Vancouver Sun Articles Featuring Jodelle Ferland, Tyson Houseman, Cameron Bright and Leah Gibson

Here are some great Vancouver Sun Articles featuring some of our great Twilight cast members.

Here is an excerpt of the article featuring Jodelle Ferland. It also mentions Tyson Houseman and Cameron Bright:

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For the Vancouver-based Nanaimoborn actress, playing Bree Tanner in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has turned her into somewhat of a teenage celebrity.

Ferland is just one of many B.C.based actors who have seen a boost in

their profiles -and careers -thanks to the vampiric pop-culture phenomenon, which was filmed in B.C.

Some young thespians, such as Nanaimo’s Cameron Bright and Vancouver’s Tyson Houseman, have made repeat appearances in the film franchise. Both Bright and Houseman will reprise their roles in the latest instalment Breaking Dawn, which sets up for production in the Lower Mainland this week. Based on Stephenie Meyer’s four teen romance novels, the Twilight movie franchise, which has achieved epic commercial success since its inception, has spawned everything from lifesize Edward Cullen wall decals to an official Twilight Convention Tour to a cult of crazed fans, often referred to as “Twi-hards.”

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