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January 29 – February 4, 2011

Most popular posts:

1) Photo Shoot Flashback: Ashley, Jackson, Kellan & Nikki are adorable in UK Glamour (Nov. 2009)

2) The first official images of Kristen Stewart in On the Road.

3) Gorgeous Taylor Lautner fan art by Nikita.

4) Young Taylor Lautner is a nerd for Nerds.

Other noteworthy news:

Is Kristen Stewart going to be playing Snow White in the upcoming adaptation called Snow White and the Hunstman?

Twilight‘s Cam Gigandet has been all over the place promoting his film The Roommate.

Check out the actresses playing Renesmee in Breaking Dawn

Some new outtakes of Robert Pattinson were released

Parks and Recreation centered an entire episode around Twilight

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