Discussion Topic: Do the personal lives of ‘The Twilight Saga’ stars affect how you see them in the movies?

When Twilight first hit theaters, most of the actors were unknowns. The handful that people had heard of were still not well-known across the board. But to say that the cast of Twilight has sky-rocketed to fame since then is an understatement. Every little move each of these actors make is publicized, especially their relationships.

So I want to know if reading about the actors in the films on such a regular basis (and often times of a gossipy nature) affects how you see them as their characters in the films.

  • Kayleighp1

    :) love eclips <3

  • Sweetgurl_cpa

    yes i love how Robert and Kristin are together in real life! you can really see the passion in the movies!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CLEQ72V54OLSGKEUQYXIZOAF2I Jessica

    In a way it does only because it links something realistic to something that is fantasy so it makes the characters more life-like. Regardless though, i find a way to not let the actual actors interfere with how i view the characters because the truth of it is they are very different.

  • Iluvbobby23

    No, it doesn't. When I got to know the actors/actresses more, I though that it would effect how I see them in the movies. But it doesn't, I see them all as separate people who do an incredible job of playing The Twilight Saga characters. As much as I love Kristen Stewart when I see her, I don't automatically think of Bella, I think of an awesome beautiful actress who just happens to play Bella. They all fit the description of the characters so well, it's unbelievable. For me, the characters are their own separate person, of course they are not real but I like to think that they are. = )

  • Stef

    I've not gotten to see the other's in different movies but I've seen Rob in several others. He a good actor. Some people are them in just different movies. I think we do need to give them their privacy. They are just like us only they work in movies.

  • Jen_twilight

    Not for me…I love to be able to see what they are doing outside of Twilight…I love twilight but to see what this movie has done for them and to see what they are doing is exciting for me. Example would have never thought about watching Nurse Jackie until Peter Facinelli was talking about it on his twitter. Now I love it!



  • EdwardCullenLover626

    Knowing that Kristen and Rob are together in real life makes the love in the movie that much more real to me because you can tell that the chemistry is real.

  • Me;D

    That really does affect how i view them in the movies, i tend to compare their actual personalities to their characters, though i try not to !

  • Kinga

    i think kristen has a real problem if she doesn't trust rob around other women she is being an over protect girl loves him very much

  • http://twitter.com/LarLuvsRPattz Lauren Pattinson

    yea iht does, cause you see them in photos and you imagine that iht was their character (:

  • Sy

    As far as their say relashionships no but as far as being a no so nice, full of herself/his star yes

  • twilight girl

    i love seen rob and kristen together they make such a cute couple xxxxxx :)

  • KlitJensen

    No. I don't think it affects me in any way. I really don't listen or take any gossip where the actors dosen't say it them self. Thats why I don't understand people says that they are together because we never hear them talk about it or even se them kiss?

    But back to the question ;) I like to see how actors we “put in a box” (we do it with almost every actor we see on the big screen) kind of break out in a different movie. I think thats what Robert has been trying to do. To find a project where he will play a totally different role that no matter what way you turn it can't relate to Edward Cullen.
    I really like to see them break out of the boxes we say they belongs to :)

  • TD

    No it doesn't, but I would actually like to see the papz leave them alone. They are filming and we will see it when it comes out and when they are not filming they need to be left alone as well so they can have a provate life. That last part actually goes for all stars. We do not need to know everytime someone in Hollywood. Louisianna, or Vancouver BC, has a headache.

  • Tldurham72

    No it doesn't, I actually do not like hearing about their personal life, I like them as characters, I may not like them as real people, I doubt it but it is possible. If I didn't like them as a person ( or what is portrayed to us through gossipy mags) then I may not like the movies anymore so I just ignore all the gossip. I do check for set pics and sch but really I want to wait for the movie so I can see how they choose to show the character to me.

  • Sherryapril

    yes it does affect me regarding the actors and the real person….im not in love with Robert Pattinson….IM IN LOVE WITH EDWARD CULLEN!!!

  • ILoveEdward13

    No! Not at all! I honestly don't care.

  • TeamJasmett

    You pretty much said it all, and I completely agree. As I have come to know the actual actors and actresses, Ive realised it doesnt affect my opinions of the characters.

    Like Ashley Green when she posted naked pictures of herself online, I was kind of dissapointed that she would do that. I love Ashley, she is great, but I didnt like how she was acting like a disney channel star.

