SATURDAY SURVEY: Desert island: Twilight books or movies?

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take either the Twilight books OR movies, which would you take? Tell us why in the comments below, or discuss it in the chat!

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  • iluvmyhummer

    The books. More detailed and leaves more to your immagination.

  • OLivvyA

    You wouldn't have anything to play the movies on…duh! :L

  • Michallos

    omgggg!! the question!!! but tje books are much better than the moviess….i mean the movies are great and everything but in the movies they skip a lot of events and imporment details that make diffrent :]

  • Abigaile

    had nothing to consider ,definitely books!

  • edwardandmeforever<3

    Movies! But just because they would make me feel less alone! haha but yeah the books are better

  • http://twitter.com/amberjo_cullen Amber Elkins

    The books! The movies leave so much of the story out and I don't need the movies to see the actors who play each character. I see their faces and hear their voices in my head as I read the saga so I get the best of both worlds… besides, what good would the movies do you on a deserted island? what would you watch them on?!? O.o

  • http://www.twilightbitten.com TwilightBitten

    The books are what I fell in love with. To be honest, if I had seen the movies first, I don't know that I'd be as attached.

  • http://twitter.com/Jodivb Jodi Shaw

    desert island means no electricity… so I'd just be staring at the dvd jackets! LOL… I LOVE re-reading the books anyway!

  • Vampireladykill

    I would like the both !!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I am greedy for twilight hehe xxx

  • Sifat

    It would definitely be the books. Firstly, because if you took the movies, you wouldn't be able to play it on anything. And the books, well honestly they're so much better. There's so much more detail and so many more descriptions. The movies on the other hand, have been cut and shortened.

  • Kattis_1997

    that's right olivvya I thought so to!

  • http://twitter.com/alyssa_curtis Alyssa Curtis

    books all the way. dont get me wrong i LOVE the movies, but the books are so much more detailed and give more behind the scenes info.

  • TeamJasmett

    Books and Movie, as they both bring different things to the table.

    The books are beautiful and I dont have to worry about anything being left out, and I love the movies because It brings the books to life.

    If I had to choose it would be the books, they are far better :)

  • Joy96

    the books because it takes awhile to read them so u have more to do, also they have more details in, and more intersting.

  • ElizabethhatesKristenS

    Well as my username states id bring the books because I think kristen Stewart butchard the part of Bella!

  • ElizabethhatesKristenS

    Kristen stewart sucks!

  • http://www.fanfiction.net/~truetwihard96 true_twihard

    books cause i love reading Bella's point of view & i hate Taylor Lautner as Jacob, no offense to Taylor but i think everyone only see the muscles & forgets the way he treats Bella. Also everytime i read the books i picture Rob & Kristen as Edward & Bella anyway & plus no electricity! DUH! ;) ❤

  • Gabriella

    ehm, the books are better then the movies..
    But how do you want to watch the movies with no DVD player or TV
    Like seriously xD

  • Wildsilverhorset

    umm besides the fact that it is a desert island, if u could somehow watch them I'd be quite torn! Yes the books are better and so I think I would go with them. However I love Rob Pattinson so I might choose the movies……….. :)

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    The books. I could laugh at how ridiculous Bella is as a character over and over and over again.
    Oh, and because they're better.
    But if I could bring a bunch of power stuff, both. I'm hungry for Twilight. Roar!

  • http://www.fanfiction.net/bellawriterlovesedward Maybellerodrigo1997

    Books cause , u wouldn't have a dvd player or a tv .

  • http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2366817/bellawriterlovesedward Maybellerodrigo1997

    I'm posting again , but I would choose the books because you would not have electricity .

  • Kimberly mcdonald

    book cause to take movies to a dessert island were is the power ,tv so on but i would take both.

  • A.J

    and u could do better, , she is an awesome actress

  • Ann Ruiz

    Books, how would you watch the movies……besides the books are better.

  • Dancing_4the_stars09

    So your one of those people that just judge. I would love to see someone like you have half the courage to go try out for a movie and actually make it. In your dreams honey.

  • Dancing_4the_stars09

    You are so retarded. Like seriously, get a life. I didnt know making fun of Kristen was your job. You could not even compare to her heart, and her courage. I would love to see someone…. like you(haha) that could go and audition, and actually get the part. Never gonna happen sweety. So until that does happen why dont you chizzle the ice of your heart and find something good to say about something in the movie instead of beign a negative little troll! have a great day. (:

  • Spookalooks

    You are entitled to you [wrong] opinion A_J

  • Ocrazybaby15

    I would have to take the books because now that I have seen the movies (and Love Them too) I can have them play in my head while reading the books!!! They are all awesome but the books have more scenes and last longer!

