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There have been a couple of new rumors this week about roles that Kristen Stewart is being considered for. Kristen supposedly read for the role of Lois Lane in the newest version of Superman, which will star Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel. In addition, word on the street is that Kstew is also wanted for the upcoming film The Huntsman, a live action retelling of the classic fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

1) Do you think either or both of these roles is fitting for Kristen? Would you want to see Kristen as Lois Lane or Snow White?

2) Is either role too similar to her role of Bella Swan?

3) Would you rather see Kristen in different types of roles? Action? Comedy? Something else?

Sound off in the comments below! And, guys, there’s no reason to insult the actors or other commenters. I know many of you won’t like Kristen for the role, and that’s what I wanted to see you guys discuss, but let’s be civil about our opinions. This is not a site that trash talks. Keep it classy, please.

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  • Brandi

    She has the look for Snow White, but HELL NO for Lois Lane. If they cast her as Lois Lane, I will be pissed!

  • Daeuiel

    please LORD do not let them cast her for Lois Lane. WRONG WRONG HELLA WRONG!!!

  • Gemini

    Snow White for deffo she just is not a Lois Lane at all and i'd like to see her in maybe an action like when she was younger or maybe a comedy :) )

  • Nikkilyn13

    I can see her as Snow White, but definitely not as Lois Lane. I love her as an actress, but the role of Lois Lane does not fit her at all.

  • Morgan_10_04

    snow white would be perfect for her.

  • desilou

    i love the idea of Kristen as Snow White! :D

  • Dani

    I think she'd be really funny in a comedy!!

  • Krcprincess

    I don't really care for Kirsten I accept her as her role in twilight but thats it I dont think shes a good enough actor to play in other movies.

  • Pam

    She's too awkard in her mannerisms to play Lois Lane, could pass as Snow White but I think there are other actresses better suited to the role. Don't get me wrong I like Kristen as an actress but just because she's en vogue thanks to twilight doesn't mean she should get roles that don't really suit her.

  • sugasnap

    give her 10 years and i might start taking her as a serious actress

  • Crystalgimpel

    I think she would be good in both roles. I think she play the characters very well. She looks like lois lane and snow white. I for one cant wait to see which one she picks or if she does both

  • Danzerna

    She would make a beautiful Snow White and I also think she cann pull off being Ms. Lane.
    She seems to be a fairly good actress so she would probably be great in both of them. I am a sucker for Disney though:) The roles have a similar touch of vulnerability, both Bella, Lois Lane and Snow White, but other than that only the hair is a match… very different and interesting roles.

  • Giorgiemccreary

    I think she could do either one… But I'd like her to play someone less dependent on a man!! More independent! Even though I love Bella with all of my heart(: But I think she's perfectly capable of doing either role(;

  • August_rush18

    Well we already know she can do a different role than just bella cause she played a kick ass joan jett in the runaways. People shouldn't focus on one movie that people do as their whole career. I personally think she could pull of both. But leaning more towards snow white. That sounds interesting and we really don't need another remake of superman anyways

  • Papakoleatita

    I love Kristen. I think she is a wonderful and talented actress with a lot of ambition. Kristen would do well in any role she feels comfortble with and what feels right for her. I would like to see her in a comedy or a voice for an animated film along with Taylor and Rob. That would be cool. As for playing Snow White or Lois Lane, she could probably pull it off.

  • tara

    i think that people are already type casting her. getting into many movies is always hard if an actor or actress has a role they are good at it usually takes one role to destroy their careers. i for instance liked patrick swayze then i saw fatherhood and then i got turned away.movie scouts always get the actor/actress they tend to want in their films. i happen to like kristen stewart but i would like her to try other films she may surprise us i liked her in the messengers but she dose do alot of roles where she protays alot of teenagers. she is young and still have a good career ahead of her.

  • Jennie

    I would like to see her as Snow White. She is a very talented actress. I have loved her in all the roles she has played.

  • Bingomama1982

    I would like to see her play either one. I agree that she has played the good girl needing protecting all the time and if they put her as lois lane it will be different.

  • Brandy

    I would like her for Snow White! Maybe not so much Lois Lane.

  • anwnimous

    i don't have any problem to play anything for childrent as the snowhite because i am not going to see it
    but for lois lein yes i have a real problem why she have to take that role when there exist other actors much much better than her!!!!!!this role is dynamic and needs another class of women!!!!

  • Rockabella6585

    ok, i think both rolls would be something completely new for her. neither character is awkward, clumsy, edgy or odd in any way. they are graceful, gorgeous characters that i think would be really exciting to see her try…. i'd like to see her do something really out of her comfort zone. i think, out of the 2, Snow White would def be the roll for her tho.

  • Rockabella6585

    btw, i'm so excited to finally get Welcome to the Rileys' on netflix tonight!!! :D this will be an exciting roll to see her in as well.

  • CullenGirl

    ok so i think that the only reason all these girls are saying she is no good is because they are jelous!!! Kristen is a great actress!! Just because you didnt get casted for Bella dont hate on her!!! I think she will be awsome in any role she gets casted for!! I guess all these people casting her for their movies are dumb right…nah leave the girl alone and let her be the actress she is!!!!

  • VampireGirl

    U sad Haters. Ur all just jalouse cause u all cant act. Go get a life or something noobs !!!

    Kristen u Rock.

  • guest

    couldn't care less about superman movies, but uh no she should not play snow white, love twilight but she's too much a awkward person on screen

  • cguill

    Kristen would do really well for Snow White no doubt about it. For Lois Lane I think Kristen and Henry Clavill will both look great on screen with each other, but I would like to see her in the roll of Snow White and not as Lois Lane. They have several Superman movies already and being the first movie “The Huntsman” to retell Snow White, Kristen will make it a great hit.

