Breaking Dawn’s Judi Shekoni to host reality show

Breaking Dawn cast addition Judi Shekoni (she’ll play Zafrina from the Amazon coven) now has a new gig! She’ll be hosting a reality show. Here are the details from Contact Music.

New TWILIGHT castmember JUDI SHEKONI is set to host a battle-of-the-sexes TV show called WHEN WOMEN RULE THE WORLD.

The stunning former model-turned-actress has been picked as the star of the ambitious new reality show, which was shot in Fiji.

The Brit tells WENN, “It’s the same format as a British show and the concept is what would happen in a world where women ruled and men obey.

“We went to an island to put that into action – the men had to do what they were told. It throws up the question who would be your ideal man in a woman’s world.”

ContactMusic via Twilightish

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