‘Twilight’ Still Beats ‘Potter’ in Midnight Screenings


This is a story that makes a fangirl feel good.  Twilight Saga New Moon and Eclipse still both beat out Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1 in midnight sales!

According to Market Watch:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I made $24 million in its debut during the wee hours Friday, enough to pull into third place among films with midnight screenings, according to figures from box-office tracker Hollywood.com.

Deathly Hallows fell behind two films in the Twilight series. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse still is tops with its $30 million-plus debut earlier this year on June 30. And The Twilight Saga: New Moon comes in second at $26.3 million for its Nov. 20, 2009 midnight release.

Now for a couple of theories on why. Twilight Lexicon thinks:

In fairness to the Potter chain, Eclipse opened at roughly 4,400 theaters opening day while Potter opened at roughly 4,100. (Stats via Box Office Mojo).

That statistic aside, perhaps at seven movies people sit back and wait to see a movie like that right away.  The Harry Potter audience has grown up and has jobs and things to do other than a midnight screening.  The box office for the weekend will be phenomenal and Potter will break records this weekend, there’s no doubt about that.  It just takes a lot for some people to come to a midnight screening anymore.  What do you think?

  • Lisa

    Stop telling exact how many pages Breaking dawn has, not everyone has the same type of book..

  • Blueyedangel

    I am Team Twilight all the way and really don't care what anyone says about it. I am not going to bash HP because I don't read them and I'm not going to read them. But people grow up, these are movies not real life.

  • HarryEdwardFun

    I am a big twilight fun and recently i fell for harry potter.
    I can't understand why people keep comparing these two book series-movies….
    they have nothing in common.hp is about wizards and fights and twilight is a vampire love story.
    and both Breaking Dawn and the Deathly hollows were split because they couldn't become only one movie because half the events wouldn't have been in the film.
    and the pages of each book don't matter because the books are different in each country.mine BD has 810 pages….
    and nobody can say that HP is better than twilight because it makes more money because HP has 7 books and it exists ten years

  • Bb

    The only reason the compare Twilight to Harry Potter is because of Rob. Who cares that he played in one movie and had a small roll. He had what like 10 lines in the whole Harry Potter movie. I don't see the comparing Twilight and Harry Potter to other series movies like what Narnia. The Harry Potter fan base is a little older because I was in sixth grade when I first read the books but I am still a fan of both. And actually Harry Potter probably has a wider fan base because it has been around for a while that younger kids are starting to read them as well. I am sick of hearing the compare Twilight and Harry Potter.

  • Isabella

    this whole HP Vs Twilight is just stupid! they are nothing alike!!! I mean, I totally got when people compared HP to LOTR, it makes more sense, but to compare it to a vampire love story? really??? I like both series, I think they are both great, but this whole argument between the two is just pointless…

  • Anitaplove

    HAAAARRY POTTEEEER ROOOCCCKKKSSS!!! that's all I know.. yes, I love twilight, but this is harry potter, a legend, a cult, a lifeeee!!!! I've grown up with it, it's my soul mate, forever my only love.. twilight is a big crush.

  • Courtney

    Who freaking cares how many pages are in the books! the reason they split the movies in two is because they want to get all the important parts in and they want to make the fans happy. So stop arguing about the damn number of pages!

  • Courage12501

    you are right that Breaking Dawn does have 754 pgs in it.

  • Hartshorns

    while your all moaning about how many pages an whos the best…the writesr dont care cos there getting richer day by day lol i think there both great!!

  • Trinity9058

    The incredibly funny thing about a lot of the people who are bashing Twilight, and I said a lot, not all, is that they haven't even read the books. They just assume that since it is popular with teen girls it must be completely mushy, stupid, and fantastic (and I don't mean this in a good way.) I like both Harry Potter and Twilight. The difference is that I LOVE Twilight and I like Harry Potter. I own both the movies and the books of both series. There shouldn't be a feud. This is something that exists because someone somewhere had nothing better to do with their life than start something to keep themselves entertained and all of you are buying into it. It doesn't matter how many pages are in the books, different editions will have different amounts of pages. The author doesn't choose the font size, the publisher does. We all have different tastes and we never know for sure if we're going to like something or not until we try it out. I, for one, was absolutely positive that I would hate Avatar, but it turned out that it was a pretty cool movie. But I have to say, I STILL LOVE TWILIGHT THE MOST!!!