  • Zeni_18

    I think it would be nice to see her in diffrent stuff but I really think she should do the snow white take a chalange its always worth it in the end I'm looking foward to anything she dakes :)

  • ang423

    I don't think she should do either. She's a horrible actress and I can't stand that she even plays Bella. I definitely don't want to see her with Henry Cavill (we dodged the coupling of those two in a movie when it was decided Henry was too old for the part of Edward in Twilight). There are SO many better actresses out there to chose from. I really hope for the parts of two iconic characters they would chose someone with more talent than Kristen Stewart.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KGY6X2VPDCM2JAFSCBV3TKM4CE Juls

    I would love to see her in both…and I think different types of roles would be great to show her versatility. Sometimes when new actors/actresses become so famous in one type of movie they end up locking themselves into certain types of roles and I hope to see her do more then that. I think she and Robert Pattinson are wonderful!

  • Coccinelle696

    I would see her in both. I think it's funny Henry Cavill would be superman as it is him that Stephenie Meyer saw to be Edward in the Twilight movies if He would have been younger.

  • Rachel

    I'd love to see her as Lois Lane… in about 10 years. Right now she's too young, especially compared to Cavill.

  • Blackpoisonnini

    I think she would be a perfect snow white but Lois lane would be out of her lead to me…. maybe a little far fetched. her attitude/personality is strong but not strong enough to be a danzzle in distress such as a woman like lois lane. because lois is a very out spoken character and i haven't seen that inKristen.

  • Cege1977

    I feel she could play both roles, she is a great actress.

  • Kajustus

    The whole point of acting isn't to stick with the same roles all of the time. When actors do that, they aren't good actors at all. Real acting is pushing yourself and working hard and putting yourself into someone else's shoes that are completely different then your own. Broadening your skills by playing completely different parts takes talent. If Kristen makes the roles, then I can't wait to see how she makes the parts of Snow White and Lois Lane her own.

  • Curls

    Kristen is a good actress…read the books and she did a great job as bella.
    Why would directors keep getting her if she sucks.
    Every behind the scene I watch everyone says good things about kristen.

    I can't wait to see more films by kristen

  • victoria

    I would love to see her in both roles. I don't think they are similar to the Isabella Swan character. There is so much good about Kristen. She is down do earth, her self and an amazing and talented actress. Always amazed by her. I really think she would pull of these roles good, as she always does.

  • Heatherkpedigo75

    she could be a snow white but not lois lane,kristen strikes me as an indepent girl not a dazzle in distress

  • ImaginaryFriend

    I don't want to see her in ANY roles. She is a sucky actress who has no personality. She plays the same character in ever movie I've seen her in. There are far better actresses who would do better and deserve those parts.

  • http://twitter.com/NaAlCl44 Natasha Cline

    Snow white maybe but not Lois Lane. I feel that playing someone like Snow White would be just a bit too much for her, she seems to prefer topics where she can really show what she can do. I'm not sure what she could do as Snow White

  • Deadgirl_66604

    lol always got to have a couple haters on huh well i think she would be good for either one some people just hate cause they don't have any talent lol oh well haters gonna hate.

  • Waynanc

    I think she has taken alot of heat in her roll of Bella. It is the same with Rob. Everyone had a preconcevied notion of what those characters should be like and if they didn't fit they were horrible. I think they both did a great job as Edward and Bella. I have seen Kristen in other rolls and she is great in those as well.

  • Jessicaener

    I think she coulddo both, but I think I would like to see her as Lois Lane more than Snow White.

  • http://soulmateseries.blogspot.com/ Kelli

    She would make a great Snow White. I don't know if I'm sold on her as Lois Lane. Not to say she couldn't do it, but I can think of other actors that would better fit the role. I would love to see her in a comedy.

  • Amy

    i'd definitely like to see her in action and comedy films because she will be great ( as if she wasn't already ) but lois and snow white? i don't about that ….not that she wouldn't be good at them or anything because there's one thing i know and it's that she can do anything and she can do it right …it's just that i don't think those parts fit her

  • Nic93

    Kristen turned down the major production during a meeting with the director. She was never asked to read for the role, as her exceptionally brief meeting never got that far before she ultimately denied wanting to be a part of a media hype type cast, but has also on most occasions professed her interest in smaller independent films.
    Zack Snyder was unimpressed by having his time wasted.
    Rachel McAdams, Mila Kunis, Malin Akerman and Dianna Agron have read for the part, chances are high one of these women will play Lois Lane.

  • http://twitter.com/kittykisser Oma Ramdass

    i would like to see her in both – doing both movies will definitely class her as a great actress and it will show off her talent because both roles are of different contrast

  • Aimee80

    She would be great for Snow White!!!

  • danielle

    She could be Louis Lane if she wanted to; she's a great actress. She played a great Bella, but she's so much more than that. She can play so many different personalities. Yes, Stewart played Bella as someone who stammers a little bit and is awkward, but that's how she read the character. I read Bella in the books close to the same way. The thing about Louis Lane though, is she's such an iconic character, and Kristen Stewart is already so famous that everyone would see her as Kristen Stewart first and Louis Lane second. Though, I guess that might make it more interesting and challenging for her.

    As far as Snow White, I think it would be GREAT for her. She's got such a wonderful complexion and her hair looks great dark. Plus, how cool would it be to see a new, live action version of such a great classic?! :)

  • Missamoo

    i would love to see her as snow white i think she would do a wonderful job with it but she's no lois lane maybe when she is a little older playing lois lane would be better but ether way she will do a good job with what ever she does

  • Andie

    She's too young to play Lois Lane. Maybe in 10 years

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