Elle Fanning talks ‘Twilight’ in her new film ‘Somewhere’

[How cute are baby Dakota and Elle??]

Dakota Fanning’s sister Elle has a movie releasing this season entitled Somewhere. It turns out that there is a scene in there where she talks about Twilight! And what Team do you think Elle says she’s on?

Even movie stars aren’t immune to the power of “Twilight.” Elle Fanning, 12-year-old sister of Dakota Fanning, is a huge fan.

In the new Sophia Coppola film “Somewhere,” Elle has a scene where her character’s trying to explain the “Twilight” story to her father (played by Stephen Dorff). I ask Elle if that was something she improvised.

“No. Sophia wrote that back when it was just the books that were so popular,” Elle says.

Her sister starred in the second and third “Twilight” movies, but Elle never visited the set. She did get to attend the grand opening of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and was excited to see all the stars.

That leads to the obvious question: Team Jacob or Team Edward?

“I’m Team Voltori,” Elle says with a smile.

For those of you not up on “Twilight,” the Voltori are a group of pretty nasty vampires. Dakota plays Jane, a member of that group.

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  • LouiseCullen'x

    :D Team Volturi FTW

  • LouiseCullen'x

    :D Team Volturi FTW

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