Saturday Survey: Who’s your favorite wolfpack member (books)?

A few weeks ago, we asked who your favorite human in the book series is. Now I want to know your favorite wolf (not including Jacob)!  I know you might have a favorite in the films but it could be different in the books. Tell us below.

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  • Ashley Anne

    In breaking dawn seth is just talked about and involved way more, there is nothing unlikeable about him.

  • Jump_jordan_jump96


  • RawrImADinosRawr!

    Where is Jacob?! :o
    and Quil, hes awesome :)

    I personally voted for Leah because shes a mystery and she is misunderstood, i think shes a great character.

  • Kaitlynnt2

    Paul has that whole bad boy thing going on…girls we all love bad boys

  • Rachel

    Seth! Fcourse , <3

  • Clarebell

    You said favourite in the books, got to be Seth, he ends up being buddies with Edward so we know he has good taste!

  • Breezii

    seth because hes got jacobs back <3

  • TeamTwilight

    seth…. total cutie

  • TeamTwilight

    seth…. total cutie

  • Sandycat53

    i think it has to be seth, he is so sweet and so warm and friendly! plus he befriends the cullens!

  • KAylaBooskii

    Seth Hands Down he's so cuddly and nice, and open-minded unlike Paul whos always getting into fights… ♥

  • taylorishot

    i like jacob but since he wasn't i there i went with seth

  • Kellan'sFutureWife

    I'm expected to pick just one? I love all of them!

  • joanna

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  • http://twitter.com/neonskylar16 skylar mason

    embry is the best just saying:)

  • Jbird212

    SETH!!!! by far my fav wolf even over jacob….all opinion baced on the book!

  • Michelleroberson2700

    Gotta say Embry..Love those quiet yet sarcastic guys, plus Kiowa is so good looking!

  • LIA

    I love embry!!!!

  • Steph

    I have to say Paul because he is rough around the edges. But Seth is definitely a close second he is so sweet and so adorable. He also really looks up to Jacob and if it was possible I could totally see him being the next Alpha

  • ClareBear126


  • Yvanamccalman

    no seth clearwater

  • Ebony Cropper

    Seth all the way !!!!!!!!! he so cute n jacob but ya no



  • Mia

    Seth's the best , totally hott funny sweet (:

  • Mrs Nina Cullen

    Id say Leah. She's been thru so much and sometimes is mean on the outside but is nice at heart like it says in Jacobs section of BD. Love Leah <3

  • Missykarras

    i'm sorry i think paul sucks can't help it. but seth is my favorite can't wait till BD PART 1


    defo seth he is so cool and i like how he is good friends wih edward in bd

  • Memory759

    YYay! Seth is better than Sam!

  • Jodi

    I'm a Kiowa fan so Embry Call all the way!! :P

  • ILoveBooBoo!

    Seth! He so cute and sweet!!

  • http://twitter.com/criza025 Criza Samonte

    i'm imprinted with SETH! :D yes! ha-ha! #obSETHed

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