    I do however say that when I met Rob and Kristen last month, I did compare whilst we were talking. It was crazy because I was like woah these guys are actually really funny, and Its great to see them having fun together and out of these characters.

    I know the cast memebers arnt real either, but the obsession tends to think otherwise. Sometimes I just end up speaking about them as if I personally know them or something. We have all been there.

  • Baxter_milo08

    I don't care about their personal lives. All they owe us is to give us a good performance when they are acting. Their personal lives are their business.

  • Michelle

    The first time I see the movies it doesn't like I go straight into character! I met Kristen Stewart and saw Eclipse for the first time on the same day and I didn't connect the two together. In BD I'm sure the same thing will happen. But I have to say when i saw Remember Me and Welcome to the Riley's at first I was like oh hey rob and kristen but they're performanes where still outstanding and then I fell right into the character!

  • Raedoell

    It funny I am a hug fan of Kristen Stewart think she is just wonderful…Its funny i dont see her as bella but i do see her as joan jett…She has that rock touch edge to her and its great how she just goes out and owns herself and does not care what people think about its in someway what bella is but it takes that ones person to bring it to life and Kristen does that very well

  • Viki

    No, I don't think that their personal lives affect their characters at all. Of course if it very nice to hear that Robert and Kristen are together in real life, they are still not Edward and Bella. They are very well selected actors for their parts though.

  • Papakoleatita

    No. Bu it'sI always nice to hear good things and true stories about the cast of twilight, not made up “BS”. We have to remember they are real people and have lives just like us. It's just unfortunately they lives are publicized for the world to see SORRY! Hang in there, the twilight obsession will be over soon. Maybe?

  • Muddjumperjen89

    NO when i look at Edward and bella that is who i see when i see Kristen and Robert acting a certain way its because they are being them self and bella and Edward well they are just people they play Robert and Kristen can do what every they want its still not going to sway me from the fact that i love twilight and almost every movie that Kristen and Robert are in!! =D

  • Evelyn Aguilar23

    It shouldn't. Just because they play a sertain character doesn't mean that they have to change in real life. They r who they r and just because there's gossip and bad info.. Doesn't mean we like them less. Jst because the idea was put in our minds doesn't mean it has to be true. Of coarse we would love if whatever character they play would be the same in real life. Its reality. We got to be realistic.

  • trh36

    Nope, they are going to be obsessed about like Star Wars was. Years to come. Every NEW movie will bring back the TWILIGHT STARS. But, will add to their amazing personalities as well. Make us LOVE LOVE LOVE them even more than we already do. I plan to follow both of them forever. Because I love their movies they pick and love how they only pick things that they are interested in….things that touch their hearts. That's why I love them both. They are REAL and NOT HOLLYWOOD FAKE!

  • Kimii_2

    I don't think it does, because the actors are playing a part, and it doesn't have anything to do with who they really are.

  • Vampire_chick_2011

    Their amazing!!! I see them as actors/actress and love them anyways I love them and their characters they do a great job…..I♥ROB

  • Team_Robsten ♥

    No what they do in their personal lives is completely separate, i don't see Rob and Kristen as Edward and Bella. But their chemistry off screen probably helps with their chemistry in screen.

  • shadowdancer_f

    To me there just people that happened to be great actors.. I love to watch them act in about any thing now..I do also love to read about there real lives as long as it is not going to deep into there lives..I mean they deserve to have a life just like everyone else..What they do in there personal lives should not effect how we see them as an actor…you either like an actor or you don't it is as simple as that..but then again you do have people out there that gets down with the charactor that an actor plays and see's them as that person there playing in a movie..and anything they do is based on the Charactor they played…really tho they need to get a life and come out into the real world if someone see's an actor that way..As for me,,I say let them live there lives like they want to,,and enjoy it to the fullest,.,

  • Maja

    Yes It Does :/

  • Beth

    No, it doesn't, they all do a great job in the Twilight films and the others that they have done or are doing.

