‘Twilight’ casting director talks native actors, Xavier, Rob

Casting director Rene Haynes, who was involved in casting the first three Twilight films, discusses casting the Quileutes for the films, as well as casting for Winter in the Blood, which stars Chaske Spencer.

Haynes enjoyed casting Native Americans for the popular vampire film “Twilight” sequels “New Moon” and “Eclipse,” notably as characters that morph into giant wolves. Fans of “Twilight” were enthusiastic.

“It was like being at the center of a really crazy pop-culture cyclone,” Haynes said. She’s proud of the young native actors she cast for the “Twilight” films, including “great new faces” such as Australian actor Xavier Samuel.

“I am not part of the casting team of the last two films in the series,” Haynes said in an e-mail interview. “However, it hasn’t stopped the flow of ‘Twilight’-related e-mail I get every week, mostly from people that want to know if I can ask Rob Pattinson to attend their birthday party. Sorry; that answer will always be no.”

Haynes lately has been casting for the film “Winter in the Blood,” based on the James Welch novel, for filmmakers Alex and Andrew Smith, who “have written a great script,” she said. More than 500 Montanans have already auditioned, with filming expected to begin during the summer. Haynes said there may be more casting calls; check online by visiting www.winterinthebloodfilm.com.

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