Werewolf and Twilight names among top baby names

Twilight character names continue to dominate the list of most popular baby names.

Werewolf names are popping up everywhere for new babies being born thanks to their Twilight obsessed parents! People just can’t seem to get enough of Twilight, Breaking Dawn, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, etc., and now they are even naming their kids after characters in the movie! And with Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee, being born in Breaking Dawn, I’m already predicting that Renesmee will be a hot girl name for 2011.

Some of the most popular werewolf names are of course, Jacob, Tyler, Alcide, Sam, Embry, and Quil. Other popular Twilight names in addition to werewolf names are most definitely the traditional names of the Cullen Clan: Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Alice, and Rosalie.

Is there anyone out there naming their babies Renesmee?

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  • ChristieAnn

    I really don't think u would be putting ur child into any shame when they are older with any name. I think is it total BS that just because ur name is different or unquie that people would make fun of u or not like u. I have never seen that anywhere in my life and names are names. I am currently pregnant and If I have a girl my daughters name is going to be Charolette Renee' named after my great grandma and my grandma. and if I have a son his name is going to Timothy Bradley named after my father and my husband and husbands father. so if u wan. to name ur child after a book movie or family member go for it there is no shame in a name.

  • Lela229

    Mi niece is Mary Alice Renesmee.

  • Abbie-Team-Edward x

    If I ever have a daughter when I'm older, she would be named either Isabella, Renesmee, Rosalie, Esme or Hermione (I've got to consider a Harry Potter name). If I ever have a son he would be named either Emmett, Carlisle, Seth, Edward or Jared. Twilight would have been and gone by then as I'm only a teenager so it's years away.

    But my favourite name is Renesmee and it'll never change. :)

  • Abbystileslover

    well when i have my baby its name will be renesmee claire stiles

  • Abbystileslover

    well when i have my baby its name will be renesmee claire stiles


    my cats name is Jake as in Jacob but we named him before i knew about twilight!And my friends cat is called Bella but she has never heard of twilight

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