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There have been a couple of new rumors this week about roles that Kristen Stewart is being considered for. Kristen supposedly read for the role of Lois Lane in the newest version of Superman, which will star Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel. In addition, word on the street is that Kstew is also wanted for the upcoming film The Huntsman, a live action retelling of the classic fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

1) Do you think either or both of these roles is fitting for Kristen? Would you want to see Kristen as Lois Lane or Snow White?

2) Is either role too similar to her role of Bella Swan?

3) Would you rather see Kristen in different types of roles? Action? Comedy? Something else?

Sound off in the comments below! And, guys, there’s no reason to insult the actors or other commenters. I know many of you won’t like Kristen for the role, and that’s what I wanted to see you guys discuss, but let’s be civil about our opinions. This is not a site that trash talks. Keep it classy, please.

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  • Kylori

    I mean no offense, but I've seen her in enough roles to know that she can play only one type of character – herself. I don't think she would do justice to the roles of Lois Lane or Snow White. More versatile actresses should be cast in these roles.

  • Kmk_chick_jdgaf

    she would make a good Snow White but ya i agree with all of you other people not so much Lois Lane but ya never know if she is casted for that role and it comes out then it may or may not be good who knows we all just have to find out huh lol.

  • Dolphin-twilight-Fan

    I think kristen Stewart is good actress and she could play both of the roles i have seen most of her movies and i have loved all of them. If she was a bad Actress would she be offered so many roles and get nominated for so many awards.
    Go Kristen Stewart you rule girl.
    Kristen Stewart is one of my favourite actress of all time

  • Iftikhar_sarah

    i think kristen stewart is really suitable for the roles of both lois lane and snow white……..as because ever since she starred for twilight saga's, she has been working really very well in it.

  • Anita_24

    I saw her work in “Speak” and I am totally convince that she is a great actress, the problem is that she is too close to Bella and honestly, she's not doing her best with it, I meant, after seeing what she did in Speak it makes looks her work at Twilight as effortless… I don't think she's the right choice for either the parts, for snow white her voice is to like manly and for L. Lane she doesn't have the sparkly vibe that it's need it for the role… but again, here are the studios the ones to make that call in base of star power and having a practically unknown superman will make her the star of the movie in terms of reach audiences

  • robertgirl

    Kristen should just be Bella

  • http://twitter.com/jstardrama Joseph Roman Torres

    I believe louis lane is a similar charactrer to bella cuz she is the fragil human lover to a super natural human being

  • Denisse Duran

    she could either, because she is a actress. she can be whatever she want

  • Ginger.

    Snow White could be cool!!

    Anyway. i <3 her!

  • Ginger.

    Snow White could be cool!!

    Anyway. i <3 her!


    Have any of you actually read the Grimm's Brothers Snow White, all those major fairy tale Princess were victims.  Snow White has to have an innocence, a trusting nature, kind and generous. Kristin Stewart really can not act at all. I don't feel the love or attraction her character has towards “Edward” in the Twilight movies, and they way she plays Bella in the movies…its like she's very indifferent towards her father.  Lois Lane…sigh they already made a sh*tty Superman with that twig Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane.  Lois is a bit crazy, willful and dangerous, awkward but all of these require a very good actress who can play those facets. Just because you have dark hair and fair skin and can memorize your lines doesn't make you a good canidate for Lois Lane nor Snow White. EMMA STONE would be good as either character. She has an innocence, a pretty full face and talent. Lol, sorry just my op.

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