‘Eclipse’ Chocolates for Valentine’s Day!

I want these very badly!!! If anyone finds them let us know where you got them!

Source: @epnebelle via Gossip-Dance via Twilightish

  • Crissy

    HI there! These are awesome!! Hope my hubby gets them for me!! ;0) Found some on Amazon.com 9.99 per box.

  • Mscrystalf23

    Kmart is selling them too

  • Kaje2424

    Target and Walmart both had them last year! They are good and addictive!

  • desolatelily10

    I was shopping at Walgreens yesterday and they were there. I believe you can find them at groceries stores.

  • Kelsie

    I like you could easily get them in a grocery store…i thought I saw them there but I could be wrong.

  • Bl10woody

    Looking at the price sticker it looks like they are from Riteaide. But I have not seen them yet. I would love for my husband to get them for me. :)

  • Kelsie


  • Cola_redAngel

    Okay I have tried them.,.,.,and I was not impressed! They tasted disgusting and I have had better chocolate…I bought them for the pure and simple fact that I love Twilight…:)

  • Sarah

    I have bought the New Moon and Twilight boxes myself. I bought them only for the packaging because I love Twilight (anything). I didn't open them or even venture to try them so thank you for the heads up.. I wont' even bother

  • Team_Switzerland

    Walmart, and the tag under them is eve Walmart lol

  • Dazzledbycullens

    The Bella ones are the only ones that taste good because they are dark chocolate center…so I wouldnt even bother eating them…just save it cuz they are pretty!

  • EclipseChocoholic♥

    Anyone know where I can get them from in the UK?

  • Emma

    Does anyone know if they're available in the UK? Would love to try them :)

  • Ocean6irl

    How about that is a CVS tag, NOT WalMart!!

  • Team E <3

    they might be in Asda… seeing as it's the english version of Walmart :/

  • Mrs_curls1980

    I work at walmart and that isnt a tag from any walmart in kansas

  • Ashleighnc2006

    you can get them at walmart too.. i work there

  • Onfirewithdesires

    the little hearts with words on em are nasty to FYI i got them last yr for my sis cause she is a twilight FANATIC and anyway they were D SCUST ING

  • wolfgirl

    I want too <3 But i know thwt those chocolads will never come to finland… D=

  • Squiresa

    no u dumbass, the tag uunder them is rite aid

  • Vaishali_soni47

    where can i get them in india?

  • TeamJacob

    I got mines last year at walmart..

  • Jesid2000

    bonanza.com $5.95/box!

  • Huneybun0

    Walmart, you can see the price tag under the box

  • Danygaibor10

    i want it=)

  • We3ortys@aol.com

    I got them last year at walgreens. My guess is that EVERYONES going to sell them…

  • Zah3ane

    i've seen them at dollar general and big lots.

  • Huskie19

    Can you get them in Australia?

  • Gyleches

    What's with the name calling? Get off if you can't be civil.

  • Nicapa03

    I got mine last year in Target and yes they were really gross!

  • Dana_maisie


  • Dana_maisie

    I hope they in canada ….

  • Eliza_cooki

    Are there any in Australia? <3

  • Jessicachasteen

    I saw them at Rite Aid yesterday..

  • Serena-cloe

    what the heck i want those stupid canada never has shit like this gotta move to the states lol but that looks like a shoppers drug mart tag well thats what it is here

  • Christine87

    we had heart candy this side in South Afirca, they didnt taste too bad… who actully cares wht they taste like they had a pic of EDWARD on the box… Of course there was also a Jacob box bt im a Edward kinda girl :-)

  • Taz

    ahah, i want them, and the spongebob ones next to it!

  • Hermione

    yeah thats right, who cares about the taste when edward on it!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/crimson_riley Riley Biers

    I got New Moon ones at Rite Aid. I actually thought they were good.. gee I must have only got the good ones. Looking out for these. Tell me where I can get them.

  • miracletwilight

    hey hey, plz can you tell me where in SA did you buy them, I stay in Durban and would love to buy some. Thanks :)

  • Scfigeekgirl

    I've seen Twilight candy at Hallmark stores. Not sure if they have these but I have seen some differnt kinds there.

  • CenasGurl102907


  • yasmin

    i love yall moves

  • mel27teamalice

    They are so cool Hope they come to Australia we have Target but no Walmart

  • mel27teamalice

    They are so cool Hope they come to Australia we have Target but no Walmart

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