  • Isabella0'R

    I do think differently when I see R-Patz and K-Stew on screen together but I don't see them playing themselves on screen. I'm quite sure that their relationship dynamics are pretty damn different to Edward and Bella's (assuming that Robert and his family aren't vampires and Kristen's best friend isn't an interfering werewolf :L) but hey, who knows! It's quite risky to be in a relationship with your co-star…the chemistry off screen can make the chemistry on screen and it can turn the film into something fantastic but I worry :( If something goes wrong with the couple, it can potentially ruin the films and there's quite a lot of pressure riding on the actors and actresses' shoulders. Still, i'm a Robsten fan! :D Goooo ROBSTEN :D :D :D

  • Nattyclin44

    Not really becuase it's called ACTING. We need to relaize that these are real human beings and they are just going to have bad days just like the rest of us. We don't really know these people (evan though sometimes I totally feel like we do) becuas ewe are not around them 24/7. I think all the cast members do a fantastic job as they're characters because I know this is all something they have worked really hard at and they love it just as much as we do. I know that sometimes we get mad whenthe media puts a bad light on these people but just remember that they wouldn't have succcessful careers if it weren't.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/CoraleComics?feature=mhum#p/u LegHitchThis

    Mm.. not really. The things they do in their personal lives just show that they are no different than us. Even though they are famous now, I respect how they try to keep humble lives. It just makes me like them even more.

  • Dallas Braun

    Not at all. Everyone has a life of their own. We as watchers of the movies should let the actors have their own as well…

  • a twilight mom

    no, the story will never change and I thought loving “Edward” would make me love Robert Patterson, but to be honest I'm not really impressed with much of his other work. I'm just a TWILIGHT fan!

  • Vampysasch

    Twilight is my fantasy world….Yes they bring some of it into view & do a great job but no no no. I thank them for the entertainment & look forward to seeing them recreate themselves in many new movies.
    I personally think their whole relationship is a hoax just to build more into the movie, makes ppl believe fantasies can be real. like so so many other actor/resses have done in the pas,t or couldnt re-veal their sexuality so they could become a sex symble til they finally established themselves as worthy actors. I believe at the end of Twilight there will be no more rob & kristen :( sad but….. its life

  • Maria Nieto

    Not in any way, the truth is I have very good image of all actors in the movies, especially Kristen and Rob on …. to my very professional and respect and accept the attitude of Kristen when he makes his life public something for fans and a private matter for the press and the paparazzi ….. I think that being in his position as clerk. The way to be everyone in the cast has done ….. just as I love them even more as people actors ….. I look forward to seeing them for much longer …..

  • Iguadalupe

    I read about them all the time…yes, the publicity and paps' photos affect the way I view KristenStew and RobPattz…I think they are remarkably talented…but fear the career they've chosen and their popularity will destroy some of their innocence and humanity…I pray that both KristenStew and RobPattz as individuals will be spiritually strengthened, grounded and balanced enough to overcome the showbiz beast…pray they continue to enjoy being actors.

  • Sfausette

    thay are good in all there movies .kristen has come along ways and she is doing great ,rob as well . as a twlight fan yes right now it is hard to see them in other movies. but thay rocked eveyone of them and i love there new movies

  • Unctaaz1

    No I don't think so. Except to say I look more for the movies they r in. But I don't associate them only with their characters in Twilight.

  • Mercypmom

    they are good actors.wth great personality and i like all 3 movies .but they also have a life and they have the rigth to live they way the wanted alone or not .kristyn and robert have ther right… to privacy even if they are a couple or not they are humans and young we are fans but is not right to push their lifes in the open .love then and respect all of they work very hard for this movies and their jobs as actors is not a easy thing to do is very hard work and deserve respect .i hope for all of them a happy. life and.keep going no matter what the trash magazines said

  • teamvolvo

    their personal lives don't really effect how i feel about them as characters
    i just watch the movies, see them as Bella and Edward etc, but then when i read a magazine or something, they're Kristen and Rob

    i think they are wonderful people who are good at their job and THEY NEED A BREAK, seriously
    i'd love to be in their situation with the whole good acting career (budding actress here) but i'd hate to be them with the paps and fans
    it would ruin me, and i feel sorry for them, none of them asked for it, they just wanted to do their jobs :(

  • teamvolvo

    their personal lives don't really effect how i feel about them as characters
    i just watch the movies, see them as Bella and Edward etc, but then when i read a magazine or something, they're Kristen and Rob

    i think they are wonderful people who are good at their job and THEY NEED A BREAK, seriously
    i'd love to be in their situation with the whole good acting career (budding actress here) but i'd hate to be them with the paps and fans
    it would ruin me, and i feel sorry for them, none of them asked for it, they just wanted to do their jobs :(

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