Week in Review: What you missed this week

In case you missed some of the good scoop this week, here’s a “Week in Review” summary post so you can make sure you get our most popular and pertinent posts each week!

February 5 – 11, 2011

Most popular posts:

1) Jamie Campbell Bower and Bonnie Wright are an adorable couple.

2) Kristen and Ashley are stars spotted without makeup on.

3) Almost-Edward Shiloh Fernandez doesn’t envy Rob’s fame.

4) Breaking Dawn composer Carter Burwell tweeted about Rob performing Renesmee’s Lullaby.

Other noteworthy news:

The film adapatation of Stephenie Meyer’s book The Host has a director!

There’s a rumor going around that Breaking Dawn will have a sneak peek at Comic Con.

Princess Margaret: Dakota Fanning’s new role.

Peter is triple threat with El Chico Blanco.

Check out the Wolfpire!

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