Shiloh Fernandez talks about auditioning for the role of ‘Edward’

Shiloh Fernandez was revealed by Catherine Hardwicke to be one of the final candidates for the role of Edward Cullen before Robert Pattinson was given the role. In the latest issue of VMAN Magazine, Shiloh (who also co-stars with Ashley Greene in her film Skateland, and is the star of Hardwicke’s latest film Red Riding Hood) discusses auditioning, and, ultimately, losing out on the role.

On missing out on the role of Edward Cullen: “No one had any idea what Twilight would become. At the time, it was just another audition. I didn’t realize I was missing out on stardom and giant paychecks. Now, looking back on it, I certainly wouldn’t have been mentally stable enough to deal with all that. Lucky for me, not getting that part led to other work that was a much better fit for me.”

On his experience working on Red Riding Hood: “To be given this great part with this very complicated backstory is such a learning experience. And [director Catherine Hardwicke] has created this world that’s so detailed and so beautiful. I loved being a part of it.”

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Not gonna lie. Shiloh is all sorts of hotness IMO.  Therefore, a couple of other pics from the VMAN shoot because I can:

  • twii

    ew no. not edward material.

  • Kaje2424

    He needs to pull his pants up! He has a nice stomach, but when you can see pubic hair, its a turn off! :b

  • Gyleches

    I couldn't agree more! It's uncomfortable to see that. And don't hate me but I hated the fact that Robert's pants were so pulled down in New Moon when he was in the square. Too much showing!

  • Duda

    Really good actor , what language he speaks?

  • Duda

    Really good actor , what language he speaks?

  • Danni3397

    he is absolutely perfect

  • Danni3397

    I want to marry him, omg

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