Outtakes of Kristen Stewart Now in HD

Wow is Kristen gorgeous in these pics! Enjoy!

Source: Setje via Robstendreams

  • Niki1211


  • Ludooki

    yes she is:))

  • Avanovalee

    Wow all I can say is WOW

  • Ashahmadi

    she is beautiful if i was a guy i would soo totally bang her lol just saying

  • Nessa32008


  • Luvzmykittiez

    me 2! lol

  • Mellies98

    wow is an understatment

  • Sjazmere

    i love kristen she's just gorgeous

  • mommabooo

    WOW is an understatement …….

  • Kelly Jodoin

    omg jaw droping amazing!!!!! i dono what ppl say she isnt pretty she like omg i want to do her lol

  • Nispretty

    she is very much a woman that every man wants.

  • susu

    She's ok but not wow…gorgeous. Sorry!

  • Mikaylaluman92

    I think I'm in lust o.0

  • http://twitter.com/ChelseaHudgens Chelsea Hudgens

    all i can say is wow.. the first pic is my fav

  • Monkey81600

    I agree

  • Miss_beautiful_one68@yahoo.com

    omg i love it

  • Sam89

    shes okay i guess

  • http://twitter.com/TeePattinson Tanyka Thomas

    so beautiful..absolutely love her :)

  • Jonesj73

    Omg, so pretty! I agree I would totally bang her if I was a guy!!

  • Sabresfan200

    so gorgeous!!! I love her she is beautiful! <3

  • Adity_rdm

    She is the most beautiful n talented person i've seen in my life……..

  • http://twitter.com/cpace98 Cindy Pace

    Amazing!!!! Very talented young lady.

  • Jaymie5cakes

    Gah shes beautiful. im not a guy and id still bang her!! ;P

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6LGOWYHLGLQRCAWA3YTNX37CF4 Mark

    OMG she is sooo gorgeous. I would love to just spend at least one day with her and get to her more. I think she is an amazing actress. there are actresses that get their personallities changes from being a celebrity, but she is one actress that has not changed. She is amazing. Keep it up Kristen

  • trh37

    Mark you said it all. :)

  • trh37

    Kristen is definitely is one of those CLASSICAL BEAUTIES….that everyone easily falls in love with. What makes her so Gorgeous and so easy to love….is the fact that she is REAL and NOT FAKE!!!! She believes in herself and what she stands for and what she wants to do with her life and career. That makes me/us love her more. SHE IS THE PERFECT WOMAN AND ROLE MODEL for all ages not just the younger generations even mine!!!!! Her parents should be very proud of her and for helping to raise a wonderful woman…..She will def. make Robert a VERY VERY WONDERFUL WIFE hopefully in the near future and GREAT MOM herself someday.
    HE is VERY lucky and blessed to have found her now in his life…..so they can grow up and grow old together. They are perfect for each other. :)

  • Raedoell

    you and me both

  • Raedoell

    you guess shes ok what is wrong with you i am a women i would love to have a night with anyday

  • Darluc7

    Just Beautiful she is flawless!

  • Claudyarocha


  • Blondetasha

    these photos are amazing she truly is a beautiful person in and out :) !!!!

  • miss………..

    kristen is so beautiful..~

  • TeamJacob4ever!

    she is so bueatiful!!

  • Sangida_tonni

    I just love her

  • ACE mido

    really is beauty girl all the time and that amazing adj. in the act world

  • Danygaibor10

    i want one room.. like this! i love it=)


    she is a verry pretty girl rob is a lucky guy

  • kstewsno1fan

    wow dude. that is a little much. shes awesome from what we know of her, but weve never actually met the chick.

  • Bananaheadavery

    She is so beautiful and HD is even better

  • Msdhonid355


  • Bertrand

    i like them all. each saying a different story.

  • Spiritualfrog

    The first one is beautiflu but the rest are her (or her handlers) trying too hard to make her look edgey

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt


  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt


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