Friday Fan Favorites: Flor

This week’s installment of Friday Fan Favorites comes to us from Flor who lives in Argentina. Muchas gracias Flor! And remember guys, if you want to see your favorite Twilight-related photos (photo shoots, fan made photo manipulations, set images, stills, etc.!) in our weekly Friday Fan Favorites, don’t forget to send them to tips@team-twilight.com!

  • MusicLover08

    Great choices.

  • Danygaibor10

    i love these pics!=P

  • Bb

    i love the one with kristen and the little girl

  • Catherinebrennan

    pic's :p:p:p

  • Loisj40

    They are so cute together.

  • Supriyasaha269

    it's always jacob……i think he is the most realistic character…..edward's tooooooooo plastic

  • trh37

    I love Rob and Kris together. They are just perfect for each other. They complete one another. The way is should be between two people. Soul Mates 4 sure. I'm so glad they found each other and pray they last forever and have beautiful life and children together….so we can one day see their kids act……:)

  • K.S.

    the pictures are al cool

  • Kirakurtz


  • Emmylove1234

    I love all these Photos can't wait to see breaking dawn team Edward

  • Jenny_drentlaw

    Great Pictures…TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Person

    ummmm can you say HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!! I SURE CAN ;)

  • Jamie_pennington63

    they are a really cute couple, and i hope they stay together, there was a rumor that said kristen was prego, but u cant believe everything so idk

  • Depp Aisha

    the pic of bella cullen and the little girl is very nice……

  • Niniya2011

    awesome.. love the pair :)

  • marites

    i really love them together,perfect for each other, can't wait for the last movie of twilight

  • Cviker123

    i would give everything that i am Kristen

  • Harshita9

    love rob always

  • flor_twilight

    Thank to put my favorites photos!!! I love the web and I see it all the days…

  • Cassaundra Riley

    i cant either it is going to be sooooo good

  • Cassaundra Riley

    i cant either it is going to be sooooo good

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