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Rumor is that the Breaking Dawn wedding will be filmed in Vancouver, and has not yet been filmed. I don’t know if this is actually true, but we’ll talk a bit about wedding attire. We want to know what style bridal gown you really want to see on Bella. Feel free to find gowns online and put the link to the images in the comments section.

There have been rumors as to who might be designing the dress, but regardless of who designs it, we all have something in mind for her dress, whether it matches Stephenie’s description in the book or not. I just want to see you guys’ ideas! You can also choose between some designers’ sketches of possible dresses for the big day, posted over here

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As for me, I think I like this dress from Lela Rose. It does not match the book’s description, but I think the lacy pattern seems timeless and I love the cut.

  • http://twitter.com/Pmita441 Paloma Muneratto

    I believe it has to match Stephenie´s description. Something like this two options. Please, I beg it not to be strapless.

  • KL☼ W4E♥ Ami♣ BD1♂2♀ Csmpls♦

    That dress is gorgeous! I could see Bella in it easily ♥

  • http://lindsay@team-twilight.com lindsay

    Good picks! Who drew the one?

  • Britian loves Twilight

    i prefer the this dress to all the others xx

  • just me

    Defenitly NOT strapless. Love the first one u picked. Not the headpiece though…

  • LeezLuvsEdward

    Agreed, I think they should go for the dress Team Twilight featured above… not really accurate to the story's description but still could pass for a 1918 style dress. Whatever they choose for the movie will probably suffice though… the Twilight movies ALWAYS manage to somehow twist and turn Stephenie Meyer's words into some onscreen beauty!

  • just me
  • BeccieJane

    Dont forget, it may have to match the description in the book but it has to suit Kristen as well and her ideas on what she thinks Bella should wear.

  • stephn

    your second and last choices are the best i've seen so far! i think it's important that they suit Kristen over everything else, because if they go for accuracy to stephenie and it looks ridiculous on Kristen then it'll be a complete disaster.
    Personally i don't think Kristen would suit ivory or cream, pure white all the way :)

  • Team_Robsten ♥

    As long as its similar to the book and suits kristen it will be perfect :)

  • tabby:)

    yeah i can imagine kristen looking nice in a long sleeve dress, and i'm sure that's more Bella style.. bella would most definitely NOT wear a strapless dress, if she did it would be awful.
    and anyway, i trust the breaking dawn costume department enough to not let us down!

  • RandieKay

    I picture something like this…KStew would totally rock any of these dresses!! CANT WAIT FOR BD!! :)



    This one is way more modern, but still elegant-LOVE IT!


  • UnalCullen

    Alot of people are saying that Bella's choice has to be important, but I think we're all forgetting that Alice is planning the entire wedding.

    So, I guess this is the 'director' coming out in me, but as well as suiting Kristen, the dress has to look like something Alice would pick. I relly like the Lela Rose one that Lindsay picked – It's sort of has a vintage feel yet is ultra-modern. In my head, that is a dress which Alice would approve.

  • Aletta;D

    I tink this dress is pretty :)

  • twilight13

    I love the picture and I agree, its got a very nice Bella-feel to it xx
    also, I dont think it should be designer (even though Alice would :P ) I think it should be kept 'timeless' and it would just match Bella's personality better if it was something simple, yet sophisticated and beautiful <3 xx

  • Twilightfan
  • Twilightfan
  • Www Thompson Teri

    that was a load of crap because it has been filmed it just the second part which has not i even no what it looks like so that crap

  • Demishahicks

    This really looks like something Alice would choose! Gorgeous!

  • Kimchi_87

    not only was Alice would pick out, but the year the dress was made..

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    That style is so not Bella, but it is Kristen's style. There needs to be a different one. That one's “a bit saucy for my tastes.” (Eclipse movie commentary, Robert Pattinson)

  • E&B

    The third one!

  • E&B

    The third one!

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