  • TwilightBooks!

    Id rather bring books, because for one thing no electricity, and because the movie is really dumb,(to me) i mean it adds a bunch of stupid things that were never even said or done in the book, and it messes up how I feel the characters should look,and the book has much,much,MUCH more description and details :)

  • Vampyree

    she is!!!
    Stupid name Elizabeth..

  • iBrianna

    Books. Duh. Kristen is not a bad actress, she just doesn't do Bella any justice. I imagined Bella much prettier.

  • edwards true lovexx

    defo the books!dont matter how many times i read them,it, still feels like the first time i read them!! plus instead of kristen kissing n loveing edward,i can replace her with myself.(even though she is a gd actress n beautifull n makes bella so beleivable).but i love him more.xx

  • just me

    finaly someone who makes sense. Not an Kristin Stewart hater! But Rob quote: Nailed the Character as Stephanie said. Kstew doesn't. She is an awsome actress though. And it doesn't take away the fact that the chemistry btween them is sizzeling!

  • Candace

    Don't b so Rude!

  • Lana

    common sense!!! If your in the middle of an island there is no ELECTRICITY!!!!!!!!! Plus the books are WAY more interesting AND Breaking Dawn hasn't come out yet…….. I LOVE TWILIGHT SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 :)

  • Tina

    Books, cause you get so much more detail, and Breaking Dawn is my favourite which isn't even finished on film yet.

  • Twibrightmmxi

    I love the books so much Taylor Launtner gives Jake a chance, in the book you see who Jake really is an obnoxious annoying pushy hormonal teenage flea bag. I am most defiantly for the books. <3 Edward

  • Twibright Senior MMXI

    my little sister kept track of how much i read them in the last 3 years and I have read twilight 123 times,,, I am shocked but she kept tally in her diary lol

  • Bazteak

    Watching the movie is like riding in a ship across the ocean. Reading a book is like snorkeling and diving in the ocean and seeing all that is in the depths. Like riding past the library or going inside. I love knowing everyones thoughts and I can only get that with the book. But, I do love the movies.

  • Donna:)

    This was 1 of the most hardest decisions of my life lol but as much as I love the movies and watch them over and over and over again… I would choose to take the books…reading the books makes the rest of the world disappear and its like I am part of them…To all the actors in the movies I think you all did an awesome job for your characters and I love all of you..cant wait to see the fine work you have done with breaking dawn :)

  • Bum Ass

    Books :D I can burn them…

  • team_jacob399

    the books, by far… and to all the Kristen haters out there – i bet NONE of you have enough courage to be Bella! do you people know HOW many fans are couting on her to be exactly who they want to be? and so far, she has pleased most of them… but anyways the books b/c 1. no electricity 2. ive seen the movies and <3 them, but they would get boring. 3. each time i read the books, its like a new story <33

  • TeamSeth_x

    The books! In the books you can change what the picture is in your head e.g. I think that Edward's hair should be more bronze and Jasper's hair should be shorter and curlier in my opinion (though I love Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone and their characters) :)

  • TeamSeth_x

    I agree!

  • Tay<3'sTwilight

    I would definitly choose the books over the movies. I have only watched the first movie, due to the fact I LOVE reading, and I find the books better and much more detailed then movies could ever be! I get to read how the characters are feeling, their thoughts, and I get to use my imagination on how everyone in the book looks, acts, talks, and reacts like. Twilight is my favorite series by far! GO TWILIGHT! TEAM EDWARD! :]

  • dreams of Rob!

    The movies leave out good and important things. The actors do play the parts well, but I think the movie should have been longer. I know they said the have time limits but look at titanic or harry potter they are long. And plus I can see Rob in my mind at anytime.

  • Natacha

    O livro sempre é melhor que o filme… porque o filme é o resumo do livro, que sempre tem mais detalhes!!

  • Alejalozano17

    Ok…. I love the books i have read them millions of times, i think the movies have been great pass the first one and even the people that work in it is great. especially Rob ;) !! The way Meyer write and make descriptions is amazing so i definitely choose the books.. Plus in a desert island theres no way in which i can be able to see the movies Lol (no electricity).. If someone care about I am a Colombian girl and even here the fever for the twilight saga is unbelievable  !! 

  • TheColombian

    Ok…. I love the books i have read them millions of times, i think the movies have been great pass the first one and even the people that work in it is great. especially Rob ;) !! The way Meyer write and make descriptions is amazing so i definitely choose the books.. Plus in a desert island theres no way in which i can be able to see the movies Lol (no electricity).. If someone care about I am a Colombian girl and even here the fever for the twilight saga is unbelievable  !!

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