Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz- Covershoot “My First Kiss”

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  • Edwardcullenlovah17

    they look good together tht was cute

  • Lovexyou

    thats a terrible video, nobody can hear what shes saying over the loud music of ke$ha

  • Kair_808

    wish the music wasn't so loud so I can hear her talk.

  • Tomandtab

    are they together ????

  • Esteele M

    It would've been nice to be able to hear what she was saying beneath all of the music!

  • Nancy Druker

    seemed like a nice video clip but would have been better if you could hear what ashley was actually saying.

  • texastalbotmom

    This is a horrible video! You can't even hear what she's saying because the music is too loud!

  • katrina

    i couldnt hear a thing she was saying over the music.

  • Texastalbotmom

    (me again), that's not even putting in the fact that you can't see them well because all the video is BLURRY!!

  • Sadi

    want to see better this amazing video!!! but they look sooo nice together, don't they? ^^

  • KBPIgurl_84

    no she's with Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers – they've been friends long before they filmed the Twilight Saga movies

  • AradiaDawn

    That music is way to loud!

  • Toripaige19856

    stupid music waaaaay too loud!

  • Tinkin

    I think we can all agree with the fact that the music was WAY TOOOOOOOO LOUD!! I just hope the people that did the video reads this…maybe they'll get the hint!!:/

  • Shapla

    dey r a secret cuple coz ders pikz of dem kissing nd she looks GORGOUS! x

  • Jill

    Ugh! The music was awful! Wish I could've heard what she was saying! Annoying :( :( :(

  • JessK

    Yep. I'd rather hear what she's saying in the video than listen to some song while watching her pose!

  • JessK
  • JessK

    The original video!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WHSFGSTPJAXH3K5BRMQBCS62TM Lauren Bales

    I couldnt hear a damn thing she was saying!

  • JDarkAngel2000

    Thank you for the link to the original!!!

  • Vxelhip-hop@hotmail.es

    hacen una buena pareja en ves de le joe jonas los dos son lo mas

  • stheff

    i cannot hear what ashley is saying!!… it looks like they having fun… but i cannot hear anything!

  • TeamRobWardSoJustDealWithIt

    Awh, it was such a cute video, but yes, the music by 3OH3 was wayy to loud! And it was blurry.. :/ I really wish I find a guy like Kellan one day, who does all that to you, like wrap their arms around your waist… :D They look very cute together, but she is still with Joe so… OMG Kellan = HOT and Ashley = BEAUTIFUL. I wish I looked exactly like Ashley, such beautiful skin, eyes and hair (: Joe is very lucky to have her.. And as for Kellan, BE MY BOYFRIEND!!!

  • Maria Nieto

    But i think that Kellan and Ashley do better couple than she and Joe Jonas

  • Maria Nieto

    But i think that Kellan and Ashley do better couple than she and Joe Jonas

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