Rob’s New Movie “Cosmopolis” Start Date Released

According to Alfama Films, principal photography for Rob’s new film Cosmopolis will start in Toronto on May 23, 2011.

Source :   Robnation via CosmopolisFilm via AlfamaFilms

  • Rosieharvey19


  • MrsRobinson

    he is so hot right now… hope he doesn't burn out !!
    as always an adoring fan. xxoo MrsRobinson

  • Madisonwynn2

    i love him

  • Starchild39

    whooohoooo i live in Toronto…

  • Blackmamba

    why bother commenting if only to be negative? Maybe find something else to do with your time that is appealing to you rather than things or people you don't enjoy.

  • Blackmamba

    Robert Pattinson is a beautiful person. I adore his music and will forever be a fan.

  • Team Cullen 2010




  • vhunter127

    Rob, jummmmmm Love him!!!!
    What is that movie about??

  • Renee

    I love you Rob…in any movie your in,because your just a hot man!!!!!

  • trh37

    I agree. He is a BEAUTIFUL person…well said. I also adore his music, I would love to hear him sing in person., his music moves me…..so emotional so honest and real. I also will be a FAN FOREVER. Also, of Kristen as well. They are both such GREAT people/Actors. The rest of Hollywood should take pointers from Rob and Kristen. However, that is why I LOVE them BOTH so much….because they are the REAL DEAL!!!!!! DON'T EVER EVER CHANGE YOU TWO!!!!

  • Lika

    i love him

  • TeamRobWardSoJustDealWithIt

    They are engaged, did you know? WOO!! :D

  • Isobella Liberty Brown

    I think he looks A LOT hotter as Edward… Even though he is still stunning as ever (;

  • Donuteelo

    HOPE d new movie will be a blockbuster as like twilight series n he can maintain his image.reaalyy like him.

  • Purplecrayon72

    Good Luck with your new films!! Don't worry about people think of you and starting out with your new films- You will do FINE!!

  • Seralynsmom929

    just a rumor


    I love all his music and movies! He will always be my number #1!!!!

  • Countryrose93402

    Rob Pattinson is an awsome actor. I remember him in a harry potter movie. He took the movie for me. I loved him in Remember Me. The movie really moved me. Made me cry at the end. I hope to see him in water for Elephants. I just love his acting.

  • Isobella Liberty Brown

    No it's not…. It said in my famous magazine..

  • Isobella Liberty Brown

    No it's not…. It said in my famous magazine..

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