Saturday Survey: Which is your favorite Jasper hairstyle?

There’s been a lot of discussion about good and bad wigs and hairstyles in the Twilight films. I think Jackson Rathbone’s wigs have changed the most over the course of filming so far. While we haven’t seen his Breaking Dawn hair yet, I want to know, of the first three films, which is your favorite Jasper hairstyle? In case you need a refresher:




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  • http://twitter.com/DarlinShannon Shannon H.

    New Moon is winning? WOW! That surprises me.

  • http://twitter.com/DarlinShannon Shannon H.

    Will always love his look in Twilight….that's NOT a wig!

  • TaylorsWolfGirl4evr

    Yea i agree. I didn't like his hair in Eclipse at all

  • SlowLife

    Now Eclipse is winning. Why? That was probably his WORST hairstyle yet. What are they going to do in Breaking Dawn? Give him a Jersey Shore Poof like Snookie?

  • Nikibonino

    he looks like edward scissorhands in the twilight picture

  • LoveRobP

    yeah agree! even though its not a wig in twilight its still not the best hairstyle…

  • LoveRobP

    definitely the one in new moon, he looks so cute! <3 The one in eclipse is just no good, and the one in twilight he just looks really weird… i have actually never really thought about his hairstyles…hmm…

  • roblover4ever

    me either i hated his hair in Eclipse…. can vampire hair grow???

  • http://twitter.com/DarlinShannon Shannon H.

    I think he looks younger in Twilight.

  • Justalice_

    I honestly didn't like his hair in New Moon the first time I saw it. It started growing….*laughs* That doesn't sound right…..loved the hair in the flashback scenes in Eclipse. But Twilight hair will always be my favorite.

  • Jamie :)

    He wore a wig in Twilight but New Moon and Eclipse its his hair lol New Moon for sure is best tho

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mariah-Angulo/100001352842967 Mariah Angulo

    i loved his hair in twilight but it grew on me 4 eclipse

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HZ5WNS7R7YQSHPJ6J4H4MB3AAY MikiR

    New Moon.

  • http://twitter.com/justdance147 Ali miller

    I liked his hair in Twilight, it looked natural (because it wasn't a wig lol) I couldn't stand it in New Moon and then I loved it in Eclipse! The only thing was that through the movies his hair grew, and I'm not sure that vampires hair can grow! Oh well I still love Jasper!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DXRNNA6KBB7RHYJX6EVAWTPXVQ Angel Face

    Twilight was good. Reason behind the wig was because he had to change his hair cut for The Last Airbender. He played Sokka.

  • mak

    i agree with u, in twilight it was good and new moon was just blurghh not nice, then i really liked it in eclipse. cant wait to see it in breaking dawn :)

  • Basaxl

    I thought he looked like he was wearing a poodle on his head in New Moon,but then I like long hair.I liked the Eclipse look the most.

  • http://www.team-twilight.com Nico Sanchez

    New moon :)

  • chine

    yeah!! good reaction

  • MrsCormode-Kellan

    I loved his Hair in Eclipse! Actually I just loved Him in Eclipse, my favourite look of his by far! x

  • Lifeindeath

    I didn't like his hair in Twilight or New Moon,but I LOVE it in Eclipse. He finally looks like I thought he should. So hot in that one.

  • Traceybuscaglia

    I Think he is awesome and his hair looked great in Eclipse, I really dont think it is so much about the hair It is about the great acting, his love for alice and what he contributes to the movie which makes him great.

  • Sam_parrow

    in Eclipse, they should have used a hotter flat iron…

  • Guest

    I love his hair in twilight..I pretty much prefer everyones hair in twilight because to me thats how I imagined their hair would be. I understand why they have needed wigs over time..just wish they could have made those wigs look more like the first movie..

  • Xxcharliexx125

    i liked it in twilight but in eclipse i think it looks more vampirish

  • Ridgeback

    I HATE THEM ALL! If I had to choose one it would be Twilight because it looks most normal. But none of them are good IMO.

  • Emma_Luv

    YEY!!! ECLIPSE ITS WINNING he looks way better in that film :D I LUV IT ;D

  • TeamAlice&Jasper<3

    He looks hot either way!! Why does it matter? <3 LovesJasper :)

  • Ridgeback

    Yeah, vampire hair does not grow. Can't Summit try to be at least a little consistent in the Twi world? UGH.

  • Mandiee_6969

    I like his Eclipse hair style, but my favorite is the New Moon one

  • Clot 123

    i love it in new moon he looks so hot, i love him!!!!

  • Jenna_marie0124

    i dont see why vampire hair cant grow…i mean when people die the fingernails and hair still grows… vampire are “dead” right…

  • Ellen

    in new moon he looks very wierd

  • http://twitter.com/dimwid Carmen Freeman

    i really love his hair in twilight

  • Tamara_Cullen

    I don't really love his hair in ANY of the movies … the one I PERSONALLY like the best is Eclipse – but I HAD to vote for his hair in New Moon. For me, it isn't about which one I like – it is about which one fits with the book… I believe his hair in New Moon fits best with the book.

  • http://twitter.com/dimwid Carmen Freeman

    it's the best looking in twilight

  • Lissahankins

    The man is hot as it is But somehow he looked even better in Eclipse.. I'm so Team Jasper he can nibble on me anytime

  • jarrad

    1st ones the best

  • Littlerfiddler

    I love it in New Moon & Eclipse, but Eclipse is just better (:

  • Mona

    I think all of them, especially Edward , had the best look in Twilight…it was more natural.
    Bella looked the best in New Moon.

  • twiperson lol

    eclipse all the way 4 me

  • Twi-hard

    I would guess that his hair in Eclipse is probably the most accurate since he was from the time of the civil war and hair was longer on men.

  • jackson R


  • taylorlaunteralltheway

    couldnt agree more!!

  • doglover


  • Ladyskye

    He looked the best in Eclipse!!!

  • laurangel

    It was a toss up between New Moon and Eclipse for me… but I think in New Moon it looked more real :) Everyone else's looked best in Eclipse I think :)

  • Mrs. TLautner

    His hair kinda freaked me out in eclipse. it was a close tie for new moon and twilight though. i like new moon just a tiny bit more though.

  • RougeTricx

    Its all about Eclipse for sure….and people you hair and nails grow after you dead so YES there hair can STILL grow…so stop complaining and saying they cant lol

  • Aldepies

    I am proud of you for chosing twilight. When I saw Jasper I was like dam so cute in that one I don't like how his hair got long. Its like it is not even him anymore.

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