Twilight biting role-play takes it too far?

[Note: Not an actual photo of the subject of this story. These bite marks are just created using makeup.]

A teen who told authorities that she was attacked while jogging was later found to be lying. It turns out, marks on her body were bite marks from vampire role-playing.

Police said the girl is a fan of the vampire-based Twilight movies and books and had engaged in “fantasy biting behaviour” with a 19-year-old male neighbour.

But she made up the assault because she was worried her mother would see the marks.

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Is this something a lot of Twilight fans take part in? It seems like it’s taking the vampire love a bit too far. Especially if you are harming your body and having to lie about where the marks are coming from. I feel like this is one of those things that gives the fandom a bad name to the rest of the non-Twi-loving world.

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  • Eve

    that stuff has been around for YEARS!! Long before twlight was ever thought of.. To each thtir own. Lifes to short to judge. However graphic the role play if all involved arent doing so willingly then it becomes a crime.

  • SeralynsMom929

    this may be caused by someone reading the books and being dumb enough to try getting bitten. but there are actually ppl. who practise vampirism out there who have been doing it long before vampires became popular again due to True Blood and Twilight. maybe she thought to try it due to that and freaked out later, it's still dumb to do so. i'm not condoning it but why blame Twilight? there are actually ppl. ( you might call them freaks but i choose disturbed) who join groups or cults or whatever you wish to call it who drink eachothers blood. but noone needs to blame anyone but those ppl. themselves for what they choose to do. no book, movie, or tv show should be blamed. maybe her parents should sit her down and talk to her about the difference between reality and fantasy and make sure she understands that these are actors and they're not really doing these things. just like Pro Wrestling and ppl. who “wrestle” at home unsupervised and then wonder why they get seriously injured. the men and women in the WWE practise and talk about what moves are gonna be done who's gonna win and everything else. noone goes in blind. this is just another case of someone taking something they saw or read seriously rather than realizing it's just fantasy. don't blame anyone but the girl.

  • Geesh

    ummm HEEELLLLOOO!!!! All Vampires Lie!! isn't it a prerequisite?

  • Color Of Madness

    Uhmmm….this vampire fantasy role playing has been going on LONG before twilight…it is nothing new. Twilight may have made it more common among younger people, but it is not Twilight that started anything. People love to love dangerous things, even if they arent real, the idea is appealing. Its rediclous to blame one book when this has been around for ages.

  • Dylangi

    I didn't read all the comment, but firstly why on earth is a teen 19yrs or less, behaving like this. So, what's next? Can I take Stephanie Meyer, Richelle Mead, LJ Smith and so many more to court – hmmm and McDonald's is responsible for my weight gain. This is crazy (in a bad way) next I'll be blaming Supernatural for any nightmares…

  • Saxon

    Human behavior is influenced social media, Family, and the media itself. Blaming a movie, which in turn is not that great and even fewer of the more violent it is sheer ignorance of their own media to sell newspapers and their products

  • Ms Chrystal

    If the little girl were going by the books, Twilight vampires do not bite…….If they did, then there would be no books passed the first one lol. Throughout the first 3 books and most of the 4th, Bella is BEGGING Edward to bite her and he refuses.

  • Cristaldelmar01

    Wow some people go to far I love the twilight stories the books as well as the movies but i would never go that far!!!! I think some people get confused with the stories nd reality thats a huge problem

  • Sara

    Instead of lookin 4 sum1 2 blame they should look closer 2 home and speak 2 the parents and speak 2 the people that are takin part in this… If they are adult 2 be involved with each other they are old anuff 2 take responsibility 4 there actions!

  • Ang

    this is terrible! Seriously?! Granted if you could live forever who wouldnt consider that? But to bite someone to live out a fantasy and actually hurt someone or get hurt while doing it? There is no such thing as really being immortal..this is nuts!

  • E&B

    I think many a teenage girl has had to hide hickeys from her parents at one point. (myself included) but you just wear a turtleneck or something, you don't go around making up attack stories! This kind of reminds me of that woman who left her fiance at the altar and then made up a story about being kidnapped. Trying to divert the blame so you don't have to deal with the consequences. It just gets people in more trouble. Unlike Twilight where Bella deals with the consequences of her actions!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PB5ONC62EPBPXKBMRKUNNO3D3M *Mis Misty*

    well i think that if she was worried about her mother then she was to young to be doing things like this but i know that for some this roleplaying is a big part of there life just like acting for a actress and i do not judge them for it evryone has a rite to do what makes them happy however saying this is due to Twilight is just crazy vamp roleplaying has been around a long long time before i even herd about Twilight

  • Danygaibor10

    that is wrong..!!! each one is a owner of our decisions..!! we are a twi-fans.. but.. we can´t take the name of “twilight” for one play!

  • darkbutterfly2011

    if there going to blame twilight then they need to blame the other vampire movies along with buffy angel charmed has vampires in it one time or another true blood and all the rest of the tv shows and then you could go as far to say blame the books why your at it there is alot of vampire books to it stupid kids should not be role playing

  • Shanmtz

    Can't do the time don't do the crime you idiot, and blaming it on the twilight books or any other vampire thing is really lame. take responsibility for your actions. all u did is make it worse on your self by lying.

  • maroon&gold

    vampires arent real & dont blame twilight cuz its awesome

  • Aliciamae

    Ok we all know their has always been those that like things a little rougher. This is all the same and i dont think a movie is to blame or tv series or books. Everybody experiments with different things at some point.

  • Stephanie

    Ummm no. thats really is just weird

  • Ittybittymiko

    i feel as if it's most likely driven by “breaking dawn” and the sex scene where Edward actually does hurt Bella… but as previously states..why would someone reenact something like that unless they were already fucked up to begin with

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gayle-Hammon/100000143056503 Gayle Hammon

    I think she has a real problem and needs to get it resolved. It's not from Vampire movies, shows, books etc.

  • Kelb1991

    maybe she thought that the guy would get in trouble or something. too be truthfull who is anyone to judge? i am a huge twilight fan, as are all of us on here, if it hurt her then hopefully she has learnt but it hasnt hurt anyone else so i say so what!! and if anti-twilighters say anything about we all know that there wouldn't be fang marks so just leave it.

  • christy

    That. Is. Disgusting.

  • christy

    That. Is. Disgusting.

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