  • Team E

    Ummm… not trying to start a fight, I'm a buddhist, but why are you on here if you don't like BD?

  • Jonhernandez94

    wooohooo!! im happy that twilight is better than harry. harry potter sucks. cant wait to watch breaking down.

  • shikishuku

    i love both hp and twilight and i think that a fight is really childish…. theyre both perfect in their own way!!! :D

    i wouldnt be able to choose from them!!! :)

  • lovehpandtwi

    geez…calm down, hp and the twi saga are amazing and shouldn't really be compared because they are very different! I love hp for all of the drama and the battle between good and evil and because you get to watch harry and his friends grow up and defeat voldemort. I love Twilight because of the intense love story, edward cullen, and bella becoming who she is meant to be!

    Instead of battling, these two institutions should be celebrated for the creative genius they are and the fact that so many young people are reading books because of them. That's the elementary school teacher talking in me…

  • Cali

    Wow, its quite funny seeing HP fans and Twilight fans fighting over something that really is not relevant with them what so ever. Twilight is Twilight just like Harry Potter is Harry Potter. I Love them both and I am always going to. But that doesn't mean I am going to fight and argue over what movie made more, or what book is longer, or who made more on opening night. I am just going to enjoy the movies and go on with my life instead of fighting over something so petty.

  • Hanowsha

    well there is one reason twilight has more fans because taylor latner or should i say Taylor Hotner is in it and his amazing packs and muscles and girls would DIE to him shirtless and eclipse he was shirtless for like the whole dam* movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i bet braking dawn he will be too ! and some think edward is cute too and the wolf pack guys have nice musles to so there are more girls interested in twilight then harry potter

  • lol love twilight XD

    OMG!!! look at the book or the frikin internet! BD had 754 pages and why ru ppl fighting over witch one is better? I'm not trying to be mean 2 u ppl who love harry potter or anything but i'm not a fan of it but i'm not fighting with ppl over witch one is better! BD has 754 pgs and thats it! look it up on the internet! so just stop fighting over witch one is better and witch one has more pgs cuz it doesnt matter! Sry if i offended anyone with this but i think that the twilight series is better cuz im not a huge fan of harry potter. Ok? so just stop fighting over witch one has more pgs cuz its how good the movie is, not how many pgs it has. :|

  • Yesenia

    Omg I'm so twikotic lol yeah I spelled it witha k lol n I bet thatwhen breaking dawn comes out it's gonna break all records for midnight screenings :) Harry potter gots nothing on TWILIGHT!!!

  • wdnsdjasdnasdln asd

    wtf, this is like a debate.

  • IceCrystal

    really, its impressive that 3 twilight movies beat harry potter when they have about 7 or so.

  • Fan

    I do not understand why people compare Twilight to Harry Potter,first one is a love story and the other is a battle between good and evil.I love both of them.I grew up on Harry Potter and I adore Twilight but I really couldnt care less witch movie is going to make more money.I don't like the spliting idea,but I can understand that there is too much for the movie in a book,that's why books are way better than movies,especially in Twilight's case.Breaking dawn has too many different things and turnovers,and Harry Potter has too much adventures,so at the end I'd rather watch two good movies made of one book than one movie crowded with undeveloped happenings.I'm gonna watch all the movies as I read all the books because I LIKE THEM.

  • HAHA

    IT DOESNT MATTER!!!!!!!!!!! HARRY POTTER is Still way better. JK Rowling is an amazing author and to tell you the truth Stephanie Myer is alright. Mediocre. I read her books and they're good. But not great. The reason they are so big with everyone is because there are billions of little girls who love the book and are oh so jolly about it because they have no real love life haha and they just dream on gettin with either jacob or edward.

  • Kb2007bookworm

    I personally love both books and the movies. I don't understand why fans that like one but not the other have to constantly bash eachother. Its certainly ok if you don't like the Twilight Saga or the Harry Potter books but why do people have to be so mean about not liking one of them? Serioulsy, its just being petty.

    I do agree though that The Deathly Hallows should be 2 parts because there is a lot of info. and Breaking Dawn could be made into one movie that is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours long because the first half of the book can be condensed a lot. Of course, from Warner Brothers and Summit's point of view, the reason to make the books into 2 parts is clearly for whatever extra profits they can squeeze out of the franchises.

  • Vouta_87

    sorry but i say that Deathyly hallows was much more entertaining thn eclipse..just saw harry potter yesterday and I have to say tht I LOVED it..eclipse was not bad, but it wasn't tht good either. HP did not disappoint as much as eclipse did..it made me so eager to see part 2 so much. but after eclipse I don't feel tht eager to see breakin dawn so much after i saw it.

  • Twihard4lyf

    The reason Twilight : BD is broken up into 2 movies = the same reason HP – DH is… THIS IS THE END OF AN EPIC PHENOMENON on both parts!!! I mean come on y'all I LOVE Twilight… and HP!!! It's not like the film industry is fueding over this … the reason why BD was postponed on filming until now is because they agreed to not release the end of HP and Twilight in the same yr!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/CoraleComics?feature=mhum#p/f/5/rPmW58Bv7kg LegHitchThis

    I can honestly say that this whole Twi vs. HP deal is a mess.
    We all need to get along and respect each others opinions.

  • Lucia.Venezuela

    In my opinion if it was good to divide the two movies, because that way they can focus more on important details and be more like books.

    Greetings from Venezuela

  • Twilight Lover!!

    OK! EVERY STUPID HARRY POTTER FAN NEEDS TO GO BACK TO THEIR MAGICAL WORLD!!!! The reason why TWILIGHT SAGA is the best is because the story takes place in a town where you can actually visit. Not like Harry Potter where you have to go and pay a high price to get in!!!!

  • Ntasha Zaman

    i like harry potter sooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Jannat_hussain

    I really like edward and bella ………… please reply me this coment ……………..

  • Janat_hussain

    hey hermoine vs emma watson i love you soooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh……!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Team E

    Ok, I'm N-O-T a twilight hater but HP is still a lot better. Also, both books have 700-800 pages, and sorry, but you're pretty sad if you care exactly how long it is.

  • Team E

    True. If Harry took HIS shirt off as much as Jacob, HP would have more people at the midnight showings.

  • Team E

    umm… ok

  • Team E

    Well, some of us like both! I wonder how the people who live wherever twilight is shot like a whole load of idiots coming in, just to see a piece of grass that Kristen Stewart stepped on!

  • Team E

    HP has HUMOR in it. Just the right amount. Of HUMOR. Twilight humor is just completely dry.

  • Team E

    HP has HUMOR in it. Just the right amount. Of HUMOR. Twilight humor is just completely dry.

  • Shelly

    hell no, maybe if he works out first 2 get those packs

  • Shelly

    ok that's your opinion. keep it to yourself

  • Team E

    ok, you've got a point there. he has NO shape or form of muscle.

  • Team E

    can I just say, what does it mean by “fangirl”? does it mean fan-girl or fang-girl???

  • http://www.team-twilight.com Nico Sanchez

    Brandi come on just because you don't like twilight doesn't mean that you would talk about fans like that! You don t even know what you're thalking about!

  • team jacob

    TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taylor'soneandonlywolfgirl

    O come on I love both of them but why do they have to do this

  • Taylor'soneandonlywolfgirl

    O come on I love both of them but why do they have to do this

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