Saturday Survey: Which film’s score is your favorite?

Sorry for the delay in getting this week’s poll on the site, but here it is! With the recent news that Twilight composer Carter Burwell will be scoring parts one and two of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, and then Carter’s tweet today that he has just written Renesmee’s Lullaby, I had inspiration for today’s poll question.

Which film’s score do you prefer? I’ll put some videos below the poll to jog your memory!

Twilight (“Bella’s Lullaby”):
YouTube Preview Image

New Moon (“The Meadow”):
YouTube Preview Image

Eclipse (“Jacob’s Theme”):
YouTube Preview Image

  • Ikristen22

    Can't wait to hear Rob play Renesmee's lullaby in BD pt.2!!!

  • Viv

    Twilight by faaaaaaaaaaaar!

  • twilight13

    I loved Twilight's but New Moon's was so meaningful, then you get someone as incredible as Howard Shore doing Eclipse's that was…incredible :) I would say New Moon's out of the three but they are all brilliant in their own right

  • Hsiuia

    I think new moon is not as good as the other!!!

  • Kitty

    While I like all of them and wish there was more of Rob bcuz Let me Sign is awesome (had it as a ringtone for a while ) Yet New Moon tugged more at the heart strings and is simply breathtaking musically.

  • LeezLuvsEdward

    Funnily enough, I was lying in bed, thinking about that last night because I was listening to my iPod which has all the score's on. Twilight was really good, consistant tunes with a large range of instruments to give different moods, New Moon was amazing, also consistent sounds, but the amount of different sounds and moods it gave me was AMAZING! Then Eclipse, probably my least favourite. It had lots of appropriate sounds and songs for each scene, but there was no consistancy to the songs. So, I think I'm stuck between New Moon & Twilight, also because Twilight has Bella's Lullaby in it.. :) x

  • nonicullen

    muy ansiosa porque llegue la pelicula , lastima que ya falta poco para q termine :(

  • hmregan13

    I think I have to go with Twilight on this one. New Moon is a close second. I think these scores do an amazing job of evoking so much feeling and emotion from the viewer. I didn't feel as deep of an emotional connection with Eclipse.

  • Mariem1415

    For me its definitely new moon,i like just about every song on there, my favs are the meadow,memories of edward,marry me. they remained stuck in my head and will be forever,they sound so dreamy and fit the mood for movie perfectly,all the movie scores are good though hopefully breaking dawn will be just as good.

  • Cecienciso

    twilight bellas' lullaby

  • Beckita530

    because edward was in there that much

  • Team_Alice28

    I loved twilights score but new moons score takes me to so many different emotions. It was hands down the most beautiful, even though bellas lullabye is pretty. you can feel every tear, every smile every single emotion in the new moon score. Especially Marry Me Bella, ugh! I melt

  • Rainydayroze

    I think they get better with each one.Eclipse is my fav.But then anything with Rob is awsome….

  • Jen_twilight

    I loved all 3 of them! It's really hard for me to just pick one

  • Mark Asaro

    Definately Twilight's score! By far it supercedes all the rest, also my favorite movie! However, I know I will be a blubbering mess Nov. 18!

  • Joshenjennie

    I think Twilight and Eclipse should be a tie.The are both completely compelling!

  • Ciara-Alice

    I think Eclipse is too light hearted at it ruins the serious note of the film, i love Bella'S Lullaby but New Moon The Meadow is AMAZING!! :)

  • Kylori

    New Moon!

  • Isaromero

    ami me gustaron las tres y espero la ultima

  • Lbragrl_73

    I like all three

  • tabby:)

    i LOVED the songs in twilight, but not the score,
    but new moon is, in my opinion by faaaaar the best.
    and eclipse, i like howard shore, but i still liked new moon more.

  • Sxymmm69beth

    Bella's Lullaby is so amazing but I also Love them all. I agree I can't wait to hear Edward play the lullaby for Renesmee. Can't wait!

  • vielka

    I love all there are execellent, i will like to see the next part

  • Johannealb

    Definently Bella's lullaby.

  • Team Cullen 2010


  • SML1452

    It is so true. you really can't compare the scores because they were composed by different people and each book has a different feel. Howard Shore did AMAZING with Eclipse!

  • Maryann

    i love Twilight because it was fresh and new and i love the music in the movie also!

  • The Other Bella

    That's like saying you love one of your children more than the others. All of the soundtracks are fantastic, and I can't wait to hear those from BD I and II.

    That said, I favor “All Yours”, “Bella's Lullaby”, and “Meet Me on the Equinox”. One from each. Fair and balanced!

  • The Other Bella

    Sorry – answered slightly wrong. “Bella's Lullaby”. The scene it goes with is so breathtaking (up in the treetops) and romantic (sitting by the grand piano).


  • Lisa Ann

    My Favorite is Twilight(Bella's Lullaby). This song is perfect for that scene.

  • Alicediane88

    i like all………………………

  • Greenangelkissesdow

    in first video at 1:41 theres a picture on the right which should be them two but the pic on the right theres bella but that isnt edward

  • Love Bella's Lullaby

    I Love Twilight. The music is amazing. I was able to listen to Bella's Lullaby as I read that part in Twilight, it was just beautiful.

  • Gyleches

    Couldn't agree more!!!!

  • Rinadb

    i cant choose love them all

  • Ship9191

    I luv d music of twilight,its awesome…….

  • twilight fan…

    I love all of them ,, all the scores r amazing ………. can't wait 4 BREAKING DAWN

  • Nwgi71

    Bella's Lullaby. Knowing that its the begining of such a heart felt journey. It's magical.

  • E&B

    They are all really good, but I liked New Moon the best. When I originally read Twilight I imagined that Bella's Lullaby would have sounded more like that one.

  • Vampyree

    The Meadow- New Moon.
    Listned to it all sumer long.. can't get enough. Really touching song.

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Eclipse and New Moon because I got sort of queasy-feeling in the Twilight one. The piece was rather odd and awkward like Bella. I didn't like it too much. But the 2nd half of it is okay.

  • Ffafgirl

    Thing is, all 3 scores have a distinctive sound to them, definitely. And if you're an LOTR fan as well as a Twi-fan (such as moi) you will notice that the Eclipse soundtrack kinda sorta sounds like Howard Shore's pieces for LOTR. He definitely incorporated a lot of the same sounds.

  • g bird

    they sound cool when you do jacobs song and bellas lullaby together

  • g bird

    they sound cool when you do jacobs song and bellas lullaby together

  • Sandycat53

    have to go for twilight as i love bellas lullaby but love the music from all the films, look forward to hearing the music in breaking dawn!

  • Ebony Cropper

    i absolutely adore them all but i wud say eclipse because it has  so much goin on

  • Saphrias

    What do you do when you love them all? XD <~x~>

  • teamedwardalways

    DEFINATELY NEW MOON!!! its SOOO gorgeous!!!  it inspires so many different emotions.

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