extend her lime light.

  • Babychloe_06_012

    Does anyone know the song in this trailer

  • Judyb893

    lol she should have gone straight to grandma's house

  • taylorgirl

    i want to see that it looks really good

  • Nadaddy

    wow lol u guys do realize she ruined the first twilight movie right?!
    but then again she made lords of dogtown and the nativity story so shes epic in other ways but don't glory her over twilight a movie completely ruined

  • Tor2004


  • Samantha

    Does anyone know the song that is playing during the trailer?

  • Emilykara

    this looks soooooo good! really want to see it!

  • Rishirenu14


  • Maggie Parker

    this looks awesome!! i can't wait for it!! :D

  • Rishirenu14

    are u beautiful

  • Starfaith

    In my opinion this movie is not nearly as goog as twilight.Also the guy there is not even close to as HOT as EDWARD!!And the gil isn't pretty like Bella.I don't think this movie will be that great.

  • Vampirss

    wow i have to say that short clip looks amazing, its directed by the same ppl who did twilight so it may have some similour parts in it. xx

  • donnieis

    can't wait to see this movie

  • RobNKris90

    You're right about him not being comparable to Robert Pattinson. I swear he's trying to copy the hair and the stance of edward.

  • Bob

    Its a Fever Ray or The Knife song, but I think its new – since cannot find it.

  • http://creampeach24.deviantart.com/ Peach2007

    it looks great can't wait



  • KittyS

    I'm not quite sure what you're getting at here. Directing is her full time job… she's entitled to release another film, afterall it has been three years since she filmed Twilight. Although, I must say that the film doesn look similar to Twilight, but I think that's because she has a very unique directing style. To address your point if it was handed to her, yes it probably was, but somebody who wanted to get their script directed. That's how the industry works, and if I was a script writer I would have been delighted if she directed my film. To indie film fans she did have a good profile pre-Twilight, because she did the film Thirteen which earned a few oscar nominations.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M6ERCFQSXAJ7CZGRAUA63CIBE4 Evaline Angeles

    I can't tell you much. The song is by Fever Ray but it isn't published yet :) it will however, apparently appear on the soundtrack… :) i really like it though :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1345087822 taylor lover <3333333

    OMFG… that does realy look like twilight.. hahahaha

  • pookie

    to each their own ……

  • pookie

    ummm !!!! not twilight…..

  • pookie

    not everything is twilight…….not every guy is rob(edward) …..i think this will be a good movie…of course i won't be expecting twilight when i go see it …..just saying!

  • dudeitsciara

    is the wolf her boyfriend? :o

    he is so hotter than robert pattinson. js :)

  • Jfkdlsa

    anyone know the song being played?

  • Trinity9058

    Catherine Hardwicke directed it but Leonardo DiCaprio wanted it done with the werewolf and such. I think it's a pretty cool twist on a classic story. It's also an obvious way to make money but it's business, werewolves are moneymakers right now. Here's the link.


  • Tyreka4teen

    It's a song by Fever Ray. i'm not sure which one though,sorry.

  • Tyreka4teen

    It's a song by Fever Ray. i'm not sure which one though,sorry.

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