Kellan Lutz on Cover of Italian Men’s Health Magazine- Jan 2011

Anyone else notice how even among all the Italian…”Sex Appeal” still seems to stick out? hehe ;)

Source: Kellan Lutz Online

  • Amendyk1971

    must have a copy

  • Luvvicki


  • Candisesmalley

    miss the dark hair :)

  • Luv4my2kids80

    GOODNESS, now thats what I call gorgeous!!!!!

  • Dnascarchick88

    Sexy Monkey Man!!!!!!!!!!

  • Munkie_gurl2002

    Like him better with dark hair… still sexy tho :)

  • Erinn2

    fit =D

  • Erinn2

    fit =D

  • Hartshorns

    yeh ,looks better with his hair dark!!

  • Serai

    Awww Yummeh, :~ How can you not resist :P

  • Drl

    I like the light hair better lol

  • Tlmfarmgirl

    Do I wanna know why he needs a bendy light for sex apeal???? LMAO!!!!!!!

  • Jamiejan121672

    WOW!!! He Is Just SOOO HOTTTTTT!!!!! :)

  • nikkie

    damn hes hot wonder where i can find me one lol

  • Cls22671

    dark is most certainly better, i mean come on who doesn't want a tall dark and hansom man

  • Mavatak

    everything so perfect

  • Mavatak

    everything so perfect

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