Alex Meraz Appears on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

Alex Meraz appears on an episode of Hell’s Kitchen this week. Go to Fox to watch the episode he appears in at approximately 29.40 in the video.

Source: MellyBelly626 via TwilightLexicon

  • Brianna

    I KNEW IT! He was on for like a split second, and when I saw him I was like “Is that…? NOO…Wait…is it?”

  • Dgggirl888

    wait……. does he play in twilight cuz he looks RELI familliar

  • http://www.team-twilight.com Nico Sanchez


  • http://www.team-twilight.com Nico Sanchez


  • KayKay

    I've just seen this episode, and i was like screaming… It's ALEX!!!

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