Here are two new behind-the-scenes video from Eclipse including brief interviews with various cast members.

“The Talk” with Kristen Stewart, Billy Burke and Melissa Rosenberg

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“Good To Be Bad” with Xavier Samuel, Bryce Dallas Howard, Daniel Cudmore, Jodelle Ferland, Dakota Fanning, Catalina Sandino Moreno and Charlie Bewley

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Via Twifans

  • Lenelm

    Omg! I love twilight ! Pleas let me meet Kristen stewart before i die!:( !!:D<3 Love the clips bye the way:D

  • Denis Martinez

    wow!! it´s the best!!yo no hablo ingles pero algo entendi…qe bueno qe ta!!sban mas!!amo crepusculo…i gracias x no poner a jacob en los videos!!bsos!

  • Depp Aisha

    wow!!!!! ths is awesome….

  • Kitkatfreak33

    i love the clips i would love to meet Robert pattison but i know that will never happen nothing like that would ever happen :( love all the actors and actress in twilight saga awesome job e1

  • lainie rich

    I went to a Jonas Brothers concert in irvine and 7 rows down was Ashley Greene my favorite vampire btw she play's Alice and I loved it I got a photo and we talkedd for like 20 seconds so I got to meet one of my favorite stars from Twilight.

  • Shadowdancer_f

    How can they say that Eclipes lead in the Raspberry awards for worst actors and motion picture for 2010..I loved Eclipes as much as all the twilights..They all Rule!!!!!!

  • Papakoleatita

    Totally love that scene between Charlie and Bella, the ackwardness of a father tooking to his daughter about being careful (THE TALK). So funny, yet so true and real.

  • Papakoleatita

    Darn it. I meant “the ackwardness of a father talking to his daughter about being careful (THE TALK).

  • Robles Arleen

    I've never seen such a fine man like edward an i love bella to.i even named my baby isabella an we call her bella.

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  • Whittakertracey

    i,m a big fan of twiligth dvd's i have all 3 dvds but the one thing i cant get my hands on is all the books as i'm in a wheelchair i have tried to get all the books can some one tell me where i can buy them. i love horror film's but twilight is right at the top of my christmas list and the best bite is how they put in a love story in the middle of a great horror film cant choose between edward and jacob there both good looking.

  • 70allycat

    If I could change my life and be born into Twilight, I would… In a heartbeat…Just come and bite me…Hard… >;-)

  • 70allycat

    If I could change my life and be born into Twilight, I would… In a heartbeat…Just come and bite me…Hard… >;-)

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