Casting Update for ‘Breaking Dawn’ Denali Coven

Although The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is in full production swing, Summit Entertainment continues to add to the Breaking Dawn cast and the Denali Coven.

Summit recently announced a cast addition of Denali vampires in Breaking Dawn. The new Breaking Dawn Denali vampires include Christian Camargo as Eleazar, Casey LaBow as Kate, Mia Maestro as Carmen, and MyAnna Buring as Tanya.

The Breaking Dawn Denali coven is the only vegetarian coven of vampires and are also cousins of the Cullens.

Source: TheDeadbolt via Twilightish

  • Milleyfan911


  • Chelseagoudelock

    ME TOO!!!!

  • Crosbyirontonranger

    Aparently you like milley cyrus too cause your name is milleyfan911

  • Team Jasper2010

    I wanna do it as well team jasper all the way

  • twillightfan83

    i would love to do it too omg that movie series is the best one ever i can hardly wait to see breaking dawn. if i got the part to do a role in that movie i would scream just because it's my favirote movie!

  • Amanda Dworak

    I was an actress, I would do it.

  • AwereIisSmall

    So whats happening? are they adding to the book or…i have no clue im a bit slow sometimes :P

  • wouldntyouliketoknow

    way to be behind with the times…Summit announced this like a month ago

  • Lilfroggie2010

    Team Carlisle :)

  • Rjr027

    i will love to do it that is my dream work in twilight omg that will be soo cool!

  • btoledo.robfan

    what i would give to be in this movie. sadly i dnt have the experience at all. im just a housewive obsessed with this movie.

  • brandi roberts

    wow i would love to be apart of the twilight cast how awsome would that be….. CALL ME FOR MY CHANCE….

  • twilight-lover

    i'm an actress, and i would do it for free:D.

  • Jennmattand3

    OMG me too

  • Serinahittlet

    Me and my 13 yr old daughter love the twilight saga and would give anything to be in it

  • Anitaplove

    I don't get it.. we already knew this ._. wtf?

  • Lemon.

    Thank God Miley Cyrus isn't in this movie.

  • Summergurl695277

    Team Renesmee

  • Uniquepinkz

    I LOVE 2 act! It would so kool 2 b n Breaking Dawn!!

  • Abi

    would do it, lovee the books and filmm also would like to be a actress :D

  • playsomejax

    Who is playing Irina?

  • Squirrlychick17

    I'd love to do it as well but I have no acting expierence whatsoever!

  • Vzlanbutterfly

    OMG me as well!! Its incredible what these books/movies have done to me!!! I feel so juvenile sometime but I love it and I can't wait for part 1 of BD…. I know it's PG13 I just hope they do a great job showing lots of feathers!!! XD

  • grams

    think that they could of done it a better justice if they would of done it as a very long mini-series. imagine over a two to four week period . they could of caught all of the action and done ma much better account of the story line from the books and not had to change so much. love the books and the movies

  • Robyn-n-FL

    I KNOW I could do it, I just don't think they'd like a chunky gal for the role! LOL

  • Mouse_babymouse

    love carlisle he is a great actor rea all 4 books in one week

  • Kmk_chick_jdgaf

    so cant wait to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 November 18th 2011 its gunna be awesome cant wait for alot of scenes exspecially when Edward and Bella get married and when Edward changes Bella and when she is pregnant and has their baby so cant wait so stoked and anxious Team Edward Bella and Renesmee Cullen For Life!!!!!!!

  • tia

    wish i was in the movie my name is in the egypt coven sigh

  • tia

    omg me to i hope people would stop saying kristens acting is corny i mean it is sometimes but not all the time right

  • Jeannette Daybrest

    you and me both

  • Panka

    I am in the exact same boat. I saw some place that the demographic for these books/movies is NOT teenagers but women in there mid-late twenties on up. I just can't get enough!!!

  • Ashley

    i couldnt be able to watch the movie with miley cyrus in it i just barely got off with the unexperianced nonproffesional idiotic whore who played belle!

  • Smyers199

    Team Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DelaneyMoon3

    ME 2!!!!!!! :D

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/CoraleComics?feature=mhum#p/f/5/rPmW58Bv7kg LegHitchThis

    Yeah that's what confused me. This is old news.

  • TwiDork808

    LOL all this stuff is old news though I found out through sites a few months ago already haha

  • Sheehan65

    you suck!!! I hate all this hating going on and just what right do any of you have to say mean things to or about those people? Look into a mirror and see the “unexperianced nonprofessional idiotic whore” who is jealous of Kristen Stewart!!!!!!!

  • Tangentism

    I thought Tanya was blonde like most of the Denali coven?? But whatever. She better prove herself true to what Edward described to Bella. Cause… wasn't she feeling “threatened” by Tanya in the first place because she was attracted to him??? I need to re-read my BD and soon!

  • Dawn

    I too am Twilight obsessed. Anything I can get my hands on. Santa brought me Bella, Edward, Jacob, Alice & Victoria. My kids want to know when I'm going to open the boxes and play with my dolls. silly kids!!

  • Dawn

    You're probably a little tween, so maybe you don't know, Kristen's been acting since age 8. She worked on the following films: The Thirteenth Year, The Flinstones Viva Rock Vegas, The Safety of Objects, Panic Room, Cold Creek Manor, Catch That Kid, Speak, Zathura, Fierce People, The Messengers, In the Land of Women, Into the Wild, Jumper, What Just Happened?, Adventureland, The Yellow Handkerchief, Welcome to the Riley's, The Runaways, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse. Upcoming: Breaking Dawn, K-11, and On the Road. That's over 20 films. That would make you an ignorant idiotic whore who doesn't have a clue.

  • jj

    I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO agree there she cannot act even a little.

  • JREYN48


  • Crys5683

    no crap. me too. I love the books and movies so much, its my life.

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    I want Tanya to bring some drama!

  • Millie Pepper

    I just got all 3 books n I love it.Reading it now n it really good, I wish they could do the movie longer like the book.

  • Serena-cloe

    i love twilight im such a major fan im 23 and i dont care what people think i love the books i spend so much of my time reading them books ive read them over and over the thing is i had the chance to auditoin for this moive and i didnt i should have though

  • Angela Boisvert

    Yes me too, I was wanting to get a Canada work permit and join them In the filming of Breaking Dawn. Too bad for both of us. The books and movies are awesome and I love them.

  • Ellen

    believe me how this twilight saga helped in my recovery … i wish i could still be around until the 2nd part of breaking dawn …

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7I2UEB3ZDJ7AD2AUP7PES4MKQE Ash

    I Would Give Mii Life To Be In This Movie But I Have Only Done School Plays Since The 4th grade Sigh :/ Life Sucks To Not Be In This Movie!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7I2UEB3ZDJ7AD2AUP7PES4MKQE Ash

    I Would Give Mii Life To Be In This Movie But I Have Only Done School Plays Since The 4th grade Sigh :/ Life Sucks To Not Be In This Movie